The little denim jacket

Acne cropped denim jacket / T by Alexander Wang linen tee / MiH jeans / Karen Walker coat / Isabel Marant heels

I have become a big fan of wearing a little denim jacket under my coats this winter.  I've got an array of coats, yet I get in moods where I find myself reaching for a few of the same time and time again.  Without something interesting to break things up, you could be mistaken for thinking that I'm wearing the same outfit repeatedly.  What I discovered, is that denim contrasted with coats really enhances the look and ends up looking pretty cool.  That and I get rather cold.  Melbourne has some pretty severe heating indoors so the extra layer adds a practical element.  It's not just all 'trend'. 

Saint Laurent: Yay or nay?

Happy Friday!  Phew... I made it!  The first image really sums up how I feel today.  It resembles nothing like my dress today however.  It feels like an accomplishment to get to end of week.  

I'm having today off work to relax and catch up on all things enjoyable.  Part of that involves getting some fashion updates that I hadn't gotten around to yet.  Which brings me to the Saint Laurent Resort 2014 collection.   So many pieces have caught my eye. It's totally impractical to desire so many of them!  I have to say I love the collection.  How gorgeous are the shoes and bags!  As for the clothing... sharp tailoring with a feminine touch is exactly what I want to be wearing and mixing into my existing wardrobe, regardless of the label.  I guess that's not really surprising for a jacket loving freak like myself.  But it seems I am one of maybe half of the population, or at least the population that is interested in fashion.  

I've read a range of reviews relating to Saint Laurent, from the all hail 'Hedi Slimane' to those that convey utter disdain for the changes he has instituted at the fashion house.  Some argue that the excitement is just not there and that he has completely morphed the brand into what he has desired, rather than reinterpreting the history of the legendary house.  That he has not integrated his vision with those that have historically gone before him, unlike how Alexander Wang has handled his recently acquired head designer status at Balenciaga.   For some, this credibility is a sticking point.  For some respect and tribute top all else.  In saying that, YSL must have had confidence to appoint Mr Slimane with such a prestigious and influential position in the first place right?  For me it is easily identifiable that he has left his own signature on the brand and some of it may not be ground breaking stuff.  But they are worthy of being part of an accomplished brand's collection. They are of impeccable quality, tailoring and are not fleeting designs, with a limited life.  For the price you pay, maybe classic is better than too much flair.  No?  

Although I am a fan of the Saint Laurent collections, as I also am of the past YSL collections, I have not received all of the new campaigns quite as well.  Last season I was shocked to see rocker Marilyn Manson's face on super zoom with a hint of a perfecto jacket coupled with Courtney Love striking a very druggy pose.  Both didn't leave me with illusions of rock royalty, it was more of a a disturbing impression...  Thankfully, the more recent campaign efforts (above) are more attuned to my senses.   

I'm interested to hear what your thoughts are on the new direction of the powerhouse... the designs, the campaigns and of course the dissolution of the famous insignia with the notable absence of 'Yves'? 

For those of you that interested, you can shop an incredible selection of Saint Laurent here and here.

Shopbop extra 25% off!

A quick heads up. Shopbop is having an extra 25% off the sales goodies for the next 3 days!

I'm coveting a few pieces that would get the extra discount, but I'm trying desperately to be good.

  • The Costume National leather skirt with a flap pouch overlay. I've been obsessed with skirt with random pockets and asymmetrical details ever since I spotted Taylor Tomasi Hill in her black and white YSL number.  Its taken me a while to find one that I'm equally impressed with and this is it.
  • And finally, the leather bodice Cushnie et Ochs pencil dress for a little bit of sophisticated glamour.  I'm thinking of a few occasions that this dress would be absolutely perfect for and since I literally only own one dress already, maybe, just maybe, this is a worthwhile buy with the extra 25% off!

Have you got anything on your hit list?  An extra 25% off has a way of shifting items from a wish list to the basket don't you think?

Shape shifters

Malgosia Bela for WSJ June 2013
Photography: Josh Olins

Styling: Clare Richardson

Well you know me. I'm loving all things structural and elegant at the moment so this editorial was nothing short of sartorial splendour.  I'm wishing that the navy coat with the white trim and the over sized pink coat (which is bang on with this season's hottest hue), would make it to my wardrobe. If only wishing made it so...

Hello winter

Happy Sunday sweeties!  Don't you think Sunday's are just the best?  We normally 'brunch' on Sunday's, followed by a little meandering.  Today was no exception.  We ventured down to South Melbourne which is a little further than we normally go but well worth it.  The sun was gleaming and everyone was out in force walking their dogs and lingering in the sunshine to combat the brisk fresh air.

I wore one of my winter 'uniform' variants for our outing.  Very simplistic in nature.  It's the kind of outfit that I sport frequently this time of year involving a mandatory over sized coat which helps me to disguise the inappropriate amount of layers concealed underneath.  I'm not a huge lover of the cold weather but I do love cold weather dressing.  The lack of rationalism always amazes me.

Resort: Chloe '14

Source:  Style

I always have a huge amount of respect for designers that have an ingrained history and consistency with what they produce.  Chloé is one designer that I use as a benchmark for these qualities.  Chloé always manages to deliver designs that look effortless, without pandering to the latest 'it' trend or seasonal focus.  Understated simplicity are what springs to mind, but the designs are really anything but.  The collection shone with flattering proportions which are difficult to achieve with pleats, drapes and structure without overwhelming ones frame. Since Waight Keller factor's in that most women, like herself, are unlike supermodels, there was always going to be an expectation that the collection would be more real world and easy to wear.  I love the exaggerated, flowing pants, the menswear feel throughout the collection, and how Chloé always manages to achieve the perfect balance of feminine masculinity.  Chloé has definitely set the bar high.  

