For the female shutterbug

I figured that I'm probably not the only one that struggles with this issue... Where to find a fashionable, functional and purpose designed camera bag for us, the female photographer. 

In the past I've chosen to simply carry a point and shoot camera and let Tom be the photography 'pack horse' and carry all the DSLR camera body and lenses, simply because I didn't like being forced to carry around some sad looking tote or camera bag.  Yes... it wasn't just the camera bag that detracted me.  Naturally there is the bonus of having someone else to carry all the gear. 

Since a fair amount of us are either bloggers, carry an DSLR/SLR or at least take a vacation and find the need to carry a camera, I thought I would feature this stylish and practical camera bag which may just solve all of your camera carrying problems. It's for all those ladies that would like aesthetics and utility.

It's the ONA Brooklyn bag which is a replica of a 1940s schoolbag. It's crafted from vegetable-tanned leather (highly regarded for its strength and durability) and has multiple pockets, protective lining, a cushioned cross-body strap and top handle for easy carrying. The three adjustable top quality foam dividers makes customization a breeze or they can be removed allowing you to use the bag for other things beyond photography. 

This bag is an all in one which solves the need to carry a camera bag and a normal bag.  It's not a bag for a photojournalist by any means, but it's more than adequate to hold a body, two lenses and still have a little room left over.

This is one of those bags that starts out pretty and just gets better with age as the natural depth of colour enriches, it wears, moulds and distresses.   The leather will evolve in character taking on a ruggedness and vintage persona rather than just looking worn.  It reminds me of the Mulberry Darwin leather bags in that sense.

According to their website, the word 'ona' in Swahili means, “to feel,” “to believe” and “to experience with the eyes.” While that may be true of photography, it also captures the essence of ONA's bags.

The ONA Brooklyn is available at Amazon  or with world-wide shipping. 


  1. Oooh gorgeous bag! I wish I had a dslr to put in it, but great find for those that do :)

  2. That is gorgeous and I don't even have a posh camera. Just a happy snaps! That is one one of the nicest satchel bags I have seen. Very classy.

  3. I would wear something like this :D

  4. I have the same problem with a camera bag. You've probably heard me moan about in the past. I saw this bag via Me to You. I think there's another version if I'm not mistaken. Alice from recommended an insert (need to search for the brand) where you can just put into any handbag. Right now I'm just making do with a Cath Kidston messenger bag.

  5. OKay...I NEED this bag....I have been looking all over for one like this!! Thanks for sharing babe! xx


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