I didn’t think it was possible for me to find chunky pieces of jewellery that meshed with my style (excluding the Celine ID bracelet that is out of my price range), that was until I found Moxham.  I look for what resonates with me with jewellery.  What I'm always drawn to are pieces that are solid with substantial weight (I hate flimsy).  But most importantly, items have to be affordable prices since my personality goes from loving jewellery to hating it and it feeling inconvenient to wear.  This is my new Xeno bracelet. I'm sure you may have already spotted it in my last post!  It’s safe to say, this won’t be leaving my wrist any time soon.


  1. Aaaaah THIS PIECE IS PERFECT! Great bracelet, I must have one!

  2. That bracelet is gorgeous! I also go in phases when it comes to jewelry, sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it! I just love how unique this piece is.

  3. It's a gorgeous bracelet! So unique!

  4. I've been obsessed with Moxham since I brought one of her 'Anubis' necklaces, I brought one of the smaller necklaces recently, but the bracelets & cuffs are definitely next on my wishlist! I think they are at such a good price-point for the quality & how statement making they are. And I go through phases too - recently I'm liking very minimal to no jewellery, I guess it's the heat.

  5. I know what you mean when it comes to jewellery. For me it has to be heavy and chunky too! This one is amazing, great find!

    XO from Malta,

  6. Such a beautiful chunky bracelet! Looks really heavy, hope it doesn't weigh too much! :)

    Away From Blue

  7. Such a funky bracelet! The chunkier the better! I have a love / hate relationship with bracelets... Hate em' because I can rarely find ones that fit my wrist. Which just makes me want them all the more!lol
    xo, Jackie