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It's taken me a while since I'm not tech savvy in the least and struggle with menial tasks when it comes to social networking/apps, but Find Me A Muse has finally made its debut on Twitter.  It's really thanks to my ever patient and proactive partner, Tom, who configured it.  What a saint!   Honestly, Tom's ability not to get frustrated with my technical ineptness astounds me.  And.... I (yep little ole me) finally figured out how to configure the Twitter link for the Find Me A Muse home page.  Since I did that on my own it probably took five times as long as it should of but everything is finally functional.   I had to get with the times...

So for any of you that would like to share or follow Find Me A Muse, please feel free to click on the new Twitter link, located at the top of the left side bar menu (see below).

Naturally you can still become a member through either the Google Friend Connect (GFC) section or Bloglovin'. I seemed to have mastered the workings of these two systems.  Although there has been some rumours circulating in the blogging world that GFC will at some point be put to rest, even on the Blogger portal.  Who knows... it's difficult to distinguish between opposing information on the web.  But just to be sure, it might be worth activating another follow option if you would like to stay updated with Find Me A Muse.

Thanks for all of your support to date. I appreciate all of the visits and of course, the comments and emails. It's always a high-light of my day to hear from the readers who take the time to peruse and read my ramblings posts.

xx Mandi

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  1. ooh awesome! I haven't figured out twitter yet. Soon I think!