The three time winner

Ever got stuck on an outfit, wearing it way too often in one week?  Well this was my little repetitive number over the past week.  Since things have been hectic, I've been going for outfits that have four to five items in them max.  Think shoes, pants, top, bag and if required, either a jacket, coat, sweater or scarf.  Dressing in under five minutes presents challenges, so I just made the most of one outfit, wearing it multiple times (in different company of course and yes, after laundering). 

I've also been lacking enthusiasm for accessorizing. I'm not sure where my creativity is at the moment but things are a little bulk standard.  Maybe I'm just feeling a little ordinary in my dress since seeing all the fashion week 'snaps' with all the mismatched prints, colour explosions and heaped on dramatic jewellery that could cripple even the strongest fashionista under its weight.  My outfit versus all the pretties at fashion week (some of whom I admire immensely), I would say are at total different ends of the spectrum. But I like to think that this is more practical for everyday wear and a normal gal's life. 

What I'm wearing:
Scanlan & Theodore light denim shirt (old)
J Brand 912 jeans (HERE or HERE)   
Isabel Marant Poppy heels (similar HERE)
Celine Trio bag (HERE)

Isabel Marant booty call!

This is for the ladies who are beside themselves and searching the globe for the Fall/Winter Isabel Marant ankle boots.  If you're wanting to put a little bit of cowgirl style in your stride then you will be stoked with these.  Look no further... you can find the Blackson (in two colour variations), the Milwaukee and the Berry boots all in stock (and all sizes are available) right HERE

From top and working clock wise:
Isabel Marant Blackson boot in burgundy
Isabel Marant Berry boot
Isabel Marant boot in black with red detailing
Isabel Marant Milwaukee boot in black

My feet will be coming up roses!

So the search for my second pair of flats has come to an end.  Although I had short listed a fair amount of gorgeous and interesting loafers (here), I always ended up choosing the Gucci zebra print which are far too similar to my Christian Louboutin's. I do believe there is a limit to how much animal print one can own.  So I played the waiting game and found these just released, gorgeous slippers from Dolce & Gabbana.  What a result!

Dolce & Gabbana are doing amazing things with working in floral motifs to some pretty special items this season. Dolce & Gabbana have reincarnated the old craft of tapestry and transformed the finish in to modern day, fashionable items.  What I particularly love about the slippers is that they are an item that is wearable by anyone in normal daily life and not just reserved for places where you can get away with over the top (yet fabulous) dressing, like fashion week.  Just check out the workmanship and the quilted satin insole!  Now that is truly special.  You can find these pretties HERENow I sit and wait anxiously for my delivery to arrive. I'll keep you updated.

What I want to be wearing

I've been in la la land today doing some outfit planning of outfits that I don't yet own.  Sounds certifiably crazy right?!  I actually find this rather therapeutic and logical as it gets me thinking past the instantaneous desire to own something when I see it online, to what will actually work in my wardrobe, what goes with what and after I settle down, it clarifies what I truly like and want after my moment of mass hysteria has passed.  Somehow this has regulated my consumption and all for the better.  I buy less, am happier with my purchases and sell less of them on.

So these six items are all on my wish list at the moment or in some cases, already owned.  Maybe this post would be more suitably labelled 'what I WILL be wearing'.  Watch this space as I guarantee these will start trickling in to my wardrobe over the coming weeks/months.  I'm aiming high, that is for a minimum of four of these items... bare bare minimum!

The Equipment 'Signature' shirt (I own this already in white) feels devine. Washed silk tends to have that smoothness and the perfect fall.  I know I'll wear this shirt to death. It's a classic that will undoubtedly be worn for the entire year and believe me, these shirts wear well. How many items in your closet can you say tick those two boxes?

The Isabel Marant 'Wesley' skirt I've waited and waited and waited for.  This is my perfect cutie skirt that has the ability to also look elegant or even sexy.  It's so easy to transform dependant on the shoes and top it's combined with but a sure winner from day to night, from beach to bar/dinner. 

The Valentino 'Rock Stud' pumps. Well... what more can I say than these beauties are pure sex appeal with the class a lady should strive for. The perfect balance and just too darn foxy to ignore.

This Chloe 'Lucy' leather bag I've pictured in my wardrobe from the moment I first laid eyes on it. So ladylike, understated, timeless and the perfect neutral hue that would have it matching just about any outfit.  At its current price it's too excessive for me to buy but I figured it deserves a place on the wish list in hope that it will hit sale at some unreasonable price that I just can't ignore.  Highly improbable but I remain hopeful!

Gucci has a reputation for putting out some serious scents that aren't for the faint hearted. This one I own already. It's been a long standing perfume of choice.  It's very sensual and has some serious lasting power.

And lastly, this little piece of arm candy by Chan Luu I find really workable.  I struggle integrating bracelets and bangles. Maybe it's just a phase but this is an easy solution to my problems.

