Kick back Sunday

Kick back Sunday's are my favourite day of the week.  It's the one day where I try my darnedest to avoid work, to plan as little as possible and to experience and appreciate my surrounds a little more than normal.  When the complexities of life's demands can creep in and take their toll on the other six days, there needs to be a day solely reserved for recharging and lifting ones spirits.  

I've decided to occasionally mix in some more lifestyle posts or at the very least, imagery from interesting places or items I encounter.  To broaden the spectrum of what you get exposed to and share a little bit more of my world.  After all, I think it's pretty obvious that life exists beyond fashion and I, for one, know I'm always captivated when I come across mixed blog content.  There is just a little snippet of an outfit mixed in for good measure.

So this is an example of my 'me/family' reserved day.  Taking in the splendour of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), the Arts District, surrounding streetscapes and parks was the most that I could muster this Sunday.  Keeping to no-one's time but my own, it's been a fair time since I played tourist.   As it turned out the no-game-plan day was the most relaxing I have had in at least six months.  It made me realise that getting back to the basics is something that deserves more focus and time.

Photography by Tom Cunningham


  1. That's what is great about a Sunday, time to indulge the senses in whatever form!...Some fab photography going on here too, would love to follow each other? xx

  2. This place looks really cool. Interesting idea to include lifestyle posts.
    And love your Saint Laurent kicks ;)


  3. I don't blame you! You have to make time for yourself. Glad to see you are doing so. These pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I love the moments you captures. Brilliant job! They're so stunning.

  4. i love the NGV! your photos make me miss melbourne lots x

    steph /

  5. Great pictures Mandi! Love your sneakers and blazer by the way! xx

  6. Wow what fun and arresting photos. Photography can definitely be fun. Your weekend looked great.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  7. lovely photos!! i also enjoy a lot the week ends and especially Sundays...

  8. Great photos! Love the sneaks ;)


  9. I love these photos Mandi, you really captured the Melbourne vibe!