Modern weekend wear: The jumpsuit

Mandi from Find Me A Muse blog at Southern Cross Station, Melbourne wearing ASOS jumpsuit Givenchy Obsedia black quilted bag Celine catseye sunglasses Tony Bianco Indiana slides Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield mens watch
Givenchy Obsedia black leather quilted bag
Tony Biano Indiana black leather slides close up details
Close up detail of black ASOS jumpsuit
Mandi of Find Me A Muse fashion blog at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne sitting on bench wearing ASOS black jumpsuit Givenchy Obsedia quilted leather bag Tony Bianco Indiana slides Celine catseye sunglasses
Close up detail of Mandi from Find Me A Muse blog wearing ASOS jumpsuit Celine catseye sunglasses Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield mens watch
Find Me A Muse blog close up details of Celine catseye sunglasses against coloured concrete
Mandi from Find Me A Muse blog wearing ASOS jumpsuit Givenchy Obsedia quilted leather bag in front of coke sign
Mandi from Find Me A Muse blog wearing Tony Biano Indiana slides
Givenchy Obsedia quilted leather bag sitting on yellow painted concrete

I'm definitely a late contender in the jumpsuit stakes.  My off-duty wear for days spent relaxing more often than not involves denim.  But there are days where comfort counts and a little extra polish is needed.  To stray from the norm I thought a basic draped jumpsuit would hit the mark.  Very carefree to wear and it exudes a kind of togetherness with a limited amount of effort, only needing the odd addition of the essentials to be outfit ready.  

Newly converted to the jumpsuit and minimal accessories combination, I went on a bit of an online shopping frenzy (window shopping that is) and found there is an abundance of choices.  Here are a few that took my fancy and dare I say have made it onto my ever expanding and unrealistic wish list. 


  1. Oh that jumpsuit looks stunning on you! I love the way it drapes :)

    Jumpsuits are definitely not for me, but I do admire people like yourself who can pull them off brilliantly! :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. You're always so super sweet Mica so thank you. I definitely had a fear of the jumpsuit and I had tried on a fair few and took them off promptly. Maybe it just depends on the cut? x

  2. So comfy and cool, yet super chic! Love the all-black with a pop of red =)

  3. Anonymous23.10.14

    I love jumpsuits, they are so comfortable and stylish. You look amazing!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm looking forward to your future posts. :-)

    xo, Maria

  4. Anonymous24.10.14

    Stunning outfit. I was just thinking this morning about how I can't wait to get my jumpsuit out, what a coincidence to then read this! I love how you've accessorised ��, I'm thinking of layering with mine. Especially as it is getting very nippy in England now! Nice read, thanks Cam

  5. I love the idea of jumpsuits because they look cozy, but unfortunately I fear my height (i.e. short) to thigh (i.e. big) ratio would result in my looking like a chubby toddler! Siiiigh. You look FAB though!

    - Aisling

  6. This jumpsuit is perfection and I LOVE the details on the bag and sliders!


  7. Love your look and the pictures, Mandi! Perfect match with the Isabel Marant slides and the Obsedia bag.
    Happy New Year!!
    x Nina

  8. I think my last comment disappeared so will try again....suffice to say I love jumpsuits! It does take a bit of trial and error to find the most flattering cut though I find. My husband hates them but that doesn't stop me :)
    Vanessa xx