Strawberry layered dessert

This dessert is one of my favourites since it is just so simple and you can have it from fridge to table in under ten minutes and that's with easy paced preparation.  You can make this according to the recipe below or substitute a few ingredients to work with what you have at home or to make it far healthier (cut down on how much meringue and cream you use and the type of yoghurt you choose).  If you feel like being a little bad and having a night off 'good food eating' so you can enjoy a little sweet treat then this is what you will need:

Strawberry and passion fruit version (makes 2 serves):

1 x punnet of strawberries
1 x passion fruit
150 ml strawberry yoghurt (smooth and creamy)
80 ml light cream
A handful of small meringues (I used approximately half of what is pictured)
2 x decorative glasses (I use martini since they are a good size and make the presentation a little special even for a home dessert)

If you prefer bananas, these are great alternative ingredients (makes 2 serves):

1 x banana
Honey for drizzling
150 ml Greek natural yoghurt
A handful of small meringues
2 x tiny scoops of ice-cream to top 

I prepare everything prior to starting. It's so easy it's just a matter of slicing the strawberries and passion fruit, roughly crushing the mini meringues (press them with the back of a spoon so they crumble into little pieces about the size of chocolate M&M's) and whipping the cream. 

My biggest tip for making the dessert look attractive in the glass is arrange the strawberry slices in the base prior to starting and fill the little space in the centre with half of the yoghurt (save the remainder for another layer).

Keep layering up to the top of the glass just like you would when making a trifle.  I slice the strawberries (rather than halving them) so that sit nice and flat in the layers. 

Drizzle a half of the passion fruit over each to finish.  Notice the only photograph missing here is the finished product.  They got swiped from right before my eyes upon completion.  I've made this dessert in various fruit varieties over the past few weeks and it seems that they have turned into a family favourite. It's nice to know my quickie dessert is appreciated.

Boxy bliss

Ah... finally I come through with the 'other' photographs from the weekend.  We were spoilt on the weekend by having four days off to relax and re-energise. I feel like a new woman and have come to the conclusion that all weekends should be four days in length.  I just need to work on my pitch to my 'employer' now so they can understand the benefits (for me).  Ok so maybe it's not my brightest of ideas but one can dream.

This is my favourite winter coat which has been a worthy item to own this winter.  It's snuggled up perfection.  The mannish fit hides a multitude of sins (and winter eating delivers a few) which is why the over sized fit makes this a throw on must.  I've noticed the boxy, over sized fit seems to be coming through in a fair amount of the coats for the new season.  What an absolute godsend!  But for me I'm get mentally prepared and wardrobe planning for summer. It's nearly time to store my winter wardrobe. I'm so excited!

©  Find Me A Muse

What I'm wearing:
Karen Walker Cocoon wool coat
Truth and Dare rocker tee
Current/Elliot Stiletto jeans in sidewalk (available HERE)
Christian Louboutin ankle boots
Celine Mini Luggage (Celine HERE)
Scotch and Soda checked scarf (old)

In darkness

I thought I would share this photograph.  It's one of many that were taken on the weekend just past (more to follow shortly).  This low key shot creates great atmosphere through its strong contrast. The photograph was so artistic, it really demonstrated just how creative photography can be and how interesting lighting, can really capture mood. 


©  Find Me A Muse
Photograph by Tom

Fit, details & the rock star effect: Chloe Susan boots

This post is especially for the ladies that were after some Chloe Susan boot detailed shots and info.  Now I was on the fence about these for me even after admiring them from a far on various blogs right up until the moment I tried them on. I'm not normally too blingy or OTT with things so I thought these boots may be too attention grabbing for me.  But in real life they are just so fabulous and rock star babe(ish) I was instantly converted. 

These are the most recent release and I've been told that the original version (from memory in 2008) apparently ran small. These run large (approximately by a full size). I'm a standard size US 6 and I bought these in a 35 and the fit is pretty much spot on.  They are a little snug in the width but not uncomfortably so and will stretch the little that is required easily enough being leather. There is still room length wise and once the width stretches it will allow the foot to slide forward a little further and the fit will be perfect.  I personally couldn't have gone larger due to the length in the shoe.  With a pointed toe they are already that bit longer than a normal shoe so a larger size would result in clown boots. Not a fashionable look.

I really love that you don't need to be precious with the shoes as well. They will just as good if not better once they are worn in and the leather creased up a little.  I hope my little insight has helped those that contacted me.  A heads up, where I got mine from have the black (HERE), the red (HERE) and the cream (HERE).   Since I didn't get hit with any extra charges or import duties my boots ended up being a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than anywhere else including the EU which is really rare.  You can also find them (HERE) or (HERE).

