Deleted comments

It seems that technology does as it pleases and reins supreme.  Unfortunately a glitch occurred as I was publishing all of your lovely comments and they have all been deleted and are un-recoverable. 

For anyone that has asked me a question through a comment in the past 24 hours I apologize as I am un-able to get back to you due to this.

I know this is a huge ask, but if you have commented, if you could possibly take the time to comment again I would greatly appreciate it as I value all of the comments I receive.  Of course, if you would like to ask your questions again I will gladly respond either by submitting a comment or you can drop me an email directly at


  1. Ah, technology! Never works when you want it too, does crazy things when you don't want it to!

    Hope you didn't miss too much when blogger ate your comments! :)

  2. sorry to hear about this! i hope it wont happen again :)


  3. DebraKim195615.6.12

    Would you mind telling me what your profession is? It would be interesting to know why you chose this particular kind of outfit. I'm assuming you are not a teacher or a waitress....

    I really like your 'what I'm wearing' posts, it is great the way you have loads of photos from different angles and then list the items underneath.

    I would also like to see a 'what's in my closet' post where you take photos of all your items in the closet (like you did for your organising your shoes post) and then show the items as you have for the dresses in this post.

    Yours DebraKim1956

    1. Hi, I work in a professional office environment (sorry can't post details of my employer for obvious reasons). Generally I don't wear too many pencil skirts so I figured I would just mix it up with this one really.

      Will definitely get working on the what's in my closet kind of post. I've started working on one it's just not quite there yet though.

      Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it as I find it really useful with generating more posts. Will definitely keep the outfit ones coming. I try to do at least two a week these days. Unfortunately its a time commitment issue at the moment which prevents me from doing more. And you would be surprised... I have a fair amount of shoes but I don't have an overflowing wardrobe.