The unlikely colour match

Photographs by Tom

What I'm wearing:
Marni woven leather clutch (here) 
Aquazzura Amazon lace up heels (here) or (here)  
Jil Sander top (similar here)  
MiH jeans (here)  
Joseph coat (similar here)

I love a bit of brown, red and black. It's the kind of colour combination that works so well with winter.  Dark and warming colours. 

It's the strangest thing...  I felt so overwhelmingly excited last weekend when I felt the sun's warmth and the first hint of spring.  But this weekend it is cooler again.  As I wear some of my beloved fall/winter items, I feel a little sadness at the thought of packing them away.

At least there will be more opportunity to break out some sandals in the upcoming months. I see these Aquazzura's becoming a firm favourite. They may be black, but who said summer has to be filled solely with whites and brights anyway.


  1. Gorgeous clutch, heels and outfit!

  2. Such a nice outfit, lovely clutch-inspired colour scheme! It's a beautiful clutch too, really nice! :)

    Our weather is being a little funny too, so I'm not packing any winter stuff away just yet.

    Away From The Blue

  3. That clutch is gorgeous! Love the rich colours, and weaving of the leather...


    Brigadeiro's Blog

  4. Hi Mandi, you are looking great (as you always do!). I m loving this color combination and those heels... They have been in my virtual shopping bag at NaP but unfortunately I cannot invest in a pair of sandals now (our 9 months winter is about to start !!). Thanks for the inspiration, take care xx

  5. Love it Mandi! You look stunning! xoxo from Rome

  6. you got some great shots during this photo session. My favorite is the one from underneath the heel.

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  7. Nice outfit. I like your bag, your shoes and your coat very much.

    Robe pour vous

  8. Mandi, I'm loving everything about this look on you! I'm loving the colors, mix of volume, and how everything just comes together in a way that is so chic. You look beautiful babe!


  9. Wow Mandi, stunning outfit! I almost thought that top was a coat, I just love the belt at the back. As for me, I'm totally hanging out for the summer. Can't stop wearing bare legs like it's a disease.

  10. Love those shoes - cant wait for summer either.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  11. Great mix of colours, shapes and textures. I can't decide which I love more your heels or clutch! Love this look on you.
    It's so weird that spring is on the way for you and over here we're heading into fall. Crazy!

    xo, Jackie

  12. You look fantastic dear! :)

  13. You look amazing!
    Love the heels!
    With love,


  14. I said it on insta and I'll say it again, TDF!!! So jelly. Great staple, especially since the Alaîa versions are no longer around...

  15. Love love love the red in this! And those shoes are amazing!! xo

  16. Love the heels and coat! You look beautiful! xx