Pre-orders: Isabel Marant sneakers @ La Garconne + more stock @ Matches

For all of the ladies that have said they followed my link in the past post but couldn't find the Isabel Marant sneakers, it's because yes, yet again, they have sold out!  Good news just in though MORE stock has just been added.

For US deliveries from Matches you can find all your favourite Isabel Marant shoes HERE

For Global and EU deliveries from Matches you can find the same Isabel Marant shoes for you HERE

You can also get free global delivery at the moment for orders over a £200 or @240 or $310 US, just enter code FREE06 at checkout.  I'm positive the free shipping is still valid.

Next up...  La Garconne has just put up pre-orders (and all sizes are available in the black Bazil sneakers and the Gris Bekket sneakers). A note these are pre-orders where as the links listed above (for Matches) are currently in stock.  Go to La Garconne HERE for your pre-orders.

NOW IN - Isabel Marant sneakers & boots!

Here you go lovelies. Brilliant news!  I know all of you have been dying to be notified of when the Isabel Marant black Bazil sneakers and the Anthracite Bekket sneakers arrived and behold, here they are available now and ready to be shipped to both the US and globally so no-one has to miss out.  

Also in are the ever popular khaki and black Dicker boots, along with the black and light grey suede Jenny boots.  Sensory overload!

For US deliveries you can find all your favourite Isabel Marant shoes HERE

For Global and EU deliveries you can find the same Isabel Marant shoes for you HERE

You can also get free global delivery at the moment for orders over a £200 or @240 or $310 US, just enter code FREE06 at checkout.  I'm positive the free shipping is still valid.

If you happen to be after these particular colours, be fast as the blue Bekkets sold out on the International Netaporter site on Wednesday night in under 10 minutes! 

Every size and colour is currently available (at the point this post went live) but I'm sure they won't stay that way for long...

Isabel Marant Dicker boots now in!

These are the hot little numbers that have all the ladies clammering every season to try to get a hold of a pair. The boots that you can hit the pavement in all day long and still be comfortable. The Isabel Marant Dicker boots!

I have a taupe pair from a few seasons back and I must say I have abused them quite a lot and they have stood up to some tough love and still look utterly flawless! I vowed I would not buy another colour but I'm pretty taken by the camel and the black.  Both are colours that will match with literally everything you own. Difficult thing is which colour do you go for?  Hmm.... both?

The camel suede Dicker boots are available now HERE

The black suede Dicker boots are available now HERE

All of these shoes are available on the International site. A heads up if you normally shop from the US site, you can still shop on the international and yes they still ship worldwide. You need to select your country from the drop down menu on the International site menu and you will need to register on the International site (these are shipped from London).  Have fun ladies!

The banging blue Isabel Marant Bekkets!

The first colour to hit our much loved online store Netaporter is the killer blue. The vibrancy of these sneakers is electric!  Although I have gone in the past for the more traditional and neutral colours in her sneakers, I'm feeling drawn into the colour pop this season and am seriously weighing up either the red or blue.  Big decisions to be made.

If you're keen on the blue Bekkets they are in stock now HERE.  More colours will be added as they arrive but for now, let the buying frenzy begin!  

Some friendly advice, if these happen to be sold out when you check, be sure that you are registered and pop them on your wish list as I'm sure more stock will make there way on to the site in the next few days.  There will also surely be some returns.   Don't despair if you missed out on the blue or if you have a different colour preference as there are more colours that are yet to come in for Netaporter and of course other online retailers.

If you would like to go on my email list to get notified as soon as the shoes go online for Netaporter (and other boutiques), just drop me an email asking to be notified when the Isabel Marant sneakers become available.  My email is I'll keep you updated to the best of my ability.  I tend to keep on top of what is due in for Netaporter's international site but the US site has different drop dates/times which I don't monitor as frequently (just due to the time difference in Australia).  Again, I'll do my utmost to spread the work on availability for both sites.

Just a note, these sneakers are available on the International site. A heads up if you normally shop from the US site, you can still shop on the international and yes they still ship worldwide. You need to select your country from the drop down menu on the International site menu and you will need to register on the International site (these are shipped from London).  If you are in the US and prefer to shop from the US site, then keep an eye out as they haven't been released on the US site as yet.  Just be ready to hit the buy button as these sell out within minutes!  Have fun ladies!

