The undefinable pant

I've been doing a fair amount of geeky and boyish looks lately which haven't made it to any of my social media pages (as yet), so the other day I figured it was time for a change.  I'm still going through a pants obsessed stage so at the moment it's about how to change it up a little whilst still wearing, you guessed it, pants.  I really love these, although I'm not really sure what style you would define them as since they don't really fit with any one classic cut.  All I know is the slouch, pleats and colour won me over.  These can be tricky though for someone like me with a short frame if worn without a heel.  Elongated legs would definitely make them look better but as it turns out they are rather hard to come by.  It seems not everyone can have a pair!  Slightly unfair but I'm sure that's why heels were invented... for little gals like me.  Everything looks so much better from this vantage point.

Photographs by Tom

What I'm wearing:
Boy. by Band of Outsiders pants (HERE)
Comme Des Garcons PLAY striped long sleeve tee with heart emblem (HERE)
Givenchy biker buckled sandals (HERE)
Balenciaga classic leather biker jacket (HERE)

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  1. really love your look. The sandals are amazing. xoxo

  2. Oh Mandi, love love love your look! Still pretty envious of your wardrobe (if you decide to sell some of your clothes think of me ;)), by Diah

  3. Sonia8.2.13

    Those pants are awesome ! You really rock them !

  4. I really like these boyish looks on you, you suit it! And up yeah, I really want your shoes. As usual!

  5. I love Boy Band of Outsiders- these pants look amazing on you!

  6. Such a cool and edgy look ! Love it ! <3 your sandals !

    xoxo from Japan

  7. Adore this outfit! Love the t-shirt and the pants, but I'm quite sure they won't fit me as well as you do!

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  9. This is such a cool look Mandi! Those pants are awesome and I absolutely love how you styled everything from head to toe! :)


  10. The pants do look great with the heels but I'm in love with your jacket! So jealous! I want a Bal jacket so much!

  11. OMG! The pants are to die for! I love the outfit:)

    Check out my blog:

  12. hi Mandi!!!!

    those are gorgeous pics!!! i love how all the details, angles and perefect shots! compliments to you hubby :)

    btw my old blog is locked down. But the great thing is I have the new one:

    hopefully will have more time to updates and post!

    keep in touch!

  13. YOU ROCK, Mandi!!! I would never ever consider these pants but I just love how you'd put this outfit together. It really accentuates your small waist. Totally, I mean totally, in love with this outfit.

  14. Amazing pants! They look absolutely great on you! Like how you styled it with all the other items!

  15. This is a great outfit! Your pants looks so comfortable, and your biker jacket adds the right amount of edginess!! And ofcourse I love the sandals:o)

  16. Anonymous12.2.13

    Damn cool look! Love the shoes and the jacket and pants! Everything! Super!

  17. Real cool outfit!

  18. this look is fabulous especially the pants!! I like your style :)