Strawberry layered dessert

This dessert is one of my favourites since it is just so simple and you can have it from fridge to table in under ten minutes and that's with easy paced preparation.  You can make this according to the recipe below or substitute a few ingredients to work with what you have at home or to make it far healthier (cut down on how much meringue and cream you use and the type of yoghurt you choose).  If you feel like being a little bad and having a night off 'good food eating' so you can enjoy a little sweet treat then this is what you will need:

Strawberry and passion fruit version (makes 2 serves):

1 x punnet of strawberries
1 x passion fruit
150 ml strawberry yoghurt (smooth and creamy)
80 ml light cream
A handful of small meringues (I used approximately half of what is pictured)
2 x decorative glasses (I use martini since they are a good size and make the presentation a little special even for a home dessert)

If you prefer bananas, these are great alternative ingredients (makes 2 serves):

1 x banana
Honey for drizzling
150 ml Greek natural yoghurt
A handful of small meringues
2 x tiny scoops of ice-cream to top 

I prepare everything prior to starting. It's so easy it's just a matter of slicing the strawberries and passion fruit, roughly crushing the mini meringues (press them with the back of a spoon so they crumble into little pieces about the size of chocolate M&M's) and whipping the cream. 

My biggest tip for making the dessert look attractive in the glass is arrange the strawberry slices in the base prior to starting and fill the little space in the centre with half of the yoghurt (save the remainder for another layer).

Keep layering up to the top of the glass just like you would when making a trifle.  I slice the strawberries (rather than halving them) so that sit nice and flat in the layers. 

Drizzle a half of the passion fruit over each to finish.  Notice the only photograph missing here is the finished product.  They got swiped from right before my eyes upon completion.  I've made this dessert in various fruit varieties over the past few weeks and it seems that they have turned into a family favourite. It's nice to know my quickie dessert is appreciated.


  1. Anonymous31.8.12

    It looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

  2. that looks delicious! yummmm so hungry now. Hope you have a happy friday and amazing weekend. xO!

  3. Thanks for the recipe, Mandi! can't wait to try it. I'll order the ingredients for my next week's grocery.

  4. This looks so tasty! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe with us! Have a great weekend Mandi! xx Kayin

    p.s. you really made me want a Céline trio now with your post from last week!

  5. craving this right now, first i thought, meringues, nooooo, but i think it might be sooo good with all the yogurt and cream...crunchy yoghurt ;)
    bookmarking this page, i have to try it, thanks hun!

  6. looks so yummy....the color is just so inviting...

  7. Yum, it looks so delicious! :)

  8. vraiment sympa comme blog bravo

  9. That looks so yummy! Great recipe!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  10. I'm so glad that you shared the recipe - I remember seeing these on your Instagram and thinking 'yum!!!'

  11. Mmmh that looks really yummy :)

  12. Cecilia31.10.12

    This is a lovely variation of Eton Mess, isn't it? Looks both pretty and yummy!!!