Acne Studios Pre-Fall 2014

Strong silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and mingled textures are the foundation of Acne Studio's Pre-Fall collection. Executed with the same unwavering attention to detail and quality that we have come to love from the brand, I can see myself snuggled up or stepping out in at least ninety percent of the collection.  Very few designers can achieve such a wearable collection in my eyes.  You could say I'm a devotee.  When the collection drops I can see my biggest challenge will be practising restraint to acquire just a couple of pieces.  Unfortunately finances only stretch so far. 


  1. which ones will you be getting? love the shearling biker, though i'm still a lot in love with last season's velocite jacket.. they have so many covetable pieces, i understand your dilemma!

    steph /

    1. I'm waiting for it to hit the stores for the final decision. I figure one key piece but I'm leaning towards a coat or jacket. The Velocite is so breathtaking honestly Steph. I highly recommend it. I have one and I wear it constantly in winter.