Back to basics

A nice simple post and outfit for end of week. I had a brilliant and busy week which is why I've been quieter than normal on the blogging front. I finally meet Vanisha who is the mastermind behind the blog Vanisha's life in Australia and I have to say, it's always refreshing to meet a well educated woman that is approachable, vibrant and just a pleasure to be around.   Do you believe I was so stoked to meet up I forgot the camera!  Next time...

Fast forward from the end of the working week to today.  This is what I was wearing for a relaxed weekend catch-up over brunch followed by a little bit of playful cavorting in the deserted back streets for some photographs.  Nothing glamorous or even maybe photo worthy but I figured it's better to be authentic with posts, as in they should be a true representation of life and not contrived.  Frankly some days are just well... basic.  We can't be polished and primped all the time right?

It's still cool most of the time here in Melbourne which is rather surprising for this time of year.  The weather combined with expectation of a casual day called for an over-sized draped style knit teamed with my favourite chunky scarf to cuddle the day away in.  I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are all refreshed ready to take on a new week.

©  Find Me A Muse

Friday find: Isabel Marant Milwauke boots

The desire to get involved in the current boot scooting madness that has hit me hard with the arrival of the Isabel Marant Milwauke boots which are finally online.  Question is with my bursting at the seams shoe closet should I buy or not?!  Argh... life's complexities... 

I've been told that the Blackson boots are more flattering on the leg but that studded detail is so darn cute and the bulleted sling strap is the deal breaker that makes me lean towards this shoe.  If subtly isn't your thing and you happen to be chasing a little yee ha cowgirl(ish) bling to adorn your tootsies too, you can find them HERE and HERE.

I like the way you move

Lightweight, billowing silk that drapes effortlessly and flows with movement is such a treat to wear.   This blouse I've been aching to wear and finally it's warm enough to venture out in.  Since Spring is here it seemed fitting although it does remind me of the line in 'The Devil Wears Prada'.... "Florals... for Spring?  How original".   Regardless, it too cute to care and I'm in a patterned shirt frenzy at the moment with them topping my wish list. See my printed favourite finds (here).

I finally battled my demons for the coloured jeans too. I've admired them from afar for a few seasons actually but not been brave enough to wear them. I've bought many and returned them for fear of them being too bright or just not right.  I went all out didn't I with the with blue!  Not risky at all but I really love them and they were well worth holding out for. The cut is flattering, the quality is brilliant and the colour versatile and non-offensive.  As you've probably gathered, I'm rather adverse to bright coloured hues for jeans... but just on me.  I've resigned to the notion that you're better to work with what you're comfortable with and what you will wear rather than owning coloured jeans for the sake of it and them never seeing light of day. 

So did you notice the Alaia's?  I posted about these a few weeks ago (here).  I feel like I've had a relationship win with them.  After a few wears to illustrate just how wearable they are and with a bit of practical styling, my boyfriend has come round and warmed to them!  What a result!  See ladies, boyfriend's/hubby's don't always necessarily understand our fashion sense but with a bit of work, baby steps and sticking to your guns, they do come round sooner or later (most times).

©  Find Me A Muse

What I'm wearing:
Etoile Isabel Marant shirt (alternative print shirts HERE)
Joe's Jeans 'Rolled High Water' - on sale (HERE)
Alaia studded lace up sandals (from a selection HERE)

Online find: Vintage Hermes

How exciting!  Vintage Hermes is being picked up and following in the footsteps of the likes of Chanel with becoming a little easier to come by online.  Can I hear a whoop whoop?!  Being in Australia we have a brilliant lifestyle (no complaints at all), but access to certain things is at times difficult. We either don't get some items or there is such a limited supply you literally have to know someone or be one of the customers that drops a huge sum in-store just to get on a list!

I love a bit of vintage too so finding Vintage Hermes online was a double whammy.  Unfortunately these pieces exceed my current finances, but a girl can dream.  That Blue Royale Ardennes Leather Kelly Tote has me wanting to pull a bank job. Not really... Too much movie watching in the past few days ('The Bank Job', 'The Italian Job' and 'Fast Five') gave me random and non-reality based thoughts for how to bring in the mother load to be able to afford the super high-end luxuries. I think my sub-conscious is subtly hinting at something with those movie choices don't you?

If you want to check out anything from the selection below (there is more online as well), or are fortunate enough to be in the market for one of these gorgeous pieces, you can find them HERE with worldwide shipping. Enjoy... and if you buy something, I'm so jealous!

Short listing the hottest loafers

After my newest acquisition (the Christian Louboutin leopard loafers) I feel like I've been through some kind of transition or personal growth in my acceptance 1) not to have to wear heels; 2) of being more adventurous and my ability to go all out with my shoes (expressing ones personality is rather fun after all); and 3) embracing what I would normally consider inside, strictly house attire footwear and taking it to the streets! 

I know I've just added the leopard loafers to my wardrobe but my all out love for them has me already eyeing off an alternative. Just one more pair will suffice.  Actually... ask me after number two is 'at home' as I may feel the need to re-evaluate my position.  Loafers in all kinds of crazy ass patterns, fabrics and with unusual adornments are literally everywhere.  

