Isabel Marant Cruise 2014

Isabel Marant's Cruise collection definitely caught me by surprise.  In all honesty, my excitement had wained over the past few seasons as I found myself desiring less and less of the collections.  I find I'm desiring far more of the Cruise 2014 collection.  You could say I've done a complete 180 on my view point and with that, Isabel Marant is back on my designers to watch list.   

I'm relieved to see the use of blocked colour and simplicity in a variety of pieces ensuring they are more readily able to be mixed and matched. More of the cuts appear as if they can transcend to flatter more body shapes than those solely fitting the traditional Marant, thin, straight up and down frame.  The more relaxed and wearable nature of the designs translates (at least for me) into more effortless ensembles which is refreshing. There are also a few designs which are notable revamps from previous collections thrown in for good measure.  That said, Marant shows integrity to her aesthetic and there is enough freshness in the collection to make it appealing and effortlessly cool.  

Overall, the collection feels less contrived and womanly, worthy of one who is confident in herself rather than requiring overly alluring or pattern laden and complicated apparel to gain attention.  So many pieces have already made my list of items to watch out for.  It will interesting to see the pricing point of the collection since I have noticed prices have been increasing as her cult status continues to rise.  Although her collections do vary greatly dependant on the workmanship involved such as with embroidery and studding. In reality it makes comparing the price of collections like that of apples and oranges.  Watch this space.


  1. I love the cuts and the silhouettes in this collection. I obviously can't talk about it with as much authority as I don't wear much of her clothes but I know I can definitely look to you for an informed commentary xoxox

  2. Ooh there are some really nice pieces in this collection - love that printed and ruffled dress, and I can't tell if it's a dress or two separate pieces in the second photo, but I like it anyway! :)

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  3. I am obsessed with the black and white heels. Totally agree with you, this collection came out of the blue and I am loving the more simple aesthetic.

  4. Oh wow! You got some great shots. Her line is so amazing. I love the way her clothing fits women. Great post.

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  5. I looove the style of Isabel Marant! Can´t get enough! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I perked up when I saw the first few photos. Lately, I'm with you. Rather bleh.... when I see the collections. I've bought a few staples from her last collections. What I want to see is proper lining in her jackets and coats. That's my pet peeve really.