Whilst reviewing Chloé I find it hard not to mention See by Chloé, the hip sister of of the brand, which has become loved for its casual, charming vibe since its launch in 2001. Decidedly not too distant from the floaty style of the house’s mainline, See by Chloé is pretty in a subtle and easy-to-wear way and also notably more affordable in price, which never hurts.  I have actually just purchased this tux blazer from the latest collection, which has of course got me singing the designer house's praises even louder and anticipating the release of more of the current collection.  As much as it's nice to adore the new, we can't live in the future all the time right?  The subdued peachy hue of the blazer is a really difficult one for me to pull off with my colouring, but some how, even this worked out. 

You can find an insightful Q&A session with Claire Waight Keller online at Interview Magazine which is a great read.  She is so personable, humble and honest with a very distint vision.  

So what are your thoughts on Chloé's Resort '14 collection and also the brands designs that have just hit the stores?

Re-thinking work outfits

Chinti and Parker knit / Christopher Esber dress / Celine boots (eBay buy) / Country Road tights / Proenza Schouler PS1 bag

If you follow me on instagram, you will have already noticed this outfit posted last week in what I can only describe as a lame attempt at a 'selfie' photo (in the lift mind you) on my iPhone.  I felt the outfit had been handed an extreme case of injustice with my efforts, so decided it should be a proper post. I rarely photograph work outfits. There just never seems to be the time, but these are often the most honest and highly rotated outfits that I feel compelled to include them at least every now and then. 

I have to admit something. I've been in a slowly descending, lack lustre rut with my 'work' outfits for some time now.  So this outfit was part of my newly instigated plan to invigorate the said outfits.  This was my 'turn around, must apply more effort and get enthused in the working week' kick start and attitude adjustment that I have so desperately needed.  With throwing in a couple of sessions of gym in my lunch break (another new self-help, live healthy, feel better approach), it will be interesting to see how I feel by the end of the year.  Does anyone else feel a little bit uninspired through the week  (at least occasionally) or is it just me?  What do you do to combat the mid-week blues?

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Sources (in no particular order): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Obsessed: R13 leather biker jacket

I'm currently obsessed with this glossy red R13 leather biker jacket.  New to the sale at 50% off this baby was inevitably going to make its way to my closet.  I'm having a flash back to '83 and Jackson's iconic 'Thriller' jacket.  Fashion definitely moves in cycles. 

RYWS: No. 24

Photographs by Tom

RYWS tee (gifted) / Isabel Marant Soan leather biker pants / Saint Laurent heels / Karen Walker coat

I'm an absolute sucker for a tee with a numbered back.  Yes they have been done by a few brands over the past one to two seasons, but I just can't move past them.  To me, they are seasonless and the perfect mix of sporty cool.  Which leads me to this tee.  I received an email a while back from Kayleigh of RYWS regarding her and her boyfriend's collaboration on their new tee shirt line.  I was immediately attracted to the designs.  The numbered back naturally drew my focus, but I also feel for the boldness of the front print. The contrast between the front and back print was unique to anything I had seen before.  I asked Kayleigh to fill me in on where the print initial idea and inspiration came from.  Basically they each chose two themes that they were interested in.  Kayleigh's being the brand Les Plus Dores & Josh Goot and her boyfriends being Givenchy and sportswear. With that idea they came up with a little parody of all those four themes which ended with the design. 

Although RYWS is still rather small when it comes to the variety of styles, I love that they have focused on quality rather than having an expansive line.  Getting the foundations right to build on and taking pride in what they produce.  Quality over quantity. That and the prices are well below what I would expect to pay in a store. At $40 for a tee, the tees are exceptionally good value. 
A heads up... RYWS's instagram and Tumblr are a visual feast so be sure to drop by and 
I really love hearing about people starting out, taking risks and pushing themselves. Taking on something that interests them although it may be foreign.
Just for the sake of clarity, although RYWS was kind enough to gift me this tee, I believe in the integrity of an honest review. So thank you RYWS for the tee. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Finally found

I finally found the Acne Velocite shearling jacket in the gorgeous khaki and grey combination.  Sometimes it feels like there some devine intervention is required to assist with acquiring hard to find pieces.  I stumbled across the jacket on Vestiaire Collective which is a suburb site, with items sold by private sellers (in both new and used condition), at realistic prices, with quality checking and authentication done by the company prior to fulfilling the order.  The middle man shopping scenario perfected and an effective saftey net, so to speak, for buyers.   I'm a huge fan of the site but it does present its challenges.  The predominant issue is that they don't ship to Australia, so unless you are in Europe, shopping will be some what of a challenge.  It's times like this that it pays to have family in the UK.  

If by any chance this little old blog post message gets back to Vestiaire Collective, please expand your shipping to account for the little fashion loving Australian's (ok... at the very least, me), who are desperate to shop your site with ease.   

Now all that's left to do, is await for this beauty to arrive and cross all fingers and toes, hoping it fits!  Got to say, I'm feeling pretty ecstatic.  It certaintly beats paying full retail.

Clean lines

Clean lines and minimalistic looks are at the forefront of my mind lately.  I love the dramatic results from keeping things simple and relying on the quality of the fabric construction and tailoring.  I'm on the hunt for solid colours and the perfect pair of low slung, box pleat pants.  At the moment, it's all about classic, foundation pieces that will be just as wearable in three years time as they are today.