Minimalism must have: The white jacket

I'm a devotee of minimalism and find it hard to go past a white or ecru jacket. I know what you're thinking...  You're having visions of a waiter right?  I have to admit, I always used to get stuck on that point of reference.  I equated a white jacket to hired help and so avoided owning one for sometime. These days I can't get enough of them.  I'm even looking to add another to my closet.   You'll see why I'm obsessed in the next week... I promise an outfit post is on the way.

In the mean time, here are six white/ecru jackets that I've had major crushes on throughout the season that I thought I would encourage other devotees with. There are other white/ecru jacket devotees aren't there?  This could be awkward... Well anyway this is my 'wish list' which I'm trying to wither down so there is just one survivor that will ultimately join my wardrobe.  Plus I've been waiting for the sales to purchase one and it's finally that time of year again. Woo hoo!

The top middle jacket is a gorgeous cut but with the tails, I'm still thinking 'waiter'.  Realistically it's between three. Jacket one and three from the top row, and jacket three from the bottom.  I think those three are the most versatile jackets (for my wardrobe) and they are more of a ecru colour which I find less stark.  Which are your preferences?  Do you have any items on your wish list that you've been patiently waiting for the sales to finally buy?

Top row (left to right)
The Row Ferrier hammered-satin and linen-blend blazer (available HERE)
Alexander McQueen Pleat back crepe tuxedo jacket (available HERE)
Carven ecru blazer (available HERE or HERE)

Bottom row (left to right)
Joseph sir stretch cotton-blend blazer (available HERE)
Sandro Virgule crepe tuxedo jacket (available HERE)
Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti lightweight twill tuxedo jacket (available HERE)

The masculine influence

This coat makes me feel like a little ray of sunshine in winter.  I'm an absolute sucker for mustard.  It's 'my' colour and yet I rarely find it.  The hue and the masculinity of this coat immediately drew my interest, resulting in the seemingly immediate slap down of my credit card and ushering to the sales assistant to wrap it up.  I'm sure I came across as a woman obsessed. In my defence this is my ultimate coat. It's classic and smart, yet relaxed and perfect over jeans with heals or boots, and equally works its magic when paired with a girlie dress and preppy heels.

I have a confession to make... I'm in a bit of a habit of 'borrowing' items from Tom.  Borrowing actually implies that they get returned so I admit I misuse this term.  Stolen or lifted (never to be seen again) just seems harsh to me.  So this scarf is 'borrowed'.  I've been on the hunt for a long or thick wool scarf but they seem to elude me. I'm not sure if they were made this season at least in a decent price range.  I draw the line at the $300 plus price ranges of the ones I've seen.  I really love how thick and chunky this scarf looks against the coat. It really compliments the masculine look which means that my 'borrowing' will continue for an indefinite period. Sorry Tom...  I'm kind of hoping to get brownie points for the public apology...

How much do these heels rock?!  Yes...  of course I'm biased... I own them.  But in all seriousness these heels caused me (and Marlene and her lovely daughter... thank you, thank you, thank you) to trek all over London to find my size.  You could say a little bit dedicated and crazy on my behalf, and super patient and understanding on theirs. 

Photographs by Tom 
©  Find Me A Muse

What I'm wearing:
Karen Walker Cocoon wool coat (available HERE)
Equipment Signature blouse (available HERE)
Gucci zebra print calf pumps (available HERE for USA shipping or HERE for the rest of world shipping)
Balmain ripped jeans (similar available HERE, HERE or HERE
Isabel Marant Meadow belt (similar available HERE, HERE, or HERE)
Scotch and Soda woolen scarf (eBay purchase)

I thought I would include the skipping girl (sign) in the post since she is just a couple of blocks from our home.  She is one of my favourite local icons and a snap shot of part of the area where I live.  Since I've included the construction signage plastered with her image, it seemed relevant. 

The skipping girl towers above the Richmond skyline. The iconic building is considered a design institution and an age old fixture.  Even with all of the development along the shores of the river, the skipping girl remains and is even being implemented into the new builds that surround the original.  She is rather a novel sign and instantly recognisable. Being a decent size (the sign is approximately four metres in height), you can see her from afar with the neon lights at night.  The sign is at its best after dusk when the three different strokes of the girl's rope alternate with light to create a skipping illusion. 

