Pre-orders: Isabel Marant sneakers @ La Garconne + more stock @ Matches

For all of the ladies that have said they followed my link in the past post but couldn't find the Isabel Marant sneakers, it's because yes, yet again, they have sold out!  Good news just in though MORE stock has just been added.

For US deliveries from Matches you can find all your favourite Isabel Marant shoes HERE

For Global and EU deliveries from Matches you can find the same Isabel Marant shoes for you HERE

You can also get free global delivery at the moment for orders over a £200 or @240 or $310 US, just enter code FREE06 at checkout.  I'm positive the free shipping is still valid.

Next up...  La Garconne has just put up pre-orders (and all sizes are available in the black Bazil sneakers and the Gris Bekket sneakers). A note these are pre-orders where as the links listed above (for Matches) are currently in stock.  Go to La Garconne HERE for your pre-orders.


  1. Aaaaah so excited about all the new sneakers now landing!! I just bought the grey tone bekkets from matches so excited! Thanks again mandi for all your genius Isabel marant knowledge!!

    Erica xx

  2. I just found out your's amazing for one like me..I'm also grazy Isabel Marant's lover <3

  3. I just found out your blog. You make my day, because I'm hug Isabel Marant fun like you...

  4. Although I like the Bekkett's model I am aiming in great anticipation for the Boby/Betty (I cannot see the difference although there must be ;)). So I will keep track of your blog to be the first to pre-order ;)

    Keep up the good works!

    1. Hi Diah, The Bobby and Betty are exactly the same design. The difference between them is the fabric used. For example the Bobby sneakers are all suede, where as the Betty sneakers are mainly leather. I hope that helps. I'll keep you updated on those beauties as they arrive