Thrown on: Chloe Susan boots

This is my slap together outfit which is common for weekend outings. The kind I wear all the time due to it being rather simplistic and easy to wear.  In itself it is actually quite boring. Just basics worn with other basics and then a couple of my favourite statement pieces (belt and shoes) to give it the much needed lift.  

I have to admit that after coveting the Chloe's for years and then finally purchasing them with the second release, I wore them only a few times and then I shelved them. I know... gasp!  It took me a while to find my style with them.  It's an understatement to say that I truly love them and admire the versatility you can achieve with such a feature boot, but I never felt comfortable wearing them with outfits that were too complex. Worn very basically like this is far more my style and probably as tamed down as the Chloe's can get.  Since I've found my groove they have come out of the early retirement and hit the pavement heaps. Dare I say.. phew!

©  Find Me A Muse

What I'm wearing:
 Chloe Susan studded boots (HERE)
J Brand 912 pencil leg black jeans (HERE)
Balmain coil detailed leather belt (HERE)
Saba tailored jacket (old)
Necklace (old)


  1. It's the perfect outfit for letting the boots speak for themselves. It's nice that you are so honest about not finding your fashion mojo with them initially but it's all come good. Like you say "phew".

  2. Love the boots worn with a classic black and white outfit! :)


  3. Cool that you found a way to wear them that works for you and I'm sure you'll be wearing them a ton now! All black and white with hints of gold with the belt and boots is too chic. Great look sweetie!


  4. I like how you combined these boots with a more understated outfit. This look is absolutely perfect! x Kayin

  5. Great outfit, love that it is a simple outfit with some great details. Those Chloe boots are amazing and I need a belt like that! Xo


  6. Look great on you! On me.....well, let's say they're not my style!

  7. i love the belt and the shoes hardware really made the whole outfit popped.

  8. Those boots can manage things on their own;-) Nice look!

    XxX A.

  9. i really really love your belt..


  10. obsessed with your chloes. xO!

  11. I think when I get these boots they will be worn almost daily for a month just for me to justify the purchase itself - I love them worn so casually like this, and I can appreciate the sentiment of trying to find the right look for you to feel comfortable wearing them. Seems like you got it! x

  12. I like how you keep the outfit classic and let the Chloe boots shine! Classic yet edgy! Love the outfit, Mandi.

  13. Ahhhh I LOVE these boots.
    So lucky Mandi, they're amaze.



  14. I know I am biased, but I just have to say you are so beautiful and I miss you so much, looking forward to coming home so we can crack on with the shoots together, and you can make my photography look good:-D xxx

  15. those boots are so beautiful, wish i could justify getting myself a pair! love the way you've kept it simple, the boots are such a statement!

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  16. Aww, I love the T on your necklace :) I would probably style them similarly, I like the 'no fuss' look xoxox

  17. Always love how you mix classic pieces and make them look so chic. The Chloés are of course a great accent to the whole ensemble ! Really deserve to see the light more often !

  18. omg this belt is beyond! extra points for the shoes! xx

  19. LOVE your belt and boots!
    Nice look!