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Bouvier: Jewellery with a message

This ear candy is what I wore a few weekends ago for a night out. Since these fabulous Bouvier Cléa multi-tiered earrings (by Rebecca Raft) are a whole lot of bling in themselves, I kept the outfit very basic with all black with slim fitting jeans, silk top and stiletto's to let these beauties shine.

If you break into a run (not that you should run with such things attached to your ears), these start to jangle with the movement of the tiers.   Under such conditions a by-stander could be forgiven for thinking they were in the company of a belly dancer.  Putting the musical ability of these aside, the aesthetics of these earrings make them one of my favourite pieces of jewellery.  The hammered sterling silver, inlaid pearls and intricacy of the hand inscribed phrase make them so unique.  The inscription is French and quite special, reading "Tout ce qui attire l'attention, qui est beau n'est pas toujours bon, mais tout ce qui est bon est tourjours tres beau".  Translated: "Anything that draws attention, which is beautiful is not always good, but all that is good is very beautiful".  Isn't that just the truth!

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Bouvier jewellery is available online at

Today: Rockstud magic

Here's some happy snaps of the shoes that adorned my feet today.  Finally I am the proud new owner of the iconic Valentino Rockstud sling backs.  I literally can't believe how cool these are in real life and how comfortable they feel. Who knew anything with a heel could feel this good! 

I thought they would be too over the top and was apprehensive about the quality, particularly whether the studding would look flimsy or cheap. This had stemmed from the one bad review I had read and well... even one negative opinion tends to stick with you.  I'm glad to have been pleasantly surprised and to have fallen so deeply in love with the quality, pyramid gold studding and multiple straps.  Some how all this chaos really works.  I hang my head in shame for ever questioning the design genius that is Valentino.   

What I'm wearing:
Valentino Rockstud sling back T.65 in black (HERE)

Unlikely match up: Comic & tapestry

I had a fair amount to do on the weekend so I hung up my heels (so to speak) in favour of my new flats.  I love these flats. I never thought I would say this but I think I may be converted or at least accepting of flats.  It's a new thing for me and my feet are still adjusting to having full contact with the earth and seeing the world from a good four inches lower than my normal viewing plane. 

This pair, unlike my Christian Louboutin leopard print flats, are very slipper like with a full tapestry floral inlaid design.  They can be rather 'pretty' and 'ladylike' looking due to the print, fabric texture and being a slimmer cut running narrow on the foot. This can be nice, but I don't like items that have to be pigeoned holed and since I don't do 'pretty' too often, I decided to play with them a bit and contrast them with a men's comic tee.  It's borrowed and so really over sized for my frame.  A couple of rolls of the sleeves really combated this issue and voila!  I had a fun outfit.  

I've been eyeing off so many of the graphic print tees this season but the prices are just insane!  Although this particular tee is borrowed from my boyfriend's closet, I generally buy men's printed tee's in random little boutiques. They are ten times cheaper than the designer ones, great quality and always a better fit than the women's clothing designs.  Plus there are so many to choose from. I've been told that women dipping in to the men's section for certain clothing is gaining momentum.  Has anyone else had success with this too?

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What I'm wearing:
Dolce & Gabbana tapestry slippers (HERE)
J Brand Denim 811 mid-rise twill skinny jeans (HERE)
Mishka men's tee (borrowed)
Ray Ban limited edition (button inside print) wayfarer (similar HERE)

Meet David

This introduction has been a long time in the making but finally the Isabel Marant 'David' coat has arrived home where it belongs... my wardrobe.  The over-sized fit, flattering cut and the quality... everything really came together in the production of this coat. 

Since I was rather vocal about my love and pre-purchase of this coat, I've had rather numerous requests for the real life images, particularly from those ladies still deciding whether to buy the coat and if 'David' really lives up to all the hype.  I've taken ample photo's to try to help make your considerations easier.  For me, this coat is everything I could have hoped for and more. Definitely worth every single cent!  I'm wearing a size FR 36 (my normal size). Although I could have gone a size smaller I really love the super-sized fit.

The pants are from the Etoile range and are super soft and luxurious to wear.  I can see these being worn so often it will take for them to fall to pieces for us to part ways.  I sized up in these to the FR 38 (as per all the online fit advice).  They definitely run smaller than the normal cut due to the lower sitting waist.  I prefer the straighter leg cut as well with this size and the piece of mind of not flashing the top portion of my derriere when choosing to sit. The FR 38 alleviates that potential issue which frankly, who needs! With sizing it was rather the same deal as the coat. I could have taken my standard FR 36 size in these but I didn't want the spray on, second skin type fit.

So what's the verdict... You like?  Really simple styling but it's a classic and practical outfit.  You can't go too wrong with red, black and white right?

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What I'm wearing:
Isabel Marant David Caban coat (available in black HERE and HEREAvailable in grey with red trim HERE and HERE)
Etoile Isabel Marant Ivo cordoruy skinny jeans in garnet (HERE and HERE)
Equipment Signature washed silk shirt (HERE)
Gucci zebra print calf-hair heels (HERE)


The dramatic neck line

Unless you've been under a rock, you will have noticed that one of the fashion world's latest obsessions is chunky, over the top, jewel/stone/bling encrusted everything!  Being more of a simple gal myself with accessories this new found craze has actually, surprisingly, gotten my attention. I'm not sure that I could stack up my arm to the point of immovability like some, or add so many necklaces that it makes it difficult for one's eyes to focus (don't even get me started on whether I have enough core strength to sustain a vertical position under the buckling weight of oodles of jewellery either), but adding one hell of a dramatic feature worthy necklace, well... this I can do.

