I like the way you move

Lightweight, billowing silk that drapes effortlessly and flows with movement is such a treat to wear.   This blouse I've been aching to wear and finally it's warm enough to venture out in.  Since Spring is here it seemed fitting although it does remind me of the line in 'The Devil Wears Prada'.... "Florals... for Spring?  How original".   Regardless, it too cute to care and I'm in a patterned shirt frenzy at the moment with them topping my wish list. See my printed favourite finds (here).

I finally battled my demons for the coloured jeans too. I've admired them from afar for a few seasons actually but not been brave enough to wear them. I've bought many and returned them for fear of them being too bright or just not right.  I went all out didn't I with the with blue!  Not risky at all but I really love them and they were well worth holding out for. The cut is flattering, the quality is brilliant and the colour versatile and non-offensive.  As you've probably gathered, I'm rather adverse to bright coloured hues for jeans... but just on me.  I've resigned to the notion that you're better to work with what you're comfortable with and what you will wear rather than owning coloured jeans for the sake of it and them never seeing light of day. 

So did you notice the Alaia's?  I posted about these a few weeks ago (here).  I feel like I've had a relationship win with them.  After a few wears to illustrate just how wearable they are and with a bit of practical styling, my boyfriend has come round and warmed to them!  What a result!  See ladies, boyfriend's/hubby's don't always necessarily understand our fashion sense but with a bit of work, baby steps and sticking to your guns, they do come round sooner or later (most times).

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What I'm wearing:
Etoile Isabel Marant shirt (alternative print shirts HERE)
Joe's Jeans 'Rolled High Water' - on sale (HERE)
Alaia studded lace up sandals (from a selection HERE)


  1. I think they look so much nicer on then when they're just sitting on the shelf. I see these pictures and think, I want a pair too! Maybe you just make them look easy to wear! I'm glad Tom came around :) (and his photos are always so beautiful) Do you get your new shoes re-heeled? Oh, and I've found protect your pumps to be just god sent in maintaining the soles of my heels :) http://www.protectyourpumps.com/

  2. Love the print on that shirt! It looks fantstic on you and perfect with the blue jeans too. Amazing pick for coloured jeans, you're so right that you want something you will get lots of wear out of.


  3. Lovely Hector blouse, isn't it nice to be able to wear floral prints at this time of year !

  4. Lovely look - I always go for the simple pairings don't I? I wasn't sure about the Alaia's but I can see how they work with this outfit. I love the fact that with you, where there's a will, there's a way!

  5. beautiful blouse! and the sandals are super cool..


  6. Love every single piece of this look! Happy to hear that your boyfriend came around and is liking the Alaia's now! I think they look beautiful on you. But I do recognize that situation. The funny thing is that my boyfriend sometimes sees the beauty of things before I do. He wanted me to get the IM high top sneakers way before I was warming up to them... Was really kicking myself that by the time I wanted them, they were all sold out. :)

  7. Love those heels and it's definitely better to buy something you'll get more wear out of than splurge on a seasonal trend that you will just leave on a hanger all year.


  8. fantastic!! i love the shoes and the shirts both got the romantic feels and worn in a contemporary way...

  9. Glad to hear your man has warmed up to the shoes, they really are lovely, and I like how you dressed them down with the blue jeans. I'm a bit nervous with colored jeans too so I stick with the safe colors - this blue is a nice tone to move into the trend though!

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  11. You look lovely! Glad your bf liked them after all!
    They are adorable...HOw could he resist ;)

  12. Anonymous17.9.12

    Love the colour of your blue jeans and how you matched it with the alaias! Great look! Xo

    - wnyfashion.blogspot.com -

  13. love this outfit, Mandi, and the shoes...wow...


  14. Nice and casual outfit! Really interesting shoes! :)


  15. You look great, Mandi! Believe it or not, my electric blue James Jeans arrived in the post a month ago and I've been planning to wear them out too. Great minds think alike :P

  16. I have never seen shoes like that, I like them! Good buy:)

  17. The Alaias look stunning with your blue jeans! And I could actually see you pulling off more 'brightly' coloured ones for sure!

  18. Nice blouse!


  19. I love the colour of those jeans, so intense that they almost look velvet/cordoroy in these photos.. not sure if it's how the pics are edited but the ones you linked look pretty boring compared to this! beautiful shoes too ;) x

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

    1. Hey Stephanie, you are correct about the jeans looking really intense in the pic's. We had the camera set to 'vivid' but didn't realize it under afterwards. The jeans are gorgeous in real life though. I'll have to do another post with the true colour xx