Currently obsessed: Alexander Wang sling bags

I am absolutely obsessed with Alexander Wang's backpacks (I may have already eluded to my crush in a previous post).  I'm particularly keen on his take in converting what is normally a rather athletic kind of bag into the extremely cool, fashionable must have item, with one hell of an attitude.

Alexander Wang Black Scuba - shoulder bag version (available HERE
Alexander Wang Black Scuba - cross body bag version (available HERE)

These two backpacks/sling style bags (in addition to the Marti of course) are my favourites.  The perforated leather, mesh paneling, and athletic detailing woven into the pieces are perfect!  The 'black scuba' and the 'white leather perforated' backpacks have an inexplicable coolness.  They are detailed, yet uncomplicated and will be envy of most ladies as an every day, take me anywhere bag.

Alexander Wang White Perforated Leather bag (available HERE)

I could easily see the 'scuba' bag being slung over a winter coat either with sporty sneakers or high-heeled ankle boots (just as easily), for a comfortable, easy carry bag.  Think in terms of using it for a hard days sight-seeing, shopping or for a day when you have a busy social calendar and loads of places to go.  When you need a hands free bag but you still want to look chic.

The white 'perforated' bag is just as wearable. I automatically think of the white as being a more summer bag. It is a bit of a lighter alternative and not as large which is perfect.  That way I can justify getting both...  After all, they are rather different.


  1. This cross body bag is so stylish. I love Alexander Wang...such a great brand.


  2. Alexander Wang always turns everyday item into something very edgy and original. I prefer the black backpack only because of the straps. If you put anything heavy into the white, after a while, the thin straps will dig into the skin.

  3. Out of the two I like the crossbody one more. I wonder how it would sit when filled with items? It looks empty on the catwalk.

  4. Cute and practical :)

  5. Ooooh you're right, they're so cool!