Have you checked in?

Tartan, plaid basically anything with checks are on the radar as I'm sure you are well aware.  If you've managed to integrate at least one piece into an outfit you're doing well, but if you are clashing or adding at least two pieces of tartan or plaid, then aren't you the little rebel and fashion forward!  Yep that's me in your rear view having only conquered the one piece per outfit.  Don't despair though, you are definitely on trend with a little here and there (and don't forget that subtlety is a classy approach).  But the real style hardcore minxes are upping the ante.  Need some help visualising how it's done?  Here are some gals that have it down pat.  

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If you're a newbie to the tartan or check mix (maybe you don't know where to start), then here are some pieces that may kick start you on your way. They are easily worn a multitude of ways and after the 'trend' has been and past, you can still wear them without thinking of that time that tartan was 'a trend'.

If you more after that statement piece, well then you can't look past these.


  1. So far I have only dared to try one plaid piece at a time ;)

  2. Lovely collage babe!

  3. i love that checks have made a comeback. love the styling suggestions, so many good ideas here - thanks for sharing. still a bit jealous it's still layering weather in melbourne :) enjoy lovely! x

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com