©  Find Me A Muse
Photographs by Tom

Say hello to my little friend: Celine Trio Bag

Since I've had a handful of ladies who emailed me after my last post that were interested in getting some more details on the bag and shoes, I thought I would do a feature post on each.  

This is a recent addition to my wardrobe and what a little cutie!  I like that it's designed to be separated with the snap on studs so each of the three compartments can be used individually.  What a great option if you need a little clutch for a night out and they are so nice and light it's refreshing to carry a bag that doesn't weigh a tone.

This is the larger of the trio bags.  Measuring 8.75" (L) x 6" (H) x 1.5" (W) (with all sections attached and empty) you definitely wouldn't consider this to be large per se. The main distinguishable difference between this and the Trio's smaller sister is that the smaller doesn't come with the shoulder strap.   Although it is only marginally smaller (maybe an inch in width and half an inch in height), I felt the strap was a great option to have.  After a drink or two, I tend to put clutches (without straps) down and never pick them up again.  I took the Trio out yesterday and was surprised with how much this seemingly small bag could actually carry and without looking 'boxy'. 

©  Find Me A Muse 

Celine Trio bag available (HERE) 

Taking it all in

Dressed ultimately for comfort and intent on breaking in my Chloe's, I was playing the part of a the chilled out tourist today doing some serious walking and observing around the Melbourne Museum.  I love the enormity of the design, the architectural contrast of the modern design compared to the neighbouring Melbourne exhibition building and the peaceful surrounds of the expansive gardens.  I often take for granted just how fortunate we are in Melbourne to have so much history, opportunity and beauty at our fingertips. 

What I'm wearing:
Isabel Marant Rolf knit (old)
Chloe black studded Susan boot (HERE or red HERE)
Balmain coil belt (similar HERE)
Celine Trio bag (HERE)
Balmain distressed jeans (old)

Isabel Marant ss/13 shoes sneak peek!

I'm beyond excited to be able to share some images with you so you can see just what gorgeous treats are going to be in-store for us from the Isabel Marant ss/13 collection. 

I was speechless when I saw all the new colours that will be available.  So many gorgeous, yet classic hues it's really difficult to narrow down a favourite.  I'm left to question whether I will be able to enforce my 'no new sneakers' rule when they get released.  I can envision my sneaker collection expanding yet again. These things are sent to test us!  Who would have thought sneakers could garnish such demand and send us in to a buying frenzy. If you would have told me years ago I would have called your bluff.

Naturally I was happy to see our trustee favourite sneaker designs still being produced and excited to also see some new additions. The Brian and the Baltimore have very much attracted my attention.  Which ones are taking your fancy?

©  Find Me A Muse

Now to where this sweet little look has come from.  A huge thank you to Morgan Clare Boutique who has been fantastic for keeping me informed on the Isabel Marant collections. 

Here's a bit of a bio of one of my favourite boutiques!  Morgan Clare has been around since 1997 and continues to go from strength to strength with a 15th birthday just around the corner!  The bricks and mortar boutique is housed in a stunning Edwardian building in Harrogate, North Yorkshire in the UK (which is my only gripe... that it's not here in Melbourne), but fortunately I get to enjoy the international shopping via the website ( and the personal attention from Hannah (such a sweetheart) who takes extra special care of all the web shoppers and has the patience of a saint.  

In 2010 they won Vogue's 'One of Britain's Best Boutiques' and has been nominated yet again this year.  Morgan Clare has also been selected for Glamour Magazine's 'Best Boutiques outside of London 2012' .  After spending some years shopping from the boutique I have come to realize just how deserving the boutique is of all its accolades and nominations.

Well I've raved about Morgan Clare enough. I'll let you check them out for yourself 

Sultry nights

I find I don't head out that frequently these days, so when I do I prefer to glam it up with a touch of leather, some high heels (rumour is that I was born in them...) and an edgy top.  Here are some sets I put together which have me day dreaming of my next romantic night out. A little luxe sex appeal goes a long way.

