I have had my fair share of ruts when it comes to adapting my hairstyle.  I seem to be one of these people with a head full of lushest thick hair, but with no idea what to do with it.  I get rather frustrated when it doesn't hang right when down (dependant on my current cut) or with prolonged periods of styling, so a messy knot style or pony-tail has been my overly used, official 'do' for far too long.  That's where the mini braid comes in. I know, I know... it is not new. It has hit various runways here and there for years.  From memory, it dates back to around 2006, heavily featured by Rochas' for the summer collection.   What can I say, I am a super late adopter.  If I keep going at this rate and they hit the runways next season, I might be referred to as an early adopter.  Let us see what next season holds.

It is an absolute bonus that braids can be done in 5 minutes once you get the gist of things, they can add a little umpf to tired looking locks and are able to be used to camouflage styles in the midst of growing out.  This is often my case as I procrastinate over my next hair style.   

A little tip, if you think braids are a little too pretty for you, try a slightly dishevelled braid.  Who needs to look like they have just stepped out of a salon after all.  There is something appealing about imperfection.


  1. Loved your blog! Great posts!

  2. ooh i really love that right pic - such an interesting look! you're lucky to have lush thick hair, mine is relatively fine and i never know what to do with it either as it doesn't take styling all that well. btw i find that a little bit of dry shampoo helps with holding messy braids - especially if you're trying to do it on freshly washed hair. can't wait to see you rock some! x

    steph /

  3. I've always liked braids. There are so many styles you can do wearing them.