Saint Laurent: Yay or nay?

Happy Friday!  Phew... I made it!  The first image really sums up how I feel today.  It resembles nothing like my dress today however.  It feels like an accomplishment to get to end of week.  

I'm having today off work to relax and catch up on all things enjoyable.  Part of that involves getting some fashion updates that I hadn't gotten around to yet.  Which brings me to the Saint Laurent Resort 2014 collection.   So many pieces have caught my eye. It's totally impractical to desire so many of them!  I have to say I love the collection.  How gorgeous are the shoes and bags!  As for the clothing... sharp tailoring with a feminine touch is exactly what I want to be wearing and mixing into my existing wardrobe, regardless of the label.  I guess that's not really surprising for a jacket loving freak like myself.  But it seems I am one of maybe half of the population, or at least the population that is interested in fashion.  

I've read a range of reviews relating to Saint Laurent, from the all hail 'Hedi Slimane' to those that convey utter disdain for the changes he has instituted at the fashion house.  Some argue that the excitement is just not there and that he has completely morphed the brand into what he has desired, rather than reinterpreting the history of the legendary house.  That he has not integrated his vision with those that have historically gone before him, unlike how Alexander Wang has handled his recently acquired head designer status at Balenciaga.   For some, this credibility is a sticking point.  For some respect and tribute top all else.  In saying that, YSL must have had confidence to appoint Mr Slimane with such a prestigious and influential position in the first place right?  For me it is easily identifiable that he has left his own signature on the brand and some of it may not be ground breaking stuff.  But they are worthy of being part of an accomplished brand's collection. They are of impeccable quality, tailoring and are not fleeting designs, with a limited life.  For the price you pay, maybe classic is better than too much flair.  No?  

Although I am a fan of the Saint Laurent collections, as I also am of the past YSL collections, I have not received all of the new campaigns quite as well.  Last season I was shocked to see rocker Marilyn Manson's face on super zoom with a hint of a perfecto jacket coupled with Courtney Love striking a very druggy pose.  Both didn't leave me with illusions of rock royalty, it was more of a a disturbing impression...  Thankfully, the more recent campaign efforts (above) are more attuned to my senses.   

I'm interested to hear what your thoughts are on the new direction of the powerhouse... the designs, the campaigns and of course the dissolution of the famous insignia with the notable absence of 'Yves'? 

For those of you that interested, you can shop an incredible selection of Saint Laurent here and here.


  1. I'm really loving that YSL chain bag. It is gorgeous! I can see why many people wouldn't understand the Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love campaign, but Yves Saint Laurent had a totally different side to him that many people aren't aware of. Literally a very dark side! Rent L'amour fou! It talks about it. He was very clean cut and proper in public, but his social life was anything but. hahahaha

  2. I'm so not crazy about the Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love campaign ads. I still find them creepy and odd.
    And while i was a little surprise about changing the name to " Saint Laurent", I do love what Hedi Slimane has designed so far as well as the 2014 resort collection too.
    xo, jackie

  3. I really like that boxy looking bag, very structured! :)

    And like you, I definitely agree that these campaign images are better than the last ones. more focus on the clothes and accessories this time!

    Hope you had a lovely day off and have a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  4. Anonymous28.6.13

    yay!!! absolutly!

  5. I liked some pieces in the debut, but after that I expected something better than an exact cut and paste of what he did @ Dior Homme (and I loved DH), right down to the remodeling of the stores, and eerily identical locations and poses in the ad campaigns. and sorry I don't exactly look at courtney love and think 'i want to be that.' overall largely not interested. i already saw saint laurent bags at tj maxx!!! and re: the yves drop, YSL himself dropped the yves at one point in time too. so technically it's not "new" change.

  6. The new campaign is gorgeous, and I can see myself wearing a lot of pieces from the new collection even several seasons from now. I agree that their previous attempt was slightly questionable (didn’t convince me at all).

    The name change of the brand is a debatable subject. In my humble opinion Hedi Slimane wanted to freshen up the house so badly, that he took the chance of alienating the more conservative customers in exchange of gaining a new and maybe larger customer base. In any case, it did cause quite a stir and got everyone talking about it - so PR plus. However I think in the long run true fashion lovers and the ones that appreciate the label’s beautiful and sleek designs as well as their quality will not be deterred from acquiring Saint Laurent pieces only due to the name change.

    I'm also loving their bags and accessories. I love the Lulu and Cassandre bags, however I'm not very thrilled bout the Sac du Jour - it reminds me too much of the iconic Birkin.

    Lovely piece!

  7. Like you, I welcome the change. Iconic fashion houses just like celebrities need to reinvent themselves now and then in order to stay relevant. That being said, I've never viewed a collection where I've lusted over so many pieces, the new aesthetics may not be for everyone but personally I just can't get enough. Excellent article Mandi! I've hardly had time to blog, let alone read other blogs lately but I always make it a point to stop by yours. Hope you had a great weekend.

    xx Jenee C.

  8. Don't you just wish you have the entire collection in your closet? I mean there is Cortney Love and Kim Gordon in their ads....
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark