Dion Lee Spring RTW 2014

Photo credit: Style.com

Dion Lee (Australian fashion's wunderkind) debut collection at New York Fashion Week delivered everything I have come to expect from him and more.  I am always mesmerised by the intricacy and meticulous craftsmanship of his creations, not to mention for his ability to be bold, creating pieces that don't follow fashion trends, but cultivate them instead.  He definitely has a vision that is captivating.  

That first outfit is breathtaking although since I have somewhat of a chest, I've resigned myself to leaving that one to girls with less in that department. We don't need any wardrobe malfunction moments after all and realistically a few of the other pieces (more suited to my body features) have my name written all over them!

What more can I say than Dion Lee has absolutely earned the right to be showcased on one of the top runways of the world. Congratulations Dion Lee on attaining your rightful place amongst the fashionable heavy weights. 

Although I'm eager to get my hands on some of the pieces from his upcoming collection, why rush things.  There are still plenty of pieces on my wish list from the current collection.  Case in point, the exquisite Purity shirt and the Harness wrap skirt (both in cream) and that's just for starters!

For those of you in the same boat as I, still wishing for current pieces, you can shop Dion Lee's current collection by clicking on the images below.  Try to practice some restraint!


  1. Like minds Mandi - the Purity shirt and Harness wrap skirt in white are top of my wish list too!
    xxoo Rachelle


  2. They are such stunning runway outfits! I like the cuts and draping in the pieces :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. Lovely collection :) we love all the outfits in this post.

    Adri, Joha & Nat

  4. I have seen some other NYFW recaps on other blogs, but no one has mentioned this designer--and I have no idea why, after seeing his creations. The weaving over the bust is beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog; I hope I see you again soon.



    (PS, the link to the harness wrap skirt seems to be broken!)

  5. I've heard his name mentioned here and there but seeing these photos up close.....all I can think of is WOW! Most of the time, you see designers who love to present "concepts". Beautiful clothes but totally unwearable in the real world but his clothes are BEAUTIFUL and so unique. I won't be surprised if all the buyers go mad for his designs.