Adidas Superstars: The originals

Close up of my Adidas Superstar black and white sneakers shooting into the sun
Adidas Superstar black and white sneakers from the back against a grafitti coloured wall
Adidas Superstar black and white sneakers side on with paint splattered foot path
Adidas Superstar black and white sneakers looking straight down with coloured pavement

Photographs by Tom

The fashion flock have been sneaker devotees for back to back seasons now thanks to the trending designs that made sneakers all the rage again.  But who would have thought that the good old iconic and simple street style sneakers would once again find a place on the style setters must sport list.  Welcome back to the Adidas originals and more specifically, the Superstars!  

I have finally managed to get a hold of a pair in my size which is no easy feat I love the simple yet iconic design, the monotone colour, the cushioned feel, and that they are priced reasonably.  Suddenly being cool doesn't have to cost a fortune. Yes you can eat this week and afford to have on trend sneakers.  Finally, foot wear that is attainable and affordable.  What a welcome concept. 


  1. HaHa! Glad you got a pair. I always think of Run DMC when I see those.

    1. That's so funny! Run DMC. I hadn't thought of that :)

  2. Adidas are such classic,I own a pair as well. You have really nice blog and I am really appreciated for you comment on my post.


  3. Aww, totally love these!
    Mafalda ❤