Since I'm on the hunt and making my own list and yes, acting to narrow it down (for my second pair), I thought I would share those that have made it on to my short list. You may notice it's not that, well... short at this time, but I'm working through it.  My favourites (I think, I keep changing my mind) are Row 1, loafers 1 and 2 (I just can't get past my hair calf and animal print love); and Row 2, loafers 2; and Row 4, loafers 3.  To be perfectly frank, I would happily wear any of these. Surprisingly so, even the blingy sensations aren't off limits which in itself was unexpected.  

So what are your thoughts?  Any taking your fancy and what's your thoughts on the current loafer trend?  Are you lining up to get on board or steering clear and playing it more conservative?

Row 1:
Miu Miu embroidered loafers with crystal bead embellished heel (HERE or HERE)
Gucci zebra print calf hair loafers (HERE)
Charlotte Olympia Charlotte's Web velvet loafer (HERE or HERE)

Row 2:
Alexander McQueen slipper-style loafers with embroidered skull (HERE)
Dolce & Gabbana jacquard slipper-style loafers (HERE)
Jimmy Choo Wheel printed suede loafer (HERE or HERE)

Row 3:
Valentino embellished lace and leather loafers (HERE)
Chloe fringed leather and gold tip loafers (HERE or HERE or HERE)
Charlotte Olympia Charlotte's Web velvet loafer (HERE)

Row 4:
  Charolotte Olympia Kitty flats (HERE or HERE)
Valentino Rockstud flats (HERE or HERE)
Alexander McQueen embroidered velvet loafers (HERE or HERE or HERE)


So here is how I styled my new Christian Louboutin loafers to date.  This weekend I've hardly varied what I've worn both days. The jacket, jeans, belt and loafers were my mandatory uniform with the only noticeable difference from Saturday to Sunday being the exchange of this printed tee for a plain one, with an the addition of a scarf.  Simplicity, comfort and minimal items to wash. Trifecta! 

I hope you've all had a chic and fabulous weekend.  Has anyone been keeping an eye on the mind-blowing runway shows from New York?  I'm already star struck by all the gorgeous designs and ingenious shows which I'm keeping track of online and via instagram on the spot updates.  The atmosphere must be electrifying. To all of you that happen to be there mixing it up and living the dream, thanks for keeping us all connected to the action with your amazing feedback and images. You're the best!

©  Find Me A Muse

What I'm wearing:
Christian Louboutin Sakouette animal-print calf hair loafers (HERE) 
Tee shirt (borrowed from boy friend - Mighty Healthy urban street wear tee "We swim against the tide, within your mainstream")
Isabel Marant skinny leather belt (HERE)
J Brand 811 skinny jeans (HERE)
Saba black pinstripe jacket with silk detailed lapels (similar HERE or HERE)      

A little bit of leopard

Who knew that loafers could be so wicked!  These shoes are my latest obsession (I'm on a calf-hair bender whether it be bags or shoes).  Since I'm technically a heel favouring kind of gal these have done seriously well to out shine my four inch plus regular shoes of choice to adorn my feet everyday since they were delivered.  I haven't even taken these off long enough to get them professionally soled which is an absolute must. The only gripe I have with Christian Louboutin's is that the soles wear really quickly.  Stay tuned for the outfit post tomorrow...

©  Find Me A Muse
Christian Louboutin Sakouette animal-print calf hair loafers (HERE)

Daily outfit

This was my ambitious start to the week when we went in to the city for the daily fashion shows. There were huge plans (and tickets) for attending the Designer Runway Series but a little bout of the flu restricted that unfortunately.  So here are a few photographs of what I was wearing for one of the day shows.  Just relaxed comfort really which was decided on since we had a packed agenda for the day.  

Breaking in the Balenciaga Resort sandals (2011) which were new for me (old stock from Yoox) was a little more challenging than expected and compromised the intended comfort dressing factor. The fabric is rather course and a little width stretching, so I've just found out, is required (these run really narrow).  My oldest best friend used to tell me 'pain is beauty'. This line was delivered always with a smirk mainly because he is male and was referring to females fashion.  Although I'm not sold on his slogan, these Balenciaga's do fit with it.  I'm willing to endure a little bit of pain for these until they give because for me they really are that beautiful.  Fortunately I had some stashed Repetto flats in my bag. Literally saved the end of day and my feet!

©  Find Me A Muse

What I'm wearing:
Mulberry Nightshade Hair Calf Travel Bag (HERE or HERE)
Balmain Distressed jeans (from a selection HERE)
T by Alexander Wang muscle tee (HERE or HERE)   
Isabel Marant Yankee belt (old)
Balenciaga Resort 2011 sandals (from a selection HERE)
Carven cut-away blazer (HERE)

This last photograph was just a bit of fun.  The shoes and bag were such a hit they got photographed quite a bit on the street.  I rather like the idea of a photograph being taken of another photographer working their magic, caught in the moment they capture their image.  The real life aspect just adds another dimension to a photograph.