Black & white

Photographs by Tom

Back to Monday again after two days off relaxing with a few outings and ingesting far too much delicious home cooking.  I find it difficult to get inspired to do blog outfit posts after such a weekend for obvious, stomach expanding reasons.  I'm also in total chilled mode so tousled hair and simplicity are my only game plan.  I would love to say the tousled hair is intentionally done, but honestly I can be rather lazy so some days it's kind of just where the wind blows it.  

I have this unspoken rule that allows me a max of five items for these days which almost always translates to jeans, a basic tee, a blazer (if chilly), a pair of shoes I'm obsessed with and my perfect slouchy leather bag.  Who needs anything more anyway right?

Carry on style

The new weekender duffle bag by Malene Birger ticks all the right boxes.  Super sized but within flight hand held luggage specifications (very important) and with an eye catching design.  Black and white of course! 

Just like one of the boys

Photographs by Tom

Celine duffle coat (old)  /  Acne 'Cleo' wool skirt (here)  Acne tee  Country Road tights  
 Christian Louboutin ankle booties  (old but simililar here)  /  Wool driving cap (ebay)  Proenza Schouler PS1 large bag (here)

I'm such fan of the girl meets boy look.  I wouldn't go as far as to call it cross dressing but I can understand how blurry the lines get with certain pieces or entire looks.  The one thing I love about fashion is the opportunity to experiment. To mix things up.  It's like playing adult dress ups!  You can even feel like you take on another identity or life just by pushing the boundaries and dressing differently to your standard day to day.  A personally created alternate reality if you will.  A little bit of effort, creativeness and outside of the box dressing can be a lot of fun don't you think? 

Below are a few of my favourite urban cover ups with a masculine edge.

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My September essentials

I hope you are all having a gorgeous weekend!  Mine has been relaxing, although there has been a little bit of work included but life is pretty balanced on weekends.  When time is short, I like to surround myself with simplicity and a handful of my favourite feel good items.  My essentials.  This month I have been fixated on these four items (more than most that is).

Some fresh flowers from the local market always lift my spirits. I really don't buy flowers that often so when I do they are really a treat.  When I don't have flowers I spend time pottering in the garden. It may sound a little old maid(ish) but gardening and nature are just so therapeutic and my escape from the modern (connected) world. 

My new Dylan Kain 'Wax' bag which arrived Friday so it's a super duper newbie.  I love the texture mix up and the gold chain for that little touch of essential bling. It's rather different than anything I own which is important for me.  The perfect little take anywhere size and with a price that is very bearable compared to other 'little' bags in its class.  I just know this is going to be the bag that I can't live without.

My Marc Jacobs 'Lola' perfume which has a special place in my heart. It was a gift from my daughter so everytime I wear it I think of her.  It's also a light floral scent and perfect for Spring which is still desperately trying to arrive.  

My Dolce & Gabbana aviator sunnies (similar here) because you just can't beat the classic flattering shapes that don't date.  I've got this thing about protecting my eyes.  I'm not sure if it's an age thing and not coping well with glare these days, or the fact that I wear glasses that some how I've adjusted to having glasses on more often than not.  I've had this pair for as long as I can remember.

Have you got any essentials that are currently on heavy rotation?  

No time to waste

Photographs by Tom

There is a hint of spring in the air.  Well at least on the occasional day there is.  It's a great opportunity when the sun is shining to wear less layers and finally break out some shades.  It's no surprise that some of my favourite items are still on rotation. You know it... the white pumps!  This is one of my classic work type outfits. Understated pants with front pleats for a bit of comfort and a free form top.  This clutch I'm utterly addicted to because I'm going through a white and texture phase, but also for the detail of the laser cut leather which is pretty special in real life. There is an equally gorgeous cream snakeskin version that has since caught my attention.  I'm normally a stickler for taking my body slung bag to work since it fits everything in and more, but for after work drinks I have to take a clutch. It's like my way of differentiating between work and play.  It's amazing how a superficial item change can make you feel fresh.   

All tied up

Currently imagining purchasing these Manolo Blaknik Bellantomod lace-up booties. Be still my beating heart... 

Dion Lee Spring RTW 2014

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Dion Lee (Australian fashion's wunderkind) debut collection at New York Fashion Week delivered everything I have come to expect from him and more.  I am always mesmerised by the intricacy and meticulous craftsmanship of his creations, not to mention for his ability to be bold, creating pieces that don't follow fashion trends, but cultivate them instead.  He definitely has a vision that is captivating.  

That first outfit is breathtaking although since I have somewhat of a chest, I've resigned myself to leaving that one to girls with less in that department. We don't need any wardrobe malfunction moments after all and realistically a few of the other pieces (more suited to my body features) have my name written all over them!

What more can I say than Dion Lee has absolutely earned the right to be showcased on one of the top runways of the world. Congratulations Dion Lee on attaining your rightful place amongst the fashionable heavy weights. 

Although I'm eager to get my hands on some of the pieces from his upcoming collection, why rush things.  There are still plenty of pieces on my wish list from the current collection.  Case in point, the exquisite Purity shirt and the Harness wrap skirt (both in cream) and that's just for starters!

For those of you in the same boat as I, still wishing for current pieces, you can shop Dion Lee's current collection by clicking on the images below.  Try to practice some restraint!