Today: My fall back look

My fall back look of the moment (actually for some three or so years now), includes jeans, a simple shirt or tee, and a jacket of some sort, always accompanied by heels (with the exception of the weekend days of course).  It's just such an easy and uncomplicated look and one I rely on regularly when lacking inspiration.  

This look embodies my sense of fashion for laid back days as it's wearable and minimalistic.  The best thing is that it literally takes me five minutes to put outfits like this together (if that).  Considering I'm rather time poor and often lazy (I can't lie), I prefer no brainer outfits and don't stray too often from my classic look.  It might sound a little boring, but my motto is stick to what works best.  I always feel well-dressed, yet effortless and completely comfortable in jeans, a tee and a jacket, so it's when I feel most self-confident. 

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What I'm wearing:
Belstaff 'Shelley Blouson' aged leather jacket (similar available HERE)
J Brand 912 low-rise pencil leg jeans (available HERE)
Isabel Marant Bekket sneakers
Country Road basic tee (similar available HERE)
Frank Leger scarf 

I first found this Belstaff jacket in Harrods, London in October 2010, but it was far too pricey for my budget at the time.  I managed to part with it long enough to place it back on the rack and quickly exited the store.  My partner, knowing how much I loved the jacket and being the internet blood hound and thoughtful guy that he is, scoured for hours (what a hero honestly) and finally found a store that had one of these jackets.  When I say one, I literally mean one, which just so happened to be in my size and on sale for half price!  I love the aged look to the leather, the soft warm plaid winter lining and the perforated detailed sections which makes it really unique.  


  1. Lovely casual outfit :) I love jeans and a tee, a great fall-back that's always there!

  2. Anonymous19.5.12

    Cool look! great shoes!


  3. Looking stunning dear! Simple yet stunning! :)

  4. Great pictures! That's a great fall-back look! :)

  5. Pretty sure the all black Beketts will always be my favorite iteration of the IM high-top. They look awesome in this outfit! And thanks for the blog comment. I wish my trip to France was more permanent, but I'll only be there for a month studying some French.

  6. Anonymous20.5.12

    REALLY like this outfit, you make me like these Bekkets more seeing how you styled them! Your bf sounds like a keeper, that's pretty impressive that he searched for the jacket... - Aliya :)

  7. Love these pics, Mandi!!! Always a pleasure to stop by your cool blog...xoxo from Rome

  8. These pictures are so cool! That is one hot jacket and you look absolutely lovely wearing it!


  9. The fact that we're both only ever dressed in t-shirt, jeans followed by a jacket must be the reason why we often pick the same type of clothes when we're shopping! This outfit is my kind of style. Good going, Tom!!

  10. no matter what (for me at least)...all black or black/white outfit is just sooooo classic and chic...and cool. triple C...hahaha...

  11. Awesome fall back outfit! I think the jacket and the sneakers add a lot of interest to it. :)

  12. Love the way you styled the Isabel Marant sneakers. Casual but edgy.

    P.S thanks for the visit and comment on my blog, it means a lot to a brand new blogger :)