Finally found

I finally found the Acne Velocite shearling jacket in the gorgeous khaki and grey combination.  Sometimes it feels like there some devine intervention is required to assist with acquiring hard to find pieces.  I stumbled across the jacket on Vestiaire Collective which is a suburb site, with items sold by private sellers (in both new and used condition), at realistic prices, with quality checking and authentication done by the company prior to fulfilling the order.  The middle man shopping scenario perfected and an effective saftey net, so to speak, for buyers.   I'm a huge fan of the site but it does present its challenges.  The predominant issue is that they don't ship to Australia, so unless you are in Europe, shopping will be some what of a challenge.  It's times like this that it pays to have family in the UK.  

If by any chance this little old blog post message gets back to Vestiaire Collective, please expand your shipping to account for the little fashion loving Australian's (ok... at the very least, me), who are desperate to shop your site with ease.   

Now all that's left to do, is await for this beauty to arrive and cross all fingers and toes, hoping it fits!  Got to say, I'm feeling pretty ecstatic.  It certaintly beats paying full retail.


  1. Oh that jacket is beautiful and will be perfect for winter! So good you could still get it even though they don't ship to Australia.

    I'd heard of the site before from a UK friend and was also sad they don't ship here, didn't think of getting her to forward things onto me! :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Its beautiful! You are SO lucky to have family in the UK! My sister lives in Berlin but I hate bothering her with shipping and things. Sigh... I love Australia, but my my.... we are isolated :(

  3. Congratulations! I have this jacket and it is the best- super warm and love the oversized silhouette.
    Vanessa x

  4. Oh wow! Congrats with this amazing find, I've been drooling over this jacket many times and I'm sure it will look perfect on you! xo Kayin

  5. Absolutely awesome that you found a jacket you've been wanting! It is such a good piece and I'm crossing everything with hopes that it works out for you! :)


  6. Cool jacket! Great buy... This will last you seasons...

  7. Usually Ireland as well is isolated even if company is shipping to Northern Ireland they don't to Ireland. There is no logic explanation,because if I really want something I try to contact with company and offer that I will pay everything just to get my purchase. Nope, they don't agree.
    You have done really great job finding this wonderful jacket. I'm sure you will receive it and it will fit you perfectly.Will waiting for posts.Now I'm your new follower :)
    I wanted to say big thank You, because you helped so much with choosing blush. I went for your advice and bought Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour. Loving it so much :) Thank You!
    Happy weekend!

    xoxo Ra

  8. It's beautiful, I can see why you want it so badly. Crossing my fingers and toes that it makes out to you. It would be so perfect for the winter! It would make winter all the more bearable too:)
    xo, Jackie

  9. is really nice :)

  10. OMG love this Acne Jacket <3.


  11. very nice!!!

  12. As ridiculous as it may seem, one of the things I'm most looking forward to about living in the UK is that I will be able to get just about anything ever anywhere shipped to me. Like this stunner for example!