Stripes and checks outfit


Happy New Year's lovelies!  Well it has been a refreshing break to say the least but it is time to get back on board.   I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season.

I'm always a fan of stripes and checks since I've never done well with the outlandish prints phenomenon even though I'm attracted to it on others. Simplicity just seems to suit me better, but occasionally I like to break with the colour blocking and minimalistic trend.  Mixing stripes and checks for me at the moment is pushing my boundaries to an acceptable limit.  I'm currently eyeing off this little mix.  The Victoria Beckham laser cut out clutch is a no brainer since it is already in my wardrobe.  The Fendi woven leather top is a piece of art work although it far exceeds my budget.  It could easily be swapped out for a basic striped crop top or long sleeved tee.  A simple pair of tailored slightly relaxed shorts are a must and again, a similiar pair exists in my wardrobe.  Last but not least are the Christopher Kane striped ankle cuff sandals which in my little mind are outfit makers.  I see these going with so many outfits that I feel they would be a worthy addition to my shoe closet.  Since I'm on a self inflicted spending ban until after our holiday in February, I'm just hoping these will wait for me!


  1. you've just reminded me how truly gorgeous that clutch is and yeah that fendi top is gorg ;) how exciting for feb! holidays are one of the few reasons i'm happy to ban shopping for a while - hehe!

    steph /

  2. That would make such a lovely outfit! :) Hope you had a happy start to the new year :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. I really love this look, I've noticed that yellow, black and white are big going into spring. This outfit combines the colors well :)

  4. That would be a very nice outfit! I like things in moderation. To me it's just the right dose.

  5. Nice sandals.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  6. Happy New year beautiful!!!!!!
    Love this combo, would love to see it on you!

  7. Also if I'm very late, Happy New Year Mandi!!!!!!! All the best!!!!!!!! xoxo