When I look at this predominately artic white outfit, three things come to mind.  How much I love structure, the freedom that comes from unrestricted movement with over sized items, and comfort.  These three things combined always make me feel so free and relaxed.  Sure they often do have a man-repeller effect, but since the fashion world is rather accepting at this time of frame consuming silhouettes, outfits like this one seem a little less taboo and my readiness to experiment has evolved.  

More often than not, larger than life structural pieces do not sit well with the opposite sex, but we can hardly dress specifically to please them all of the time now can we?   Yet in an unexpected twist, my other half actually liked this look.  Sure he thought the pants were the result of a samurai x hippie collaboration (if ever there was one), but regardless, the thumbs up was welcome. 

I thought I would wear (and post) these culottes prior to getting them shortened slightly in the future.  The sheer volume can be a little over whelming on my size especially with flats which is even more evident when I compare my look to that of Veronika Maine's model. With heels they are rather lady like and are such a stark contrast to what I normally wear.  But you know, I am really enjoying the extra length and size right now.  

On Your Marks

Fashion editorial:  On Your Marks, Vogue UK (March 2014)

Model: Sam Rollinson 
Photography: Alasdair McLellan 
Styling: Kate Phelan 
Hair: Anthony Turner 
Make-up: Lucia Pica

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Observing details

Coat: H&M x Isabel Marant  /  Jeans: J Brand  /  

I feel my life and style has been going through somewhat of a transition phase this year.  I am not sure you would say quietening down, more like finding balance. The overly extravagant items, that barely get worn, are being kept to a minimum or being stored.  Instead I am focusing on having a little less fuss and flair and just enjoying simplistic details in everyday items.  A slight knot and tie of the hair, roughly rolled up jeans, and a twisted, looped belt to cinch in a coat.  Little changes that surely are un-noticeable in themselves unless you are in a detail frame of mind. Yet these are the things that are able to define and subtly lift even the most bare basic of outfits.  For now, its all about minor, yet major details.

Royal Black

Fashion editorial:  Royal Black, Singles Korea (March 2014)

Model: Monika Jagaciak 
Photography: Hong Jang Hyun 
Styling: William Graper 
Hair: Dennis Devoy 
Make-up: Valery Gherman

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Shopbop 25% off full priced items

I absolutely love it when Shopbop releases coupon codes.  The Friends and Family sale is always a favourite because who doesn't love 25% off full priced, new season stock! No really?

I thought I would use Shopbop's sale as an opportunity to steal Uma's style as featured in Netaporter's online 'The Edit' from a month or two ago.  I'm always on the look out for inspirational images and styling cues.  Uma's dramatic jewellery stack up really melds with my wardrobe.  I love the simplicity of adding just a select few over sized, statement pieces.  

I recreated my own version choosing rose gold pieces.  Get my look with 25% off at Shopbop with the:

Don't forget to enter the code INTHEFAMILY14 at checkout.

Also on my radar is the Alexander Wang covertible backpack, the Whistles leather culottes, the ultra cute Sophie Hulme dinosaur keyring, and Acne's quirky silver pumps with the etched face metal plate detailing.  A nice little mix of modern, playful and classic pieces to carry me through. 

Enough about me... I'm taking up your shopping time.  What's made it to your online cart?

Peach Blush

Fashion editorial: Peach Blush, Vogue China (March 2014)

Model: Hana Jirickova 
Photography: Camilla Akrans
 Styling: Franck Benhamou 
Hair: Franco Gobbi 
Make-up: Wendy Rowe

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