VAMFF outing

It's been quite sometime since I've put an outfit post up so I thought I would surprise you. Actually, it is solely because my photographer has been out of action and running in front of a self timer just isn't my thing.  To those who manage it and produce glam photographs, I have utter respect for you.  It's not easy!

Moving on...  Last Tuesday I went to Runway 1 of Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) which was presented by Miss Vogue, down at Central Pier in the Docklands.   I have to say I was left speechless by the stylings of some of my favourite Australian designers including Bassike, Christopher Esber, Josh Goot, Maticevski, Scanlan & Theodore and Willow. I even discovered a newbie which is hot on my designers to watch (and shop) list, Strateas.Carlucci.  Needless to say I quickly curated a list of items that will make it into my change room (at the very least) when I next hit the stores.

The sports luxe influence was as evident as it is in the glossy magazines.  The runway was a sleek combination of tailored pieces, slouchy knits, modern structured over sized silhouettes, leather harnesses and overly dramatic spiked ear cuffs, all teamed with on trend sports caps, hi-tops, backpacks and even a few socks with sandals.  Yes you read that correctly.  Believe me, I know... the latter is questionable and a combination that is hotly debated as either being on trend or the biggest fashion faux-pas of the past few years.  But I have to tell you when the models strutted the runway, it worked!  It's not something I recommend for the common folk (me included) since I think a little attitude and a certain type of look is required to pull it off successfully.

I'm sure you're aware that I'm a devotee of the sports trend, but I figured it was an event where the wide-legged pant deserved to reign supreme.  For me I like to be comfortable whilst playing fashion spectator.  Looking at my heels?  Well somethings never change and I looked vertically challenged with the pants and flats. 

Such a great event VAMFF and Miss Vogue, you definitely delivered the goods!

Outfit shots by Tom
Black and white shots by me


  1. Welcome back Mandi! I love all the images! You are a talented photographer, too.

  2. Love the accessories with the scarf and clutch! :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Love to see you again Mandi!!!!!! I like your outfit & love the detail of the Givenchy silk scarf…xoxo from Rome

  4. This looks great!! Awesome look and shots doll!
    kisses from Miami,

  5. Wow, LOVE this outfit! Super chic. The scarf is so fun :)

  6. Glad you enjoyed the event. You look absolutely amazing. I love thes cool wide-leggend pants and the way you styled them. The photos are uber cool and I can understand that why you don't want to run in front of the self timer haha :D

    xx Mira

  7. Great post and yes wide leg pants are fun and a nice break from the skinny jeans. Love your photos too. Cool blog following via Bloglovin.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  8. This look is everything! Yay for wide leg pants! Thanks for dropping by :)

  9. how exciting it is for you to be at the Melbourne Fashion Festival! Stunning photography there, your scarf and wide legged trousers are my favourite!

    Check out my new post feat. MOXHAM bracelet! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog

  10. Wowwwww so classy!!! fab outfit!

  11. Wow this is awesome!! You have amazing style, this is so 'fashion week'! xx

  12. Looking super.chic.and awesome!
    I dont think i could.rock.the.sporty look or.wide.legged.pants.though, they.don' all.
    Looking fab!

  13. I just love that scarf Mandi!
    Vanessa x

  14. Those trousers look fantastic on you! I agree, socks with sandals look amazing in editorials and on the runway but they're maybe not so doable in real life! xxx

  15. Great pics!

  16. Wow, your pictures are amazing, and your outfit is beyond gorgeous and stylish. You look super chic!
    Mafalda ❤

  17. i love the wide leg pants on you - such a stylish outfit and bonus points for being so comfy too. glad you had fun at vamff! ;-)

    steph /

  18. oh my god these outfits are amazing! you are such a wonderful blogger, and you should be so proud of your blog!

    would love if you have any tips for aspiring bloggers like me!

  19. Even though i liked your outfit very much, i couldn't take my eyes off the black & white photos!
    you are, for sure, an amazing photographer !!!! The rest i will discover on the blog since i am new