How the Aussie's do fashion week: Sydney 2012

Ok... so it may not be New York, London or Paris but Australian Fashion Week has some serious credibility.  I'm not just saying that as 'an Australian' gal either.  So many of the Australian designer talents have impressive international portfolio's and stockists.  We even lose a couple who relocate off our glorious shores (we will always call your Australian though).

Naturally, having an interest in designer fashion and being patriotic, I followed the events in Sydney.   As a result, I thought I should share some of my favourite sidewalk photo's from Australian Fashion Week 2012 by the photographic genius, Tommy Ton.  As you can see, the gals strutting the city streets have some serious style.   It's so nice to see the bar set so high in my 'extended back yard' (so to speak).


I'm a huge fan of draping a coat or jacket over the shoulders although these ladies definitely pull it off more effortlessly than I do.  A certain degree of confidence really goes a long way in carrying off this trend.

Above... I love this look (albeit it is a partial shot).  Great detailing, especially the attention grabbing Alexander Wang bag she dons, right off the runway straight from the runway might I add. 

See it here in WHITE, here in NAVY or here in BLACK.  Gorgeous!

I have to say this little red, blue and white look made me week at the knees. The simplicity of it and her carefree attitude transcends straight through the lens.  The sporty look is literally everywhere in spades. 

Her dress makes me look again (for probably the third time today) at the sporty Isabel Marant 'Americana' jacket. I keep ogling at it and although I'm desperately attempting to refrain from buying it, I'm not sure I'll succeed. 

Remember the stiletto creations pictured above?  As a memory jogger, see my original blog post HERE. Well they were on the well heeled feet of the lovely Christine Centenera on day 3.  In hindsight, she was a prime candidate to have a pair considering her working relationship with Kanye. 

I love that such high-end fashion isn't solely reserved for the overseas shows. A little bit of pride for being Australian is definitely being felt at the moment after seeing the street style from Sydney. 


  1. I've been seeing lots of great pics from Australian Fashion Week and totally love the shots you chose to post. I'm absolutely crazy over the jacket in the first pic and those heels in the last one are amazing!


  2. Amazing pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. That sporty look is definitely my favorite. Australian Fashion Week rocks! xx Kayin


  3. Oh wow I can't imagine wearing shoes that expensive - although fashion week would be the perfect time to bring them out! :)

    Lovely photos! :) Really like the headscarf in the second last one, it's a great shot too :)

  4. I think we saw some of the best street style... even got my drawing-inspo back with a picture from TTH (illustrated it on the blog!)


    1. Hi Paola, I'm glad you've got your drawing insp back. I've just been looking at all of your illustrations. I'm literally speechless at the talent you have!

  5. I didn't realize it was AFW! There are some seriously amazing Aussie designers. Too bad, their clothes aren't readily available here. Wow, there even a number of fashion heavyweights in attendance too.

  6. Nice post, I like outfit from second picture, jacket looks great that way :)

  7. Anonymous10.5.12

    Very great selection of pics here, the pale pink gillet is very stylish, and the sporty Celine was the stand out for me! - Aliya :)

  8. Stunning pictures! Australia is definitely very stylish! My friends got some really fabulous clothes from there
    PS : Please remove word verification

  9. wow the girl with stripes and blue sandals is stunning!!! i don't know how she manage this sporty look and elegance mix together! great post dear!!! amazing styles :)

    xoxo, Haus of Gala