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I was so honoured to be approached to write a column for Blog and The City relating to my now home town of Melbourne.  Thanks so much to the amazing team for thinking of me! 

Don't forget to check out the other columns for each blogger's take on their city, fashion influences and what motivates their blog.  They are insightful reads.

I was immediately drawn to the premise behind Blog and The City which is to bring the professional fashion bloggers from around the entire world into just one network, focusing on the personal style bloggers.  It's a great on stop resource for getting easy updates from your favourtie blogs, get introduced to new ones as they get touted for the quality of their content, find hotspots recommended by bloggers, get informed on the latest trends, and to be able to locate where the bloggers call home (naturally with direct links through to their blogs).  Be sure to check out the full details on Blog and The City here.

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My tweed revolution

I've been experimenting recently with more masculine pieces and influences.  I've noticed over the past few years that my coats have gone from being cut to show off the female form to masculine, giving more of a boxy and over sized silhouette.  During my mentality and dressing style shift, there has also been less focus of what is considered attractive to the opposite sex, and more on what I have wanted to wear as I have aged.  From memory, this wasn't a deliberate act but it has been empowering to be comfortable in my own skin (and threads).  What can I say, but times are changing.  

This is one of my favourite coats lending itself to my more masculine wardrobe.  I'm having a particular fondness to tweed of late.  I'm not sure what instigated my desire for tweed, all I know is, buried in my subconscious, there is still that affiliation between old men, Old Spice and tweed, which I'm pretty sure stems from living through my early childhood in the 70's and 80's.  Maybe my acquisition and incorporation of tweed is my way of trying to move past my pre-conceived ideas of what is suitable to be worn, when and by whom. Who really knows, but I feel this works.

Photographs by Tom

What I'm wearing:
Burberry London tweed coat (HERE)
Diane von Furstenberg pants (HERE)
Christian Louboutin Pigalle patent leather pumps (HERE)
Karen Walker Super Duper sunglasses (HERE)
Herringbone tux pleated bib shirt

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Torn and tailored

Photographs by Tom

What I'm wearing:
McQ Alexander McQueen black velvet blazer (HERE)
Dsquared slim cropped ripped jeans (HERE)
Isabel Marant (HERE) Poppy pumps
Scanlan and Theodore silk cami

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Simplified: MiH jeans

This was one of those days when less was more.  The less time getting ready, less pieces that made up the outfit, less 'look at me' style of items actually made me feel far more happy, comfortable and relaxed.  Reducing to just the basics (tee, jeans, shoes) is always a good weekend, laid back option and nice for when you feel like just blending in.  It's the simplified, no fuss methodology that I really love for these days. 

Photographs by Tom

I find a great pair of jeans can carry off even the most minimalistic outfit.  Which brings me to these MiH jeans.  They are fast becoming some of my favourites.  The fitted thigh with the wider leg is a nice alternate to my other styles of jeans. Plus they are super comfortable and elongate the legs. They will deliver enough style to get you by on even your most basic of days, but also really know how to stand out and be a central focus piece when styled as part of a more elaborate outfit.

Where to find them:
The 'London' jeans (HERE) 
The 'Marrakesh' jeans (HERE) or (HERE)

The pair I am wearing (style name 'London', designer colour 'Christie') are a mid-rise jean with a subtle boot cut.  They are a nice full length jean that even the shorter ladies can get away with without altering as long as you pair them with a pair of adequately heeled wedges or platforms.  As an example, I'm 156cm and I haven't altered the length of mine at all. These are your nice basic jeans kind of style which come with the traditional five pockets.  They have just enough of a subtle boot cut that won't swamp a shorter to mid height frame but will give you the perception of having longer legs.  Absolute winners!

But there is also another similar design which is particularly gorgeous and well worth a mention (as you can see below, the celebrities love them).  The 'Marrakesh' jeans. These are also a mid-rise jean, however they are super long and have a kick-flare leg (which is wider than the 'London'). These are perfect for the ladies who were gifted with legs that go all the way up!  If you are shorter (like me), you can alter these but you will cut a large section of the wider flare section off (you will be left with some flare or more of a subtle boot cut). Even some tall ladies require the length to be tailored so be mindful of that.  They have two front jet-pockets and two rear (normal) jeans pockets.  I'm a huge fan of these also even with my need to tailor them.  For the taller ladies, these really are a sexy option as you are fortunate enough (with your height) to be able to make the best of the kick-flared leg.  

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The RTW fall collection I am so ready to wear!

All I can say is may I kneel before you...  Phillip Lim is such a creative genius!  His Pre-Fall 2013 collection filled my list of what I will be coveting (and adding to my wardrobe) over the coming months and the Fall 2013 RTW collection re-emphasized my need to save for the on-slaught of must have pieces that will follow thereafter.

I thoroughly enjoy Lim's interpretations of mixing and matching. His unique aesthetic vision (especially in his recent collections) really resonates with me.  But I also admire his designs because they are able to be easily interspersed with even the most basic of wardrobes and a reasonable portion of his collections fall within an affordable pricing point.  It's nice to see realism and wearability being incorporated as important aspects of a collection.  I would say with Lim, you get real bang for you buck. 

This is a collection that contrasts texture and silhouettes, and reigns supreme with layering. The voluminous coats, the bevy of tailored separates and biker-style blazers contrasted with stamped neoprene, leather, lush wool and structured over-sized pieces makes this a collection that will (I'm sure), be adopted by many with style cred.  Don't even get me started on those over-the-knee boots!  Lim proves that it's possible to be modern, ladylike(ish) and exert a tough girl rebellious streak all at once.  Sign me up!

You must forgive me for the excess images.  I found it extremely difficult to narrow down my favourite looks. I'm sure you will understand why.  Now... some 3.1 Phillip Lim shots to wet your appetite.

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