©  Find Me A Muse


Here is the full post of yesterdays outfit albeit a little belated. 

I always feel a tad bit like.. well.... an idiot, getting photographs taken for the 'what I'm wearing' posts.  So in an effort to have some fun (which is all I really hope to achieve) and relax a little, Tom and I decided that snapping a few twirls and whirls might work.  Ironic isn't it that dancing around in an unusual fashion some how made the entire process easier, more natural, less intrusive and less idiotic.  As it turned out, this really captured the movement and natural fall of the jacket beautifully.

I had seen this jacket at the start of the season and managed to refrain from purchasing it, which was a miracle in itself. But it just keep popping up in various blogs that I frequently read and I just couldn't shake the thought of missing out.   To my delight, but to the detriment of my savings, I finally got sick of the torment and caved. Kayin... your posts (of your black jacket) pushed me over the edge for which I am eternally grateful!

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What I'm wearing:
Isabel Marant Sade leather jacket (available HERE)
T by Alexander Wang muscle tee (available HERE)
Isabel Marant Zappy belt (similar available HERE)
Balmain white distressed jeans (similar available HERE)
Christian Louboutin Pigalle patent pumps (available HERE and similar in leather HERE)

Preview: Sade

A really quick post since the week and weekend have been flat out and I recognize I've been somewhat of an absent blogger.  

This is a snapshot of my first outing with my new Isabel Marant Sade jacket.  Supple, pebbled leather heaven!  I can see this turning into a long-term love affair.  More on this soon... stay tuned.  Happy weekend lovelies...

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Melbourne's laneways: Street art

My lunch break yesterday comprised on taking in some of Melbourne's street art.  Melbourne is renowned for its artistic influences, most of which is embraced by the locals and seen as tourist attractions for visitors.  The laneways that weave throughout the city centre are hot spots for street artist impressions and are an ever-changing canvas.  These laneways are often entrances to the hip restaurants and bars that are classed as being off the beaten track.  Some of our most cherished hidden gems that you would have to have an insiders knowledge to even know they existed. 

So here are some of my favourite pieces. As you can see, we have some seriously talented individuals. The first wall is masked with an applied print with some sections torn. This wall is situated in a tiny space (not a walk through or a frequented spot by any means), that houses the bins for local stores. As you can see, even these walls are seen to be deserving of art.  All of the other walls that have been photographed are situated in walk through lanes, all within a few blocks radius of each other.

As much as the laneways provide for amazing photographic backdrops (and I'm sure you will see more of them), I decided they really needed a dedicated post so they could truely be appreciated.  I hope you enjoy seeing what I consider to be a little piece of my extended backyard.


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Isabel Marant Sherman puffer jacket

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  When I spotted Emmanuelle Alt wearing the 'Elori' black leather puffer jacket by Isabel Marant I fell in love with entire over sized and black on black look.  I figured if I ever came across the jacket, I would buy it and replicate her look, in hope that I too could do it justice.

©  Find Me A Muse

As it turns out, I've just recently found the alternate version of Emmanuelle's jacket that was made the same season (the 'Sherman'). Although it is the exact same design, the fabric composition is different. The 'Sherman'  has a cotton outer, complete with leather trimmings and with the silkiest feel against the skin.  It's filled with goose down as well so its super warm and cosy.  I feel like a walking talking sleeping bag in it and yet I love it!

©  Find Me A Muse
Since the over sized look also gives you a 'Michelin man' frame, who would of thought that the opposite sex would actually find it an 'attractive' jacket for a woman to wear.   To my surprise, my partner thinks it to be a 'killer' look (always a bonus) and since it's practical, it made for a smart choice. End result, two thumbs up.  Who would of thought a 'practical' yet shapeless item could be such a success.

I wore this for our outing into the city today.  I have to say, this jacket is by far the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. I've really taken to it.  It was perfect for our ambling. I thought I would add a few photo's I took of the Forum in Flinders Street. Such an amazing, old and recognizable piece of architecture.  The buildings in Melbourne never fail to draw my gaze.  I'm always astonished by the sheer beauty, design ingenuity and limitless imagination that it takes to create such beautiful structures.