Red, white and blue

Photographs by Tom

What I'm wearing:

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Style steal: Street chic

Outfit perfection. Teaming a buttery leather biker jacket with skinny jeans, brogues for comfort and a hint of manly coolness (in a slick patent for extra pizazz) and an over sized wool scarf with a pop of colour. Done!

Get the look:
Acne 'Mape' leather biker jacket(HERE) or (HERE)
Gucci patent loafers (HERE)
J Brand 811 mid rise skinny jeans (HERE)
Giuliano Fujiwara oblong wool scarf (HERE)

Criss cross

Here's a few photo's from the other weekend when we had a cool change which was the perfect opportunity to snuggle up in layers, at least for the morning.  Melbourne always has a way of pleasantly surprising you with the weather. 

What I'm wearing:
Balenciaga cut out lace up sandals (HERE) or black/white version (HERE)
Joseph wool 'Soho' coat (HERE) 
Scotch & Soda wool scarf (old)
Isabel Marant Miro pants (old) 

Sales: Where un-affordable becomes affordable

There are at least two times of years when I splurge the most.  During the mid year sales and end of year/new year sales.  The latter I feel the most guilty for and I'm often the poorest for. The process of planning to have a stack of money saved up for this dream purchase time still eludes me.  Maybe that's a good thing. After all how much more do any of us really need?  Fortunately tighter purse strings means less purchases (who would have thought this could be good...) and although it doesn't do away with having to exercise self control, it highlights the need to be more realistic than liberal.

I'm a bit of a sales stalker.  There just seems to be so much around come sale time that was on my wish list. I don't recall this being the case some years back.  The downside of sales for me is that it makes the pinch of paying full retail so much harder to bare at other times of the year.  I have to admit, come towards the end of the seasonal drops that hit the stores, I start to refrain from purchasing, holding off instead for the mega sales which thankfully these days quite often hit the 50-70% range.  Suddenly the un-affordable can or does become affordable which in turn automatically makes a new buy justifiable.  I have personally succumbed to the delusion that a highly reduced price makes an item necessary.

But sales can bring about opportunities.  For instance, it's the perfect time to pick up those big ticket items (think in terms of coats, bags or shoes that were originally above your budget but you desperately wanted).  The little finds are great, but it's the designer sales that will reap you the largest savings by far.  

You can find savings at every turn at the moment and since they are nearing the end, the reductions are massive. You just have to be one of the lucky few that finds your ideal item, in your size.  This does require some luck. Case in point, my touch of fortune with the sales afforded me the Walter Steiger heels (below) from Miss Louise, Melbourne. At full retail they would never have been a consideration.  


Here are some links to my favourite online sites nearing the end of their sales that have eye catching pieces still for offer:

If you are in Melbourne, I recommend checking out the in-store sales that these boutiques currently have on:

Green with Envy 
(stores in Melbourne City, South Yarra and Richmond) - see website for details

181 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

Miss Louise 
The Westin, 205 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 - see website for more details

Urban jungle

It's hard to deny that this Kenzo sweatshirt appears to still be high demand, with retailers not being able to keep up to the demand and even going as far as to re-order more stock.  But even I have to admit that the mass amount of viral photo's and people wearing this sweatshirt in all it's varied designs and colour ways (which yes I've just added to), makes it feel a little mainstream.  If anything the popularity of the sweatshirt initially deterred me. I questioned whether I should buy it due to feeling that any form of originality it once had has already been and gone.  However, this did push me to think further prior to purchasing it in respect to how I could style it differently to what's already been done. Make it at least a little my own.  A pair of baggy shorts didn't seem to be on the top of most people's list and worked well for a wearable and more lifestyle appropriate option considering we were on our way to see a movie then on to dinner. 

Obviously you can tell by now that I took a purchasing punt, it arrived and all thoughts of doubt were lost.  The embroidered design is amazing!  Even if some say that it's no longer unique, let's just rack it up to me being happy and another blog with another post with that Kenzo sweatshirt, albeit the new season version.   

Photographs by Tom
©  Find Me A Muse

What I'm wearing:
Kenzo embroidered tiger sweatshirt (HERE) or (HERE)
Isabel Marant Uriel linen shorts (old)
Comme Des Garcons Play stripe red heart long sleeve tee in navy (HERE)
Gucci zebra striped calf hair pumps (HERE)

The obsession for that sweatshirt

Jumping on the Kenzo tiger sweatshirt bandwagon... More soon.

Photograph by Tom

The details:
Kenzo tiger embroidered sweatshirt (HERE)

Super Duper

Remember the over sized sunglasses phenomenon that hit when the Olsen twins (especially) and fashion moguls took to wearing them?  All those years ago, the influence that was exerted, the fashion trend that followed and the overwhelming number of them teamed with every outfit imaginable made me avoid them (after my short addiction period as well) due to sensory overload.  But of late I've tried to limit the extent of exterior influences, perceptions, what's popular and in fashion to focus more on what appeals to my individual style. These Karen Walker 'Super Duper' tortoise shell spec's were part of my new resolution.

Photograph by Tom

The details:
Karen Walker 'Super Duper' sunglasses in 'Crazy Tort' (HERE)


Finally a break from the blistering heat.  The nice breezy summer weather hit last night which afforded me the opportunity to finally break out my recently purchased Isabel Marant Wona knit for a trip to the beach. This little outrageous creation tormented me when it was released but lets face it, the price was insane!  This is where eBay comes in super handy.  I ended up nabbing it by pure chance at twenty percent off the retail price which is something I could actually justify.  The quality of the knit is absolutely devine.  It's loud, fun and unique (and rather different to what I would normally buy). It also happens to weigh a tone but in a way all these things tend to be what makes it so perfect.

Photographs by Tom

What I'm wearing:
Isabel Marant Wona hand-made knit
Isabel Marant Miro pants (old)
Isabel Marant Betty sneakers (HERE)