Outfit 1:
Valentino Rockstud leather clutch (HERE)
Dolce & Gabbana lace and cashmere-blend top (HERE)
Diane Von Furstenberg Naples leather shorts (HERE)
Valentino Rockstud pumps with ankle strap (HERE) or (HERE)

Outfit 2:
Jimmy Choo Cayla printed patent-leather clutch (HERE)
Willow laser-cut stretch-crepe bodysuit (HERE)
Jason Wu leather pencil skirt (HERE)
Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 python pumps (HERE)

Outfit 3:
Bottega Veneta embellished intrecciato leather knot clutch (HERE)
Christopher Kane leather rope-tied crepe top (HERE)
Joseph Spark stretch-leather pants (HERE)
Valentino Rockstud suede and leather ankle boots (HERE) or (HERE)

'Find me a muse' in pictures

Happy weekend lovelies!  This is a post I've been meaning to get around to for sometime but I'm not the most tech savvy mind so it's taken longer than expected.  It's a bit of blatant promotion of the blog to let you know that you can find some of my favourite blog photographs along with everyday snaps on instagram.  I'm starting to get better at this multi social media thing so expect the frequency that images are posted to pick up speed as time progresses.  

You can find me under 'findmeamuse' or simply click on the 'Instagram' button on the left side bar of the blog.  I'm hoping to see you all there...

©  Find Me A Muse

Domestic disturbance

Here's some belated shots from Sunday.  Ah... Sunday. The day of rest or at least that's the way it is intended.  But we were woken again by the business adjacent to our units mowing the lawn at an ungodly hour. So the day commenced with an early rise, quick dressing and an outing to the park to get a bit of peace and to avoid what would ultimately be a confrontation later in the day about this on-going and unreasonable practice.  So taking account of the disturbed and shortened sleep please excuse the barely awake and subdued looks.  I felt like the walking dead. 

On a much more positive note, drum roll.... meet my new (well new for me, but really second hand) Balenciaga jacket. It's my first outing with it, albeit at the crack of dawn and it's an ultimate cheer me up item.  I wore it to counteract my rock bottom mood which amazingly worked.  My outfit was in dire need of a little structure since I was wearing my baggy green, uber comfortable pants which can make you look like a marshmallow.  They can give the perception that you are easily 10 kg heavier than what you actually are if not rolled up to define the legs. The pants bring back memories of 'hammer time'.  You seeing it?

©  Find Me A Muse

What I'm wearing:
Balenciaga leather biker jacket (HERE) or (HERE)
Isabel Marant Elko pants (last season)
Isabel Marant Betty sneakers (HERE)
Death by Zero rocker tee

Notice my gorgeous winter glow on my rather chilled legs?  Yes sarcasm was implied yet it's coming from a humorous place I assure you.  I can pretty much reflect light in the pitch dark at the moment with my bright white pins. It's taken a couple of years of what seems like back to back winters to achieve this colour.  It's a long road back to a healthy glow but I promise I'll rectify my colour before I unleash a summer shorts post on you. 

Seeing red

My eyes lit up and my heart skipped a beat when I first saw these four beauties.  The colours are so poppy it makes me feel like jetting off to an exotic destination.  Summer bag alert!  I'm embarking on a red bag frenzy with my wish list filled to capacity since I'm indecisive and can't seem to choose just one, well one that I can afford.

The Proenza Schouler is my favourite. I mean seriously.. just look at that texture. What a thing of beauty!  But alas, unless I venture into the criminal world and hit a bank, that sweet ass little number is not going to find its way in to my hands any time soon.  I've finally accepted that the 'money tree' that adults spoke off sarcastically when I was a little tot, was just a figure of speech.  Pity.. I could really use one right about now.

Left to right top row:
Proenza Schouler PS11 Red Mini Iguana bag (HERE)
Jerome Dreyfuss Red Bobi Shoulder bag (HERE)

Left to right bottom row:
3.1 Phillip Lim Red Pashli Messenger bag (HERE)
Givenchy Red Sugar Obsedia bag (HERE)

Over kill

I'm sure as you scroll down, you will realise that there are many, maybe too many detailed photographs of my shoes and bag.  But these are some of my favourite items and I just couldn't choose which ones to include.  So... you get them all!  

I've been pulling out my sandals and summer outfits hoping that my excitement will somehow make summer materialize that little bit sooner.  Being over winter, the enthusiasm for dressing head to toe is waining so today it was just a simple, practical outfit including my partner's slouchy knit and boosted by my favourite blue items.  The bag presents me with a dilemma every time I use it. I'm addicted to the hair calf body of the bag contrasted with the lizard print leather and gold tone details.  I really adore this little beauty and I could have never predicted before it arrived, just how much I would use and love it.  The issue is it's so soft and luxurious I tend to caress and stroke it subconsciously now. I'm afraid I'm going to wear a patch in it and it's not a normal practice to see someone 'feeling' their bag. It's all a little odd really. 

©  Find Me A Muse

What I'm wearing:
Mulberry Nightshade Hair Calf Travel bag (HERE on sale)
Isabel Marant Woody sandals
PRPS Dart cut jeans
Diesel men's knit (borrowed)