Feature: Who What Wear

A huge thank you to all of the very sweet emails I received, giving me a heads up of being included in the Who What Wear 'The 20 new personal style bloggers you need to know about' feature.  How utterly exciting and humbling especially since the list includes some of my must read blogs (Andy Heart / Soraya Bakhtiar / Fashion Vibe) and my newest blog crush,Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed List winner (Hallie Daily)... I'm honestly baffled that I hadn't found Hallie prior to this!

Be sure to check out the full feature to find all the details on a great mix of rising star style blogs and some that should already be firmly on your radar.  I know the feature has definitely opened my eyes to some refreshing new blogs.

While you are there, I highly recommend taking at look at the 'How to' section of Who What Wear (a personal favourite of mine), to get all the insider tips, tricks, and advice for all your style problems.  I mean doesn't everyone need '6 tricks to make your legs look longer'? That's mandatory reading material for me!

Whipstiched: My sweet spot

Recently I have been perusing the fall/winter collections to find a smokin' hot pair of booties to add some impact to my rather plain mid length dresses.  After all, a pair of signature shoes goes a long way to vamping up even the simplest of outfits.  My tireless searching has reaped a find.  I stumbled across these whipstiched trimmed little peep toe numbers this morning and I'm utterly obsessed.  Even I find them pricey but they are in the same ball park as last season's Givenchy woven open toe ankle booties that sold out in a blink of an eye some maybe the price point isn't as unrealistic as it feels.   Potentially it's just the comparison to my budget that makes it a super stretch.  What can I say, what the heart desires is rarely linked to reality don't you think? 

If these 'Harlow' booties have caught your eye as much as mine, you can stalk them here and here

The weary traveller

Photographs by Tom

Acne Velocite Shearling coat  /  Hunter boots  /  J Brand jeans  /  Scotch & Soda scarf  /  Lot 78 jumper

What a couple of days.  We have finally arrived at Falls Creek.  What was suppose to take us around 5 hours ended up taking 28 hours.  With a landslide and a road closure (and re-opening... obviously) firmly in our rear view, we are now all settled in.  Funnily enough, these shots were actually taken (including my of the moment, glazed and bored expression) at a small local service station while we were waiting to hear about the potential of the road opening.  You do have to amuse yourself when standing aimlessly for hours on end with nothing in sight, somewhat stranded due to not having a vehicle.  All I have to say is I'm so thankful for some good reading material and the iPad!  Absolute essentials for travelling.

Zippers to the max

Ever feel that items have so many unnecessary features? Take this jacket for instance. What on earth are all those (eleven) zippers for?  That's some pretty serious hardware!  Some are superficial while others are functional and contain secret little pockets, which if I had ten items to covertly hold, might come in handy.  Maybe they are just to enhance the biker babe effect of the jacket.  It's all making more sense now...

The midas touch

Adding gold accents to outfits is something I'm particularly fond of. Especially since I've been paring down my items to form more of a capsule wardrobe, with the exception of accessories that is.  I still love a dramatic shoe or add on piece to mix things up and modernise an outfit.

Coveting: The 'Le Dix'

"Le Dix", a new handbag collectionthe first under Wang's directionwhich distills the essence of classic Balenciaga in to a new and modern must-get."  Amen to that!

Source:  CR Fashion Book


The vibrant coat

Photographs by Tom

So this is officially my first outfit post for what feels like forever.  How the weeks fly by... So much has been happening of late.  Getting back to enjoying the simple life and cherish what's important has been time consuming but yet, so needed!  

Wearing my favourite vibrant coat, wandering around yesterday before going for pizza at eLounge in Richmond last night.  Might just be the best traditional pizza I've ever had!