Observing details

Coat: H&M x Isabel Marant  /  Jeans: J Brand  /  

I feel my life and style has been going through somewhat of a transition phase this year.  I am not sure you would say quietening down, more like finding balance. The overly extravagant items, that barely get worn, are being kept to a minimum or being stored.  Instead I am focusing on having a little less fuss and flair and just enjoying simplistic details in everyday items.  A slight knot and tie of the hair, roughly rolled up jeans, and a twisted, looped belt to cinch in a coat.  Little changes that surely are un-noticeable in themselves unless you are in a detail frame of mind. Yet these are the things that are able to define and subtly lift even the most bare basic of outfits.  For now, its all about minor, yet major details.


  1. Nothing wrong with trying something new in regards to toning it down a bit - you can always revisit the loud ;-)
    I LOVE your coat here, perfect with the knotted belt.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  2. That belted coat looks lovely! :) Such a nice monochrome outfit. Must be cooling down for you? The weather has been cooling down for a day or two here to give us a taste of autumn, then climbing back up again. It was over 30 today, we had lunch in the backyard enjoying the sunshine :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Love the belted coat! I'm going through a similar phase. Not that I ever had any extravagant items, but I'm also leaning more towards a more basic and simple look.

  4. Lovely photos Mandi!!! Amazing outfit!

  5. Nice monochrome look !!!

    I love the belted coat...

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  6. Love love love the belted coat! And those photos are amazing!!

  7. I love simplicity as well, because there is something to be said about the little details! Love the look!


  8. that coat is simply everything!

  9. Anonymous5.6.14

    I wholeheartedly agree here. I am also just searching for items that need replacing or 'refreshing' such as a new trench to replace my blue one and a new pair of relaxed slouchy trousers to replace the ones I've had for over 5 years. Less is more!

    tittyferandampleforth, p.s I'm writing from public computer which is why I had to use Anon!

    1. The one thing great about replacing older items that are getting worn out is you know how much you will love and wear the new ones. Spending money in the right places! I'm focusing on not been distracted by trends these days and my bank balance is so much better for it. I hope you find nice replacement items. Old favourites are so difficult to let go. x