3 x essential boots

I thought I would share with you my three essential (and favourite) types of all round boots.

A pair of slick, leather ankle boots with a barely there heel for looks that are more tailored but equally perfect with some tough loved, old worn jeans.  Mine are Church's 'Manmouth'. I love the elasticised gusset sides that give the perfect fit and just the quality of the shoe.  

For a little bit of rock star cool and a touch of studded bling, the Chloe 'Susanna' boots.  These I class as being a 'flashy' boot.  Definitely not as subdued as the others, but they are great for lifting any outfit and showing a bit of attitude.

Last but not least, a simple, unpretentious boot that is just all about being easy to wear.  Mine are the Acne 'Pistol' boots They remind me of a cross between a biker and riding boot. Great for more rugged, casual or biker babe looks.

There are so many great boots around this season it's hard not to find a pair that you will love.  The issue will be narrowing it down, that is unless you already own some beauties. Here are some of my favourite current season picks to wet your appetite.  See I told you...  we are absolutely spoilt for choice.  Tempting... 

Inspiration: PJ dressing

Source: pinterest

What's 'fashionable' comes and goes but comfort is always in style. Am I right?  PJ dressing is still around, not yet classified as so last season.   But realistically, will a good pair of draped, silky pants that float effortlessly ever truly be outdated?

Uniform worthy

Source:  Vogue Paris

Ever notice how some women just look so chic?  You can't help but turn your head in admiration of their style when they walk past you in the street.  When I saw this shot I immediately thought of how worthy it would be as the perfect fall/winter uniform.  I mean who doesn't love a pea coat teamed with a comfy knit and a basic jean?  Swapping in a leather pant never hurt either!  Don't most people have these items in their wardrobe in some form or colour?  Just add some pumps or booties, even a pair of sneakers (don't forget the shades for coolness... naturally) and the finishing touch of a belt, and you have an outfit that is capable of taking you from work to play.  I don't know about you but I'm inspired!  


I didn’t think it was possible for me to find chunky pieces of jewellery that meshed with my style (excluding the Celine ID bracelet that is out of my price range), that was until I found Moxham.  I look for what resonates with me with jewellery.  What I'm always drawn to are pieces that are solid with substantial weight (I hate flimsy).  But most importantly, items have to be affordable prices since my personality goes from loving jewellery to hating it and it feeling inconvenient to wear.  This is my new Xeno bracelet. I'm sure you may have already spotted it in my last post!  It’s safe to say, this won’t be leaving my wrist any time soon.

Super size me

Photographs by Tom

I've been going on and on about my love for structural pieces for a while now and I've just realised, I've hardly shown you any of my favourites!  Tut tut...  I've got a slew of these type of items and what I love about many of them is the absence of a tight fit and the feeling of restriction. It also reminds me of playing dress ups when I was little and feeling all consumed by fabric.  In this instance, it's the way the design is intended and it just feels so right.  In my opinion, not everything has to be form fitting to be flattering or worth wearing. 

On my mind...

My two picks from the Dion Lee Resort '14 collection.  I'm experiencing a long lived designer crush based on his sculptural tailoring.  But seriously what's not to love?  The man's got talent!

Blue: the must have colour!

Sources (in no particular order): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

There is nothing like a bit of blue to brighten a winter's day.  It's a colour I have only recently become addicted to. You can see how I originally became intrigued from the images above no doubt. I used to have such a conventional and monochrome wardrobe so I started a challenge just over a year ago, to incorporate more colour.  My most recent acquisition has been a cerulean blue coat!  With that the addiction has began and I also noticed the influx of the colour in all things fashionable.  After all, it is one of the hottest colours of late. The colour is striking and elegant, yet it melds with so much.  It doesn't hurt that the compliments come thick and fast when you wear it either from the sheer impact it delivers.  So I thought I would share some of my favourite items in various shades of the hue for some year round colour injection since I can tell, you have that little 'blue' glimmer in your eye too!