Sales spotlight: Shopbop

I just wanted to pass on a bit of sales news in terms of Shopbop adding new items to the sale markdowns and offering an additional 15% off the already reduced and insanely good, sales prices!

The additional 15% is for 3 days only so be sure to check it out sooner rather than later if you have your eye on anything.  The 15% extra is applied during checkout so be sure to enter the code 'EXTRA15' to save even more on your sales purchases!

Click HERE to go directly to all the hottest sales items at Shopbop. Enjoy!

Taking out the Wang's

I took the Wang's out on the weekend to give the pavement a serious pounding.  I simply had to test out the comfort and wearability factor albeit with some frozen little toes by the end of it.  Thankfully we headed to the cinemas which was nice and toasty, just in the nick of time to defrost.  I hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying the summer in northern hemisphere. Believe me, I'm thinking of you!

©  Find Me A Muse
What I'm wearing:
Isabel Marant Ed cotton chalk coloured jacket
Scanlan & Theodore silk top
Isabel Marant Pepal cotton-jersey skinny pants (available HERE)
Alexander Wang Chloe sandals (available HERE or HERE)
Isabel Marant Yankees belt

Justified: First in

Don't you just love sale time?  I always have a list of items that I would love to have but can't justify due to being realistic with spending. I generally cut myself some slack with the theory of If these wish list items make it to sale and are reasonably priced, then I can pick up a few.  I always seem to have a bag or two on my list because those are such big buys that even a 20% saving works out to be a substantial saving, but when you get up to 50%, well... it's like you hit the jackpot... Cha-ching!  There's nothing like a discount to justify a purchase.

Sales are the time I take the most risks with my purchases.  I have this thing about paying too much for items that aren't necessarily classic or items I'm not necessarily 100% sold on.  Longevity I can justify a price tag for.  These Alexander Wang Chloe's are quite funked up, sporty (even moto-esque) and a complex combination of textures, so I questioned whether they would still be on a regular wardrobe rotation in five years time.  As soon as they arrived I knew they would be and had me questioning how I ever doubted it.  The 40% off didn't hurt either.

Finally a pair of heels I can wear with casual items (when I prefer a little added height) and as a substitute to my much loved Isabel Marant sneakers.  Variety is the spice of life after all and women need shoes... and handbags...  My weaknesses have been exposed.  

©  Find Me A Muse

These shoes are the first of my sales buys to arrive so I'm eager for the next few parcels since these have turned out to be such a success.  How is everyone else's sales purchases going?  I've heard from quite a few ladies that they have been reserved and 'good' since fall is just around the corner.  I have aspirations to move past the sales (I really do) to get ready for the fabulous fall collections, but there seems to be a multitude of items at discounted prices (that were on my wish list), it's difficult to shift focus.  This week though, I'm going to make an effort to scout the up-coming collections.

Action shots will surely follow shortly.  I'm even going to brave the winter chill to take these babies out ASAP.  It's funny how a new buy can make you want to wear something that's totally inappropriate for the weather.  Others do this too right?

Chanel vintage bags

I'm sure most ladies will agree that a classic Chanel bag has an air and grace all of its own. They are the quintessential bag, shrouded in design history and one that you should keep forever, should you ever be fortunate enough to own one.  It's also the type of bag that will only appreciate in value.  The fact that these bags continue to be reinvented with many variations and remain in production even after countless years, just confirms that these beauties are still, just as the day that they were created, in high demand.

As much as I love a newly created piece, I have a passion for vintage items that have been loved, naturally in impeccable condition. There is something appealing about owing an item with a history and life of its own.  Vintage Chanel however are rather challenging to find these days and then there are the buyer hurdles regarding questions of authenticity, a seller's integrity and the bags overall condition. It can be a bit of a mine field trying to navigate a vintage purchase. 

It just so happens I recently found out that Matches Fashion and Shopbop (and a few others) have started procuring and stocking select Chanel vintage bags and have already done all the difficult and time-consuming leg work.  Being an excitable little blogger I simply had to share the good news.

