Isabel Marant sale alert: Mrs H Outnet

Here's one for all the bargain hunters out there.  Mrs H (outnet) has just added some gorgeous pieces to its online store.  Some have already sold out (so dropped off), but there are still a few cult buys left. 

I'm loving the Isabel Marant Ed white cotton jacket along with the similarly styled Erwin sleeveless, hooded version.  I remember seeing these in Australia and they were ridiculously priced (over $900 each), but definitely worth a look in now for €116 each!  I've got to tell you, nothing beats a good buy.  Below is just a snapshot of what is available.

You can find all the designer buys here: Mrs H Outnet (on sale).  For current season, check out Mrs H's online shop here: Shop Mrs HFor all the newbie online shoppers out there, yes Mrs H sells authentic designer goods.  Have fun!

Colour pop: Dramatic pants

I love this photo. It's of a festival gal at the recently held Coachella, and she's just doing her own thing. Rather than complying to the hippie like fashion that can been seen at every turn (which I love mind you), she took the road less travelled (in the fashion stakes), dressing with a hint of urban sophistication, and she didn't go un-noticed. A little bit of uniqueness goes a long way.

Photo credit:  Vogue

Backpack decisions

I've been on the search for a functional backpack this week. Now backpacks may remind you of school and even make you cringe a little but when you need a bag that's a hands free option and can be carried for a solid 12 hours and loaded up with heavy items, nothing beats them. 

Fortunately thesedays, backpacks come in classic silhouettes, can be stylish and have a grown up influence, especially with the lusture of leather.  I found so many functional sizes and colours in my search for the perfect backpack.  I managed to narrow it down to these two due to the aesthetics of the bags, the quality of the leather and also after reading some glowing reviews.  I figured these both look stylish and have the added bonus of being timeless since they are not too preppy and are rather subdued in solid conventional colours, so will match with almost any outfit.

A backpack is still an aspiration purchase for me and I would say a much needed one for a simplistic and casual, go anywhere bag for my laid back looks.  It's a tough choice between these two. Both have earnt a place on my list, but realistically only one will make it to being purchased. 

I love how the Alexander Wang Marti backpack has the zippers that allows the bag to expand or compress depending on how much you want to carry, and also how the back straps can zip together, enabling it be carried over one shoulder. It also has convertible straps (a long shoulder strap).  The Marti really is ingenious in design and the creased, soft textured leather (including the toffee colour) is beautiful.  The Theyskens Theory Ando Osfa backpack is that little more classic though and has great structure.  Hmm... any thoughts or preference? 

Alexander Wang Marti Leather Backpack (in Toffee) available here or here

Theyskens Theory Ando Osfa Backpack available here


I thought I would share a little weakness of mine in the jewellery department.  I tend to wear minimal jewellery, but minimal doesn't necessarily mean it has to be boring.  For some reason I've never quite mastered the knack of accessorising with jewellery.  I often see other women and admire their skill for putting pieces together.  I'm still observing and learning...
That leads me to the stunning 'Bouvier' jewellery by the talented partnership of Rebecca Raft and Peter Conroy.  Bouvier allows a woman to wear one piece of jewellery and make a statement which takes out the stress of being talented with accessorising.  The composition of the design is exotic, intriguing, timeless and sophisticated and each piece is skillfully crafted and hand-cut from hammered silver, making every item unique. 

I'm particularly partial to the personalized bangles (for sentimental reasons in addition to aesthetic) and the long-drop engraved earrings as signature pieces.  Image 1 and 2 are my favourites from previous collections which were featured heavily in fashion editorials. They are the 'Fez' long-drop, tiered earring (image 1, above); and the 'Clea' engraved, 12cm drop, multi-tiered earring embellished with pearl drops (image 2, below).  

The Clea 12cm drop earring (above) is engraved on every single piece of hammered silver in a poetic way and when read in entirety it says 'Tout ce qui attire l'attention, qui est beau n'est pas toujours bon, mais tout ce qui est bon est tourjours tres beau'.  When translated, the script means 'Anything that draws attention, which is beautiful is not always good, but all that is good is very beautiful'.

Even though the more dramatic pieces are my preference, Bouvier also makes exquisite subtle pieces.  For anyone that is interested you can view Bouvier on their website or it is available for order through the lovely Inge at (with shipping worldwide).

Photo credits:

The ultimate Isabel Marant leather jacket collection

My ultimate love and sweet spot is for Isabel Marant's leather jackets.  She tends to bring one out every season, often with subtle changes but that same killer biker cut and flattering fit.  I think the old saying legitimately applies to her leather jacket designs... "you don't fix what ain't broke" right? 

Rosie Huntington-Whitely's collection is impressive and revered, spanning at least three collections. Rosie was responsible for me holding on to obsessive hopes of acquiring a 'Keni' jacket. The surplus and on-going photo's of her in that jacket were an absolute torment prior to me nabbing one. 

Fast forward to present day and it seem that Rosie has once again influenced my wardrobe wish list with her latest jacket from Isabel Marant.   It's called the 'Kady' quilted leather jacket.  The framboise hue is seriously lust worthy and one of the contributing factors making it my top 'to buy' item on my radar for this winter.  The 'Kady' is from the highly anticipated Winter 2012 up-coming range which will surely only gain Isabel Marant further accolades from her fans once it hits the racks. 

Update:  The framboise jacket Rosie is wearing is actually called the 'Kalibo'. Sorry for the in-correct information. I was told by two boutiques the name months prior to it's released. It's still Etoile Isabel Marant though. Happy hunting...

