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For those of you who contacted me, devastated at missing out on the recent Mansur Gavriel bags, here is something that should ease your pain.  The largest selection of Mansur Gavriel bags has just arrived.  No pre-orders, these babies are in-stock and ready to ship! Eight different versions to be exact of Mansur Gavriel's hottest sellers.  What can I say...  I just had to share the online shopping love!

I went for the large black tote with the raw interior since I have been wanting a really classic tote for some time.  But I'm struggling to say no to the small backpack with the metallic gold lining as well.  Would two Mansur Gavriel bags really be too much?  No...

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  1. I'm dying to get the bucket bag in black with the ballerina interior, I think it's just lovely. And as for whether two is too much? I don't think so!