The little denim jacket

Acne cropped denim jacket / T by Alexander Wang linen tee / MiH jeans / Karen Walker coat / Isabel Marant heels

I have become a big fan of wearing a little denim jacket under my coats this winter.  I've got an array of coats, yet I get in moods where I find myself reaching for a few of the same time and time again.  Without something interesting to break things up, you could be mistaken for thinking that I'm wearing the same outfit repeatedly.  What I discovered, is that denim contrasted with coats really enhances the look and ends up looking pretty cool.  That and I get rather cold.  Melbourne has some pretty severe heating indoors so the extra layer adds a practical element.  It's not just all 'trend'. 


  1. Really like the idea of layering a denim jacket under a thick winter coat to stay warm! :) Hope it helps you stay warm in the cold Melbourne winter! :) Your shoes are amazing too.

    Away From Blue

  2. Oh I remember doing that with my denim jacket and layering it under my coats - like you say, practical but provides interest. I've not done it for so long though as I no longer think I suit denim jackets. But I did drag it out recently and gave it a dust off. Might be time to resurrect and readjust the mindset. Lovely combination. Love the coat ... a lot. Have a good weekend Mandi!

  3. I love the look too - tried to do something similar but the denim jacket I got was a little too boyfriend in style. LOVE the IM pumps by the way. Stunning x

  4. I love your coat! great color :)

  5. I do this too, but usually with one of my many black jackets. Love how the denim looks with that gorgeous yellow, will definitely keep in mind looking for more colour in the future :)

    steph /

  6. I am wearing a swimsuit and you are wearing a coat and a jacket :). Love how the denim jacket contrasts the color of your coat. Great look!

    PS Thank you for your lovely comment :)

  7. I totally feel you by layering up your denim jacket, unfortunately it's too hot here to wear any clothes, imagine layers!

    XO from Malta,

  8. Well,what can i say? You have my love from Facebook, you have my love from here. Gorgeous.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  9. Love pairing denim under coats, it's a nice departure from your usual jumper or blazer. The yellow and blue look great together. Love the last shot!

    xx Jenee C.

  10. hello my dear Mandi!!!!

    I've been meaning to pass by here and write you.. I know I've been very busy and lack of ( recipes ) post for you hehehhe
    I can't believe you're wearing heavy clothes while I'm here sitting in my couch feeling so tired because of the summer weather hehehe...

    I love the shoes and of course your denim.. great combination I have to say ;)
    Your photos are beautiful even more ;)

    take care my dear and please keep in touch!!!
    xoxo,Meg of Sweet Gala's

  11. What a great idea layering with a denim jacket! I do this all the time with cardigans but never thought about using a denim jacket before ;) Will keep this tip for next winter!

  12. I've always loved the look of layering jackets and coats and you're pulling it off so well. Also love the pop of mustard mixed with the denim. Lovin' this Mandi!


  13. Denim jackets are so awesome. I love how tailored they are now. Yours looks fabulous on you. Also love your mustard colored coat. It is so fabulous! Great pics!

  14. great look! love the heels :D

  15. Anonymous9.7.13

    Nice jean jacket!


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