Online find: Vintage Hermes

How exciting!  Vintage Hermes is being picked up and following in the footsteps of the likes of Chanel with becoming a little easier to come by online.  Can I hear a whoop whoop?!  Being in Australia we have a brilliant lifestyle (no complaints at all), but access to certain things is at times difficult. We either don't get some items or there is such a limited supply you literally have to know someone or be one of the customers that drops a huge sum in-store just to get on a list!

I love a bit of vintage too so finding Vintage Hermes online was a double whammy.  Unfortunately these pieces exceed my current finances, but a girl can dream.  That Blue Royale Ardennes Leather Kelly Tote has me wanting to pull a bank job. Not really... Too much movie watching in the past few days ('The Bank Job', 'The Italian Job' and 'Fast Five') gave me random and non-reality based thoughts for how to bring in the mother load to be able to afford the super high-end luxuries. I think my sub-conscious is subtly hinting at something with those movie choices don't you?

If you want to check out anything from the selection below (there is more online as well), or are fortunate enough to be in the market for one of these gorgeous pieces, you can find them HERE with worldwide shipping. Enjoy... and if you buy something, I'm so jealous!


  1. i love hermes. your blog is wonderful, following u! hope u do the same for me?

  2. I've bought a few vintage chanel pieces online and it's great to see that hermes is becoming easier to find too - although these pieces are way out of my budget at the moment!

  3. Anonymous15.9.12

    Oh my, now I really need to win the lottery! I'll go for the micro black satin constance evening bag and that black collier de chien belt would be nice as well :) Xo

    - -

  4. Oh wow I had no idea vintage Hermes could be that expensive! I've been drooling over the kelly watches on reebonz and having trouble justifying the cost - but they must be really easy pieces to find as they are a lot cheaper than these. That orange studded watch is calling my name, but the price is much too high for me. I can dream :) Thank you for sharing, they are such beautiful pieces even admiring from a far is fun :)

  5. I love my double tour Cape Cod watch but I've been eyeing these Medor watches too. I used to collect vintage Hermes but these went to new homes now. Can't go wrong with a Kelly. It's my most used and go to bag.