Casual Friday

Many of you will know I'm particularly camera shy. It's something I'm working on bit by bit.  Since Tom has now arrived home (aka my photographer), it seems I no longer have an excuse for not 'appearing' in photo's and personalising the blog (at least a little). 

Friday night we hit Federation Square for a bite to eat and to take in some of the comedy festivals street performers and soak up the atmosphere.  Melbourne is always buzzing Friday nights between dining out, the 'what's on' in the entertainment world and the crowds that do the pilgrimage to whatever sporting event that happens to be on (AFL season seems to bring out the most fanatics).

We were simply content to stroll, watch the world go by and enjoy some great company.  I had been at work all day and fortunately as you can see, we have a very lenient dress code for Friday (in an office environment).  'Casual Friday' makes for a nice change.  It's the only day of the working week that I'm able to be supremely comfortable all day long and by choice, am not too dressy or preened, and make-up is kept minimal and natural.  I feel happiest when I'm able to dress to reflect my mood rather than what I should or have to wear.

I've been meaning to feature these jeans for some time now.  Even though they are quite trashed and a tad over sized, they are one of the most comfortable pairs I own and my go to for true laid back style.  They work really well for a more relaxed, dischevelled look but equally so with a tailored jacket and classic heels.

©  Find Me A Muse

What I'm wearing:
Somebody Else slouchy knit
Balmain distressed jeans
Isabel Marant Woody sandals
Vintage cracked leather belt
Belstaff 554 Mountain brown messenger bag (borrowed from Tom)

A teaser: Isabel Marant Rio sandal

These beauties arrived yesterday direct from Espejto.  Needless to say receiving these made my day.  Thanks so much to all the lovely team at Espejto but especially to Francesca who has the patience of an angel and helps me out all of the time with my Isabel Marant orders.

©  Find Me A Muse

These heels are the 'Rio' runway model.  They may have a 5" heel but they are surprisingly wearable.  An observation on the ankle strapping though. Many ladies have said that the straps run rather loose and a handful of other ladies I know have said the straps run small and they couldn't do them up. Mine are on the tighter side. They do up but there is very little hanging of any straps.  I believe maybe there is some inconsistency with the strap lengths between the shoes.  Just a heads up.  Action shots to follow in the coming weeks when these little ladies make their debut.

Style muse: Margaret from 'Love Margs'

I'm addicted to which is the fashion blog penned by Margaret. She carries off the latest trends with such grace, has amazing style and the most enviable wardrobe.  Be warned... reading her blog will inspire you to search out devine pieces from Isabel Marant, Givenchy and countless others.  

Photo credit: Margaret from her blog wearing Isabel Marant 'Pepito' cut red tie dye pants

Whilst reading my daily fashion and blog fix I came across Margaret's latest post which stopped me in my tracks and compelled me to do some frantic online searching for the Isabal Marant tie dye pants (see I told you the gal has influence).  I had been sitting on the fence for a while with the tie dye, but seeing Margaret's chic styling simply gave me that nudge I desperately needed.  I love how she has added a loosely fitted button-up shirt and classic pumps. It's a look that I haven't seen with the tie dye pants to date.  It really shows just how versatile the pants are and that they are capable of delivering a more elegant look in addition to the runway sporty look. 

Photo credit: Margaret from her blog

Fiercely detailed

I hit the stores this week in my own backyard of Melbourne.  It seems I don't do it often enough. I'd forgotten how some of our stores are comparable to those in the global fashion capitals.  Fortunately I just went 'window shopping' since the store ('Miss Louise') was closed.  They have ample items on display in the window to entice you back during opening hours. So far I've avoided the temptation which has been a daily challenge since I spotted they stock the luxurious Chloe studded 'Sussana' boot.  Ah... breathe... by strong!

With such a vast selection, I simply had to photograph some of the more intricate bags and shoes to share with you (so you can ooh and ah with me).  Now my lifestyle doesn't call for the majority of these items since they are highly embellished, but I still absolutely love them.  They are sheer design masterpieces, the workmanship and vision of the creators of each of these pieces are astounding. After seeing these beauties in person, I understand why the $$$$$ prices are justified. 

Inspirational look: Maggie Q

I'm a huge Maggie Q fan when it comes to her eye for fashion and ability to mix trends. She has such a stunning, refined look yet it is delivered with a vibrant edge.  This outfit is such an inspiration for me.  It delivers the perfect balance of youthfulness and modern day sophistication.  The 'punk' of the tee with the ripped, deep v-neckline is balanced perfectly with the flow of the black light cardigan/coat which makes the entire look appear a little more grown up and elegant.  A pretty important aspect which conveys her own personality and seperates the look from that of the runway, especially since Maggie has incorporated the sporting influence of  Isabel Marant's 'Miro' pants and 'Gava' heels.  It's such an interesting styling mix which genuinely works.

My Isabel Marant sneaker collection

It's so hard to tell when enough is enough with some items. The desire for 'yet another pair' just seems to persist.  Every season these beauties come out in more new, striking colour combinations and I find them tough to resist. I think three pairs are enough and it's time to apply the breaks.   At least for now or so the little voice of rationality tells me with four little words that haunt me.  You need to stop!

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Isabel Marant Bekket sneakers - Autumn/Winter 2011 collection
Isabel Marant Betty sneakers - Spring/Summer 2011/12 collection 
Isabel Marant Willow sneakers - Spring/Summer 2011/12 collection