Resort: Chloe '14

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I always have a huge amount of respect for designers that have an ingrained history and consistency with what they produce.  Chloé is one designer that I use as a benchmark for these qualities.  Chloé always manages to deliver designs that look effortless, without pandering to the latest 'it' trend or seasonal focus.  Understated simplicity are what springs to mind, but the designs are really anything but.  The collection shone with flattering proportions which are difficult to achieve with pleats, drapes and structure without overwhelming ones frame. Since Waight Keller factor's in that most women, like herself, are unlike supermodels, there was always going to be an expectation that the collection would be more real world and easy to wear.  I love the exaggerated, flowing pants, the menswear feel throughout the collection, and how Chloé always manages to achieve the perfect balance of feminine masculinity.  Chloé has definitely set the bar high.  

Whilst reviewing Chloé I find it hard not to mention See by Chloé, the hip sister of of the brand, which has become loved for its casual, charming vibe since its launch in 2001. Decidedly not too distant from the floaty style of the house’s mainline, See by Chloé is pretty in a subtle and easy-to-wear way and also notably more affordable in price, which never hurts.  I have actually just purchased this tux blazer from the latest collection, which has of course got me singing the designer house's praises even louder and anticipating the release of more of the current collection.  As much as it's nice to adore the new, we can't live in the future all the time right?  The subdued peachy hue of the blazer is a really difficult one for me to pull off with my colouring, but some how, even this worked out. 

You can find an insightful Q&A session with Claire Waight Keller online at Interview Magazine which is a great read.  She is so personable, humble and honest with a very distint vision.  

So what are your thoughts on Chloé's Resort '14 collection and also the brands designs that have just hit the stores?


  1. like this post and blog....

  2. This is a nice collection :) Really drawn to the coats for some reason - the yellow and blue pinstripes ones just drape so beautifully! :)

    The last lookbook photo with the black and white pants is interesting, I think the pants would be so tricky to pull off!

    Away From Blue

  3. I totally agree, Chloe seems consistent season after season and there's always something so minimal in a neutral tone which I find myself lusting after, as well as the shoes of course. As for resort, I'm digging those caged sandals over all else.

  4. What a beautiful collection! I really love it :)

    xo Anouk

  5. I love everything about this collection!!! Literally.


  6. I adore the clean cut lines that Chloé always manage to come out with, but I completely agree- the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity.
    Your blog is fantastic!

    Abbi x

  7. Wow great collection but really love the trousers in the last pix. How cool are those!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  8. Chloe always manages to get it right. I love the blues in the pants and loose blouse - ahhhmazing

  9. it's a gorgeous collection. i really love that pink jacket. it's so pretty!