Find Me A Muse outfits on Pose

Well I've finally gotten around to finding the best forum for all of my outfit shots.  I joined Pose the end of last week and I have to say that I am unbelievably excited about it.  For all of the ladies that are wanting to find the Find Me A Muse outfit images in one place, I've commenced uploading them on to my Pose account.  Stay tuned... more will follow and I will keep the looks updated on there from now on.

Pose is a brilliant forum that allows you to save your favourite looks in to your own folders which is great for inspiration.  It is also the perfect place to follow some of your favourite bloggers or anyone else that uploads their looks.  You will notice that when you click on an image, what people are wearing is usually tagged with the designer names and a heap of images also have direct shopping links of where to find the specific items worn.  How easy is that!

You can find me (user name 'findmeamuse') on Pose HERE or simply click the POSE button on the Find Me A Muse homepage (on the left hand side bar).  You will need to register and log in if you want to follow or save any of the images. Have fun and I can't wait to see you there! 

1 day to go to Isabel Marant SS13 pre-orders!

I've been absent from the blog (mine and others) and online shopping (eek... so deprived) with only random moments the past few weeks due to holidays, but it seems I'm back just in the nick of time. The SS13 Isabel Marant Ready-To-Wear collection is literally within our grasp and I couldn't be more eager for this collection.  The graphic prints, studding and how easy many of the pieces will be to mix and match (and of course look uber cool wearing) means that I can see a 'few' pieces going on my wish list. 

This season I've decided that I'm going to do pre-orders for at least the shoes and accessories since the demand is far too high for these items, there is never any certainty of what is being ordered by other stores and therefore what will actually be available.  Personally I hate eyeing off items for months only to miss out when they are released.  In the past, I have never been keen on outlaying money for items I had to wait months and months to receive (pre-orders).  Recently I've actually felt it to be beneficial due to only having to find half of the cost for the item now and half when it's in stock.  It doesn't make the sting of the price so difficult to swallow when it's broken up.

If you are as keen as I am to secure you most loved pieces and be able to pick and choose from the entire collection, be sure to get on to the site and register now (if you haven't already) as the Isabel Marant trunk show will go live at 12 pm, 12 October (tomorrow).  Remember the trunk show items will only be available to pre-order for a limited time period (normally 5-7 days). You can find the SS13 Isabel Marant online along with various other designer creations that have recently be shown on the world's hottest runways HERE.

Snuggly heaven: Knits

How freakin' amazing are the knits this season!  I literally own one knit.  A khaki creation from Isabel Marant that I have worn probably in excess of fifty times now and I believe that to be an under estimation.  I'm pretty good with clothes but after so many wears there are threads here and there loose and un-ravelling. The thing is, apart from this one knit, I haven't bought knits over the past maybe... two years due to not being enamoured enough with them.  There were a few that I would have gladly purchased if they weren't sold out in my size, but these I could count on one hand.  I just couldn't bring myself to part with my hard earned money for anything I didn't love whether it be a $30 knit or a $300 knit, my sentiment is if you don't love it, don't buy it.  The lack of knits however created a major gap in my wardrobe so I made do by sneaking a few wears out of my boyfriend's knits.  Thanks for the fall back option Tom and I'll err... return them soon!

My lifestyle doesn't call for me to be dolled up 24/7 so pass me a great tee, knit and a pair of jeans (leathers for a special occasion) and I'm one satisfied gal!  The knits that are coming thick and fast to the online stores are a bit of a thorn in my side since living in Australia, we are now on the wrong side of winter.  Regardless, I've decided to pick up just one or two. I'm sure they will be worn a few times with the crisp cool still in the air and Melbourne is renowned for it's fours seasons in one day, even in summer, so at least one knit is justifiable.  What the hell, I'm not one for having to wear current season anyway so if these only come out next winter then I'll still be happy. After all you never know when the next knit drought is going to hit. It could be a few years before anything that compares to these get released again. 

Top row:
 Alexander McQueen chunky Aran knit (HERE)
Carven contrast knit (HERE)
Alexander McQueen chunky Aran knit (HERE or HERE)

Middle row:
 Etro wool blend sweater (HERE)
Proenza Schouler V-neck sweater (HERE)
Isabel Marant cable wool knit (HERE)
Acne Lia cable knit sweater (HERE)

Bottom row:
Yigal Azrouel cabel knit sweater (HERE or HERE)
Burberry Brit cotton and wool sweater (HERE)
Joseph cable knit wool sweater (HERE)
Chloe cable knit turtleneck sweater (HERE)

Oompa Loompa orange

Here's some snaps from a few weekends ago. Feeling very Oompa Loompa like with the orange knit but after too many consecutive days of grey skies, an injection of some outrageous colour felt necessary.


Some days I wish I could wear these Balmain leather pants to run errands in, they are just that fabulous.  A fantasy of all things unrealistic but it's nice when you can enjoy wearing beautiful things.  We seem to tuck our favourite and best items away for 'special' moments, which never seem to present themselves often enough.  Life is too short right?  Maybe errands isn't suitable and pushing boundaries too far, but this year I've decided to make a concerted effort to actively wear more of my favourite items and do far less appreciating my wardrobe by viewing only.  Waste not want not.  Let's see how this works out.

Does anyone else suffer from appreciating within the confines of the wardrobe and being overly conservative with determining when you should wear special items?

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What I'm wearing:
Balmain shinny leather pants (purchased for 80% off from HERE)
Christian Louboutin Pigalle heels (HERE)
Men's Diesel light-weight knit (boyfriend's)
Givenchy leather laser cut bracelet