Now I realize that these bags are a substantial purchase for many women, but they really need to be thought of as investments, as classic watches are for men. These are not your fly by night, in and out of fashion bags that still require you to drop a significant amount of change to purchase (think in terms of the bags that still cost well into the thousands, but don't hold their value and are outdated by next season). Vintage Chanel are life-long items, dreams for some, collected by the fortunate few, and saved for, hard, by many other hopeful women.   

Top row (left to right):
Chanel Vintage small quilted 2.55 bag (available HERE)
Chanel Vintage quilted 2.55 leather bag (available HERE)
Chanel Vintage quilted large logo bag (available HERE)

Middle row (left to right):
Chanel Vintage quilted small logo bag (available HERE)
Chanel Vintage jumbo velvet 2.55 bag (available HERE)
Chanel Vintage classic quilted chain-handle bag (available HERE)

Bottom row (left to right):
Chanel Vintage sweeping chain-handle bag (available HERE)
Chanel Vintage caviar leather bag (available HERE)
Chanel Vintage oval quilted 2.55 bag (available HERE)

Top row (left to right):
Chanel Vintage mini flap bag (available HERE)
Chanel Vintage double stitch shoulder bag (available HERE)
Chanel Vintage quilted denim bag (available HERE)

Bottom row (left to right):
Chanel Vintage quilted satchel (available HERE)
Chanel Vintage black bucket bag (available HERE)

I was talking with a friend the other day about what ladies in the fashion world or the lucky few, hand down to their daughters and naturally, Chanel bags was mentioned. Some of you may not be thinking that far in advance. I mean personally I'm still dreaming of getting to carry one of these beauties myself, let alone the 'passing down' aspect of it.  Since I already have a daughter of my own (and being a tad bit sentimental), I do get caught up in the thought of how nice it would be for my daughter to carry and love an item that I once treasured.  Are any of you thinking I'm attempting to justify a purchase?  Well it's a pretty worthy justification or at least better than the last few I've managed to conjure up!

I've heard some ladies in the past express doubt on whether a vintage bag can be mixed in with modern fashion and hold its own, or if vintage is more of an age appropriate item.  Here are a few inspirational photographs of one of my style crushes, Taylor Tomasi to curtail any doubt you may have had.  I swear, Taylor never fails to deliver outfit magic. Seeing her carry her Chanel is definitely influencing a movement of a Chanel vintage bag from my 'wish list' to my 'must have' list.  It's dangerous times!

When comfort counts

I had such an amazing weekend.  Nice and relaxed and rugged up as ever.  It seems that winter has finally arrived and everything before this was simply a mild preparation. 

This is a rather short and sweet post, basically just with some photographs of my standard weekend wear. Sorry if it's not extremely exciting but in reality, this is what I love wearing so it's a very common and authentic look for me. 

As you will be able to tell from the photographs, there was loads of pulling faces, laughing, dancing, impersonations and various other oddities that occurred while we were capturing these.  See if you can spot the shot that resembles a kooky version of Kylie Minogue's 'Locomotion'... showing my age right there.  On a kind of redemption note, I think (hope) they show some personality. 

I hope you all had a great weekend. They are far too short though wouldn't you agree?

©  Find Me A Muse
What I'm wearing:
Raison d'ETRE shearling lined biker jacket (similar Rick Owens shearling biker jacket HERE or Balenciaga quilted leather biker jacket HERE or Acne Rita shearling and leather jacket HERE)
J Brand 912 low-rise pencil leg jeans (availalbe HERE or HERE)
Basic long sleeve black tee
Scotch & Soda wool oversized scarf (similar HERE)
Isabel Marant Chili boots 
Old cracked leather belt

My Netaporter sale picks

The down-low
1.  Reed Krakoff zipped leather motorcycle jacket (love the colour and contrast) - HERE
2.  Gucci velvet and mirrored heels (exquisite in real life and already added to my sale bag) - HERE
3.  Mulberry lizard print leather and calf hair shoulder bag (YES YES YES... so me. My ultimate and number 1 sale choice) - HERE
4.  Ralph Lauren leather and chain belt (a little Balmain but without the price tag) - HERE
5.  Isabel Marant Merry sandals (the perfect summer flat) - HERE
6.  Mulberry textured Bayswater bag in slate (such a classic beauty) - HERE

Netaporter International sale now on!

Finally... Netaporter international site is on sale!  Woo hoo!  I hold out every season for THIS sale.  It's my absolute favourite just for the incredible discounts.  I just had to share the news with you all.  We couldn't have anyone missing out now could we.

