How to wear white leather

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There is a lot of inspirational outfits out there when it comes to all out white, but getting the mix right with white leather adds a whole other level of skill.  These three looks really drew my eye for the simplicity of the approach. These ladies make wearing white leather look practical (which I didn't realise was even possible) and sophisticated.  Up until recently all I could envision with white leather was those naff looks form the 1980's/90's.  Some how white really accentuates cheap and flimsy, so when attempting white leather, think quality and classic cuts.


See by Chloe tux jacket / Ellery pin tuck shirt  (old) / DVF trousers (old) / Valentino Rockstud pumps / Alexander Wang clutch

Some photo's taken from a couple of weeks back that I forgot to post.  Getting used to the day-light saving time change and feeling ever so weary for work the first day. It's amazing the difference that an extra hours sleep can make.  Fortunately Melbourne has amazing coffee because I relied on it heavily on this particular day.  When I'm tired and feeling rather vacant when waking on a work day (I don't enjoy early mornings), I always go with a bit of a lighter colour mix and styled simplicity.  This peach tux jacket is my pick-me-up favourite.  So light to wear and I love the way it moves effortlessly with the body. It's almost feels absent and the hue reminds me of spring/summer days even with the greyest of skies.

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Ear candy

We've seen a huge resurgence in era-specific vintage fashions over the past few years. The Fendi baguette, 1960's influenced over sized cuts, the roaring 20's, cropped tops, ripped denim, neon and overalls are just a few that have graced the fashion magazines and our wardrobes. So it should come as no surprise that another 'trend' be re-hashed.  The 90's accessory-du-jour, the ear cuff.  I'm going to be honest with you. I actually missed this alleged must have accessory the first time around, although I did have my ears pierced multiple times much to my parents outrage.  But in current day with the overwhelming influence of social media, how could you possible miss them?  They have been donned on the most prestigious catwalks and by a variety of muses including the ever fabulous Diane Kruger, Kate Bosworth, Cara Delevingne, Sienna Miller, Rooney Mara, Miranda Kerr and Michelle Williams to name just a few of the hard hitters. 

I'm the first to admit, this is a trend that I tend to admire hugely on others but I haven't yet delved into myself. Maybe it is that I assoicate it with me having had multiple ear piercings (and an act of rebellion) that makes me feel like I have kind of been there and done that in my younger days (in a lessor way of course).  But this is exactly what I love about fashion. It doesn't all have to be about our personal tastes or what we ourselves are wearing (or willing to wear) right now.  It is equally about appreciating and embracing each and everyone's uniqueness.  After all, there are alot of stylish women out there and how boring would the world be if we were all the same!  Since I'm always intrigued by the style of others and not personally on the ear cuff band wagon (at least as yet, maybe I'll be a slow adopter), I thought I would share with you some of my favourite ear cuffs, worn by others.  Think attitude!

If you too are a little weary of this trend, but would like to at least dip your toes in the water, then maybe an ear cuff that is a little more delicate and simple is for you.  It's nice that there are some fine jewellery options available too if you are looking for more of an elegant option. Here are a few of my favourites for a more understated look.  

If you are one of those that likes to command attention or are looking for a piece of significance, then maybe these bejewelled, studded and diamond encrusted beauties will work better with your personality.

I've tried to select a good range for each of these, from low-on-funds or non-investment to high-end options, some of which could seriously make you weep!  Honestly I was both surprised and speechless at some of the prices, but as you will see, there are some gorgeous, yet affordable options out there.  Oh... and the great news, most of them simply clip on so you can avoid the unnecessary pain of ear piercing.  

Now available: Aquazzura Amazon sandals

I don't think I have ever received so many questions about one particular item but these smoking hot, lace-up 'Amazon' sandals by Aquazzura seem to have the world in a spin. Well not mine per say, but the design!  

Most of the questions I receive relate to where ladies can find these beauties since they are in seriously short supply these days (they have been out for a little while now).  But great news...  A whole shipment (with half sizes included) has just landed HERE (the black leather version, the same as what I'm wearing) with worldwide shipping so I thought a heads up was in order.  A word on sizing, they run a half size small.

Discount code: 25% off at Shopbop!

It's that time again.  I don't know about you but I literally hang out, filling my wish list, waiting for Shopbop to release a discount code.  For three days only (from Tuesday October 15, 2013 at 12:00AM EST to Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 11:59PM PST), enjoy the 'Friends and Family discount code to get 25% off your items.  

Simply enter 'INTHEFAMILY25' at checkout!  If you're eager (which I presume you are), you can start shopping immediately here.

So what's in my online basket?  Well I've really, REALLY tried to narrow it down and I've managed to come up with three total lust worthy contenders for my hard earned dollar.  I seriously have to knock one more off the list though. 

This Dion Lee bonded skirt.  I just can't go past a crisp modern pencil skirt especially with the draped leather pleats that add a sculptural twist on the waistband combined with the exposed, extended side zip.  Classy, forward thinking and hey, it's my one and only Aussie designer God!  I swear greatness just doesn't sum up his creations!

