Ear candy

We've seen a huge resurgence in era-specific vintage fashions over the past few years. The Fendi baguette, 1960's influenced over sized cuts, the roaring 20's, cropped tops, ripped denim, neon and overalls are just a few that have graced the fashion magazines and our wardrobes. So it should come as no surprise that another 'trend' be re-hashed.  The 90's accessory-du-jour, the ear cuff.  I'm going to be honest with you. I actually missed this alleged must have accessory the first time around, although I did have my ears pierced multiple times much to my parents outrage.  But in current day with the overwhelming influence of social media, how could you possible miss them?  They have been donned on the most prestigious catwalks and by a variety of muses including the ever fabulous Diane Kruger, Kate Bosworth, Cara Delevingne, Sienna Miller, Rooney Mara, Miranda Kerr and Michelle Williams to name just a few of the hard hitters. 

I'm the first to admit, this is a trend that I tend to admire hugely on others but I haven't yet delved into myself. Maybe it is that I assoicate it with me having had multiple ear piercings (and an act of rebellion) that makes me feel like I have kind of been there and done that in my younger days (in a lessor way of course).  But this is exactly what I love about fashion. It doesn't all have to be about our personal tastes or what we ourselves are wearing (or willing to wear) right now.  It is equally about appreciating and embracing each and everyone's uniqueness.  After all, there are alot of stylish women out there and how boring would the world be if we were all the same!  Since I'm always intrigued by the style of others and not personally on the ear cuff band wagon (at least as yet, maybe I'll be a slow adopter), I thought I would share with you some of my favourite ear cuffs, worn by others.  Think attitude!

If you too are a little weary of this trend, but would like to at least dip your toes in the water, then maybe an ear cuff that is a little more delicate and simple is for you.  It's nice that there are some fine jewellery options available too if you are looking for more of an elegant option. Here are a few of my favourites for a more understated look.  

If you are one of those that likes to command attention or are looking for a piece of significance, then maybe these bejewelled, studded and diamond encrusted beauties will work better with your personality.

I've tried to select a good range for each of these, from low-on-funds or non-investment to high-end options, some of which could seriously make you weep!  Honestly I was both surprised and speechless at some of the prices, but as you will see, there are some gorgeous, yet affordable options out there.  Oh... and the great news, most of them simply clip on so you can avoid the unnecessary pain of ear piercing.  


  1. I never got to try this the first time around either. But I love the way it looks. At the moment, apart from some fairly minimal ones, I feel it's a bit too glam for my usual look, but definitely for a special occasion! x

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  2. Anonymous25.10.13

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    XO Sahra
    Que Sera, Sahra