Kanye West's heels: Would you drop $5,800 on one pair of shoes?

I came across these OTT heels and thought I would share if for no other reason, than to shock you with the price tag.  These heels are a collaboration between Kanye West and the renowned, seasoned shoe designer and favourite of the fashion adventurous, Guiseppe Zanotti. 

Photo source: Gaya By Karat

So... pearls embellishing items in a fashion similar to studding is 'in' huh? By the looks of Balmain's latest and now these, it looks like there is a new trend on foot (excuse the pun). The only catch is if this particular 'trend' takes your fancy, you will surely be out of pocket some significant cash. Start thinking in terms of, if you fall within the relatively 'normal/average' lifestyle bracket, your entire rent or mortgage payments for maybe.... a few months! These heels are reportedly worth (as in they retail for) around the $5,800 mark! 

The heels are part of Kayne's DONDA line and are decked out in elaborate ivory beading and embroidered pearls over calf skin. 

Photo source: Pretaprotester

For anyone that has the financial means and uncontrollable desire to own them, they are available through French retailer Colette for €4,420 or $5,800 US.  I pass no judgement on your spending ability I swear.... 

Photo source: Examiner

Photo credit: The Boom Box


  1. i'm a sucker for anything with pearl and i was so excited when i saw this then i learned the price.. yay! it's so damn expensive!
    take care dear. i'm happy to be back :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  2. Wow they are crazy expensive! And I really don't like all the pearls :( I'm sure they will sell out though, I can see lots of people having to have them.


  3. Anonymous10.3.12

    they are "new in" on luisaviaroma.com and only 2 sizes left. lol :)

    1. Wow! I wonder how many pairs they bought to only have 2 sizes left.