I couldn't miss out on the 3.1 Phillip Lim loafers (or smoking flats) which are the fashion forward cousin to ballet flats.  A timeless piece of footwear that will have you walking the streets etched with a piece of dapper menswear style.   A trend that has taken the world by storm.  Yes ladies, we too can be comfortable and stylish.  They don't need over thinking either, just slide on and walk out the door!

Finally, a pair of the J Brand cropped leather pants.  These I have waited to buy for what feels like forever.  Boy have I been restrained!  With a sexy, elegant and flattering silhouette, these pants deliver style in spades and to top that off, they have some of the best reviews out there for leather pants.  Need I say more?  Nope... I didn't think so...  Now go and enjoy!  

Imagining Spring

As it turns out, wishful weather thinking just isn't enough.  I'm desperately trying to get into Spring mode and figure that if the weather can't comply and warm up, I might as well try wearing florals. 

This Ellery skirt has been on my wish list ever since I first spotted it in the wake of fashion week many months ago.  Don't you think the cute overlap exposed pocket, ladylike length, a-line cut and of course that front slit which is just the right height to maintain ones modesty are just perfect?  I don't wear skirts that much so it had to be something uber special to get my little white pins out.  I know a tan wouldn't hurt since my legs literally glow because they haven't seen sun for about 10 months!  Anyway, back to more important things.  

I've been engrossed in Australian fashion equally as much as international recently.  This Ellery skirt, Dylan Kain bag (which is my latest love for so many obvious reasons), and this gorgeous little white laser cut top by Dion Lee which was a must with its distinguishing back detail. I also love the way the front section looks cropped but it actually has a silk layer (that is normal length) that gets tucked in like a normal shirt thereby hiding my unexercised, visually absent abs.  Exercising is on my 'must do' list.  I've had some serious envy from all the cropped tops being flaunted by all the young, taunt ladies but I haven't wanted to expose my own bod quite that much. Let's leave that for the younger ones.

New season leather

The devil is in the detail right?  Ultra edgy and total bad ass, these pieces are only fit for those wanting to convert an outfit rather than have it slip quietly under the radar.  If you're looking for run of the mill blah leather, you won't find them here!  These are my favourite picks from the new season leather pieces excluding the regular must  haves like leather pants, skirts and jackets (hey they've been done before) that are currently gracing the online stores.

Adding a superfluous collar (like this one from Marni) started to appeal to me a few seasons ago when they first became more readily available but it has taken me this long to find one that I thought was right. I love the two tone leather, the stiff structure and the brass catch.  It turns it into such a feature piece and distinguishes it as an accessory in its own right rather than just seamlessly forming part of an outfit. 

What more can I say... Belts are an easy way of adding extra oomph to an outfit and in my view every wardrobe should have at least one feature belt.  You can get rather creative with something like this Prabal Gurung cut out belt with braided strap or add a slightly more simplified (but equally great version) like the Isabel Marant belt! 

These Jil Sander ankle boots are my runway to real life winners!  It's not that often that feature accessories convert easily to day to day wear but these boots tick all the boxes.  A reasonable height heel, a sleek leather finish with a pointed toe makes these equally as fabulous with skirts and dresses as they are with destroyed jeans or tailored pants. These are my match everything, wear anywhere boot.  If you're the adventurous type or looking to mix in another hue other than black, then check out the rich burgundy pair.

This Pierre Hardy leather backpack is one handy little bag especially with the means to carry it three ways by a simple adjustment of the straps.  It's a modernised take on a traditional bag featuring over sized gold hardware and the subtle contrasting of navy suede trims against the black goat leather. 

My partner shuddered when I showed him this Prabal Gurung regiment harness and for those who are entirely practical with dressing I'm sure you will be experiencing a similar sensation.  But in fashion speak a harness can rule supreme.  Who can forget when Blake Lively donned the Lanvin one.  These women at least have me visualising some outfits with a harness. It's baby steps for me I'm afraid. Still, if I were able to work in a harness in real life (since this one seriously rocks), it would be on my wish list.  A word of warning though, watch what you match it with.  Personally I prefer delicate fabrics and the flow of a minimalist (and elegant) dress or skirt over pants to balance out the look. You don't want to go too dominatrix and it can be a fine line.

You may recall Fendi's studded creations from the previous season. Well these are the new kids on the block.  Staying true to the geometric influence yet again are these Fendi perforated booties with a caged honeycomb heel and studded ankle strap.  If I could use one word to describe what these would add to an outfit it would be attitude. 

I love that this Kiki De Montparnasse leather bustier is lightly boned so will give a gorgeous silhouette with added support and it comes fully lined. Finally...  Some practical design aspects focused on comfort that are normally missing with other leather tops on the market.   How perfect is the lace back as well which adds to the sensuality of the piece. 

And if you are brave enough, have an appropriate lifestyle and exude confidence then who could go past this Alexander McQueen dress.  The figure skimming waist matched with that super cute flounce hemline really sells it for me.  Although it's a tough look (hey it is leather), it's delicate in its own way too. Did I mention it is buttery soft and lined in silk. It almost makes you want to melt doesn't it!