Be the first to check it out HERE.

For the female shutterbug

I figured that I'm probably not the only one that struggles with this issue... Where to find a fashionable, functional and purpose designed camera bag for us, the female photographer. 

In the past I've chosen to simply carry a point and shoot camera and let Tom be the photography 'pack horse' and carry all the DSLR camera body and lenses, simply because I didn't like being forced to carry around some sad looking tote or camera bag.  Yes... it wasn't just the camera bag that detracted me.  Naturally there is the bonus of having someone else to carry all the gear. 

Since a fair amount of us are either bloggers, carry an DSLR/SLR or at least take a vacation and find the need to carry a camera, I thought I would feature this stylish and practical camera bag which may just solve all of your camera carrying problems. It's for all those ladies that would like aesthetics and utility.

It's the ONA Brooklyn bag which is a replica of a 1940s schoolbag. It's crafted from vegetable-tanned leather (highly regarded for its strength and durability) and has multiple pockets, protective lining, a cushioned cross-body strap and top handle for easy carrying. The three adjustable top quality foam dividers makes customization a breeze or they can be removed allowing you to use the bag for other things beyond photography. 

This bag is an all in one which solves the need to carry a camera bag and a normal bag.  It's not a bag for a photojournalist by any means, but it's more than adequate to hold a body, two lenses and still have a little room left over.

This is one of those bags that starts out pretty and just gets better with age as the natural depth of colour enriches, it wears, moulds and distresses.   The leather will evolve in character taking on a ruggedness and vintage persona rather than just looking worn.  It reminds me of the Mulberry Darwin leather bags in that sense.

According to their website, the word 'ona' in Swahili means, “to feel,” “to believe” and “to experience with the eyes.” While that may be true of photography, it also captures the essence of ONA's bags.

The ONA Brooklyn is available at Amazon  or with world-wide shipping. 

Workin' it

I've had a few requests to do some more work wear posts.  Sorry I've been excluding all the working ladies.  Truth be told I'm generally less enthusiastic about my work wear and the early morning starts are frantic in our household, with the end of day being equally chaotic. Add to that the desire to collapse on the couch prior to commencing home duties so photographs seldom, if ever get done.  Finally, here one is.

This Ellery top is one of my favourites at the moment.  It drapes exquisitely, has an a-line cut and finishes around hip height which makes it perfect for the office tucked in, yet easily wearable with my leather pants and sexy heels for a night out.  I have a sweet spot for the over sized cut raglan sleeves. It's rather lady-like generally except that the sleeves remain un-hemmed exposing threads on the hand-cut edges. The little details like that really win me over on items. 

The best (if any) advice I could give for when you're considering purchasing work wear, is to look for items that will meld with you after dark, social or casual wardrobe pieces.  Items don't have to solely be work wear and in the long run you end up buying less for your wardrobe.  

©  Find Me A Muse
What I'm wearing:
Ellery 'Berlin' raglan sleeve blouse
Scanlan & Theodore leather belt
Herringbone wool tailored skirt
Isabel Marant Dough coat
YSL Tribtoo burgundy pumps HERE or HERE or HERE

In keeping with the focus on work wear that has the ability to be incorporated into other facets of the modern ladies life, I thought I would showcase a few dresses that I have my eye on.  These fit with those who are after a tailored, more elegant look so if that also fits with your workplace then your fortunate, as these could also double up as perfect options for events or special occasions (think the races, weddings, dinners).  

Even though these are more pricey then what some may consider as work wear, I've featured them because they are either on sale already or literally within a week or two from hitting the sale (cross fingers).  I've kept them on my list in anticipation of a potential buy for a cheaper price especially since they are timeless pieces and exceptional quality and cuts.  They seemed to me worthy of keeping track of.

Top row (left to right):
A.L.C. Betsee crepe and silk colour-block dress HERE (on sale)
Stella McCartney two-tone stretch-jersey contour dress HERE
Jil Sander belted stretch-cotton dress HERE

Bottom row (left to right):
Stella McCartney two-tone stretch-jersey peplum dress HERE or HERE
Michael Kors draped crepe-jersey dress HERE
Preen Line Santorini stretch cotton-drill dress HERE