Wanted: Dead or Alive

The western style influx is finally hitting the stores.  I was originally in two minds about this theme after seeing Isabel Marant's collection (albeit being an avid fan).  Take into consideration that I am Australian and we are all too familiar with the outback taunts, which in turn makes you more mindful of looking a little too cowgirl.  Looking at what's new I may be persuaded to give a bit of western a spin. Hold any mocks you may have until you hear my rationalizations.

Here they are... All the items below I've selected because whilst they are western themed (and I'm trying to stretch my boundaries), they aren't that full on especially when you visualise them being teamed with basics that are already in your wardrobe. You can tone them down and make them more subtle. Call me a sook but I think subtlety is far nicer than over the top head to toe 'theming'.  My childhood was aligned with the era of the Village People (showing my age here) so I've been emotionally scared for life at the thought of 'dress ups'. 

I'm absolutely digging the Golden Goose boots, Dicker boots, red leather pants, black leather studded jacket and the patterned dress. Fair call assuming I'm going for 'safer' choices but I feel I could integrate these into my wardrobe easily and without garnishing too much attention from passers by when outfitted. They also have a reasonable life span and will be wearable well after the urge to don western has been swept away with the wild winds and tumble weeds. 

I'm keen to hear what your thoughts are on the 'western' influence.  Something you think you would wear personally or wouldn't be caught dead in?

Row 1:
Isabel Marant Etoile Zot Bambi t-shirt (HERE)
Isabel Marant Etoile Flower blouse (HERE)

Row 2:
Isabel Marant Esther jacket (HERE) or (HERE)
Isabel Marant Primo rabit fur (HERE)
Isabel Marant Erdis studded leather jacket (HERE)

Row 3:
Isabel Marant Nephi skirt (HERE)
Isabel Marant Zolton star studded leather pants (HERE)
Isabel Marant Ellos Ikat dress (HERE) or (HERE)

Row 4:
Golden Goose Black Raw Suede Cowboy boots (HERE)
Isabel Marant Dicker boots (HERE)
Isabel Marant Lazio wedge boots (HERE)


  1. I think some of these items are definitely wearable without creating that cowgirl look, so I could certainly wear some of these. I agree that wearing multiple items in this theme will look a bit too much like dressing up. I am trying to ignore these items were released, already having a hard time to pass up on some of her shoes. Any of these items you'll be getting! xx Kayin

    1. I've been trying to ignore the 'what's new' lately too but I tell myself to look for the sake of doing research for the blog. Major error! I'm in desperate need of a dresses and I love the 'Ellos Ikat' so that's on my list. I'm always a leather fan but I just bought a Balenciaga leather jacket so my little piggy bank is rather empty (sigh)... xx

  2. I think it's all a matter of how one chooses to style these pieces. A head-to-toe western look would be too much for me, but in doses, it totally works and a lot of the items you posted really are wearable and don't really scream cowgirl to me which is cool. I have my eye on some items especially the boots! ;) Love that lil cowboy pic! :)


  3. All the pieces you have picked are quite toned down with the exception of the Esther jacket which is possibly a little too yee hah for my liking. But the rest would blend in to your enviable wardrobe really well.

    I love the Village people - I made my brother watch the film twice with me at the cinema when I was a mere pip squeak.

    1. Yes! Someone else that relates to and knows who the Village People are. I know the songs far to well and used to shamelessly dance around to their music when I was a tiny person. I didn't know there was a movie! Good memories.

  4. oh the suede jacket... and the ikat dress... and the wedge boot although fortunately I already have a pair similar... love them all!

    ♥ ThankFifi
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post too - Mr K is so friendly I'm sure he would happily have you adopt him ;)

  5. love it all! :)

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  6. I really like the red pants you chose! I know what you mean about looking too cowgirl - you picked great pieces that look wearable without looking like a costume :)


  7. awesome selection x


  8. love them! xO! i want the im booties! xO!

  9. those jackets and those boots!! i mean, i can do anything wearing those things !!


  10. some pieces of this post are great!! just want them!!
    Have a nice day & weekend!

  11. I'm still on the fence about the whole western thing... Think I'm much more of a camo/grunge person!
    Lovely blog :)
    http:// london--rose.blogspot.com

  12. I want all 3 pairs !

  13. Glad I am not the only one obsessed with those leopard print jackets - need them in my life! xx

    South Molton St Style

  14. Phew I'm not to keen on it but I do love the dicker boots and lazio's so much, I feel like there not all that western though.. I sure am not going to spend big money on western IM stuff this fall since western is not really my cup of tea and I also don't think it will last for too long, but who knows if Zara comes up with something good ;) Have a great weekend love!

  15. Anonymous11.8.12

    Cuz I'm a cowboy...on a steel horse I ride. I'm wanted - WANTED....
    I think I just want the skirt...
    - Aliya :)

    1. You made me laugh so hard Aliya... I was singing that to myself when I wrote the post :)

  16. Anonymous11.8.12

    I love a little western detail, like fringes. And I wouldn't mind wearing that black blouse or the lazio wedge boots. Love those boots! Xo

    - wnyfashion.blogspot.com -

  17. That's a great post Mandi! A question I've been asking myself and wanted to ask my readers as well- cowboy style-hot or flop? :) I need to say I'm quite taken by the trend :) This does not mean I'd wear e.g. fringing pants together with fringe boots, leather vest, western shirt and cowboy belt all in one outfit but if mixed reasonable with high heels, leather pants mini skirt etc. it can look really HOT! :)