Revisiting the rocker influence

Phew!  Do you believe it's the end of December all ready?  Such a busy month.  Suddenly twenty-four hours in the day just doesn't seem like quite enough.  This is an outfit from a few weeks back featuring some of my old trustees which are getting a lot of wear.  I know you've seen these jeans and jacket a lot, but the constant re-wear items are the best value for money pieces in my eyes and we all live in reality. New items all the time are impractical and wasteful.  

I've been sliding back into my black looks of late wearing loads of jeans, a killer set of heels or boots and just keeping the rest basic. A tee and jacket when the weather permits.  Anything that keeps dressing fuss to the bare minimum and works with my five to ten minute time constraints for morning dressing.  What can I say... I prefer to sleep in as late as I possibly can.  

I'm ecstatic that I am finally on holidays so it's time to relax and take some time to recuperate. Recharge and refresh for the year ahead.  I hope you all are getting some time out to do the same over the coming weeks.  A little gift to yourself that is absolutely priceless.

Diva noir

Fashion editorial:  Diva Noir, Vogue Mexico (November 2013)

Model:  Behati Prinsloo
Photographer:  David Roemer (atelier)
Stylist:  Sarah Gore-Reeves (bridgeartists)
Hair:  Rolando Beauchamp (wallgroup)
Make-up:  Niki M'Nray (artlist)
Manicure:  Liang (atelier)  

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My Christmas gift guide

I was chatting to some friends the other day about how their Christmas shopping was going. To my surprise they hadn't yet started!  It seems to be a common thing this year that people aren't yet done and dusted with their gift buying.  I quizzed my friends as to why they hadn't yet started.  All it seems were suffering from the same dilemma.  The age old problem of what to buy. There was also an element of some anxiety mixed in at the thought of having to fight through the other frenzied shoppers.  It is rather a complex little predicament that we all find ourselves in every year unless of course you are one of the lucky few that is supplied with a list and knock it off prior to October!

To help calm their nerves, my friends asked me to help them out with brainstorming some general ideas.  I figured if my friends are starting to cut it close, there will be others too.  So here is my list of various items that I came up with.  I'll say to you what I said to them. Don't think my list is exhaustive or that each listed item is the must have of that particular product.  By no means.  Some of these items simply take my fancy (hint hint, nudge nudge...)  These are just a base to start thinking of other products that may be similar.  Take that gorgeous gold Celine chunky bracelet for instance. Not everyones taste or within all price ranges.  But if you're needing a 'for her' present, looking at that particular item, does it make you start thinking of fine or fashion jewellery that the recipient may like?  Yes... then I've managed to inspire you a little and get the cogs turning. That's all one can do. 

So lets get started... I've even broken the gifts up a little into the recipient or type to help you out.  You may notice the teenagers (the scary ones) are missing.  I figured they are into technology these days so check under that field.  Need a little more inspiration for them?  Then think -  iTune cards, music (or instruments), concert or movie tickets, skate or surf boards, anything related to their favourite sport, clothing (be careful with this one), video or board games, and the age old winner... money!

If I have by some miracle managed to find the perfect present for your special someone, just click the image and it will take you straight through to see where you can buy it, or at least get more details.
Enjoy and don't forget to get a move along. After all, time is ticking!

Gifts for HER

Gifts for HIM

Gifts for the LITTLE ONES

Gifts for the HOMEBODY and TRAVELLER

Gifts for the TECHONOLOGY LOVER and the BIG KIDS

Like a boy

Fashion editorial:  Like A Boy, Vogue China (November 2013)

Model:  Sam Rollinson (women)
Photographer:  Boo George (streeters)
Stylist:  Beat Bolliger (artpartner)
Hair Jame Pecis (dandv)
Make-up:  Lotten Holmqvist (julianwatson)

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Worth waiting for

Happy well heeled weekend to you all!  Speaking of heels... how utterly perfect are these Gianvito Rossi ankle booties?  I had been looking at these beauties all season but was a little unsure of how pointy they were.  I figured they were definitely worth a punt in the sales so here we are.  Once they came and got slipped on an ecstatic sense of new, perfect shoe joy took over coupled with a little bit of savings pride that came from actually not paying full price.  Turns out these booties go with pants, jeans, dresses, skirts... you name it and add an element of sexy attitude to boot.  So... you like?  Needless to say I like very much!

Forget Paris

Fashion editorial:  Forget Paris, Harper's Bazaar Russia (October 2013)

Model:  Yulia Terentieva
Photography:  Alexey Kolpakov
Styling:  Svetlana Vashenyak
Hair:  Hamilton @ SLR Agenchy
Make-up:  Julie Nozieres

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The new line

Fashion editorial:  The New Line, Elle Sweden (November 2013)

Model: Josephine Skriver

Photography: Jimmy Backius

Styling: Josephine Aune

Hair: Kristina Kullenberg

Make-up: Kristina Kullenberg

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A new direction

 MiH jeans (here) / red 'Poppy' pin for Rememberance Day (11 November) / Omega Speedmaster watch (men's) 

After an extended absence (you may have noticed me being a no-show in relation to personal style photographs) for a variety of reasons beyond my control.  You may have noticed me being a no-show in relation to personal style photographs on the blog lately.  I'm finally back and in the routine of things again.  I've also made some changes in relation to what will appear in posts. I aim to bring you more regularity with posts and variety, including what was originally intended to be featured.  A composite of editorials, street style, my outfits, some personally curated feature sets with what I'm currently loving from online stores, a series of what's trending and get the look, laid out/personal items and of course, what and who inspires me.  I think a mixed bag is far more interesting than simply seeing little me all the time...  Yawn!  I'm sure there will be some other content that make an appearance too like news on fashion releases, events, sales and travel.  So if you have any feedback, naturally I would welcome it.  Apart from that, stay tuned and I hope you are as excited about the new posts as I am.