I'm addicted: Sporty luxe

Happy Friday lovelies!  It's the best 'work day' of the week.  To celebrate Friday, I was doing a little virtual shopping.  I'm currently addicted to what I refer to as 'sporty luxe' looks.  It reminds me of track and field with a hint of varsity influence, stepped up a notch of course.  Ah.... comfort!  Add a pair of heels and it becomes one of the fashionable looks inline with the season.  Too easy. 

Here are a few of my favourite sporty items from the current season and a couple hand picked from my wardrobe as well for good measure.

Top row (left to right):
Isabel Marant 'Uden' track pants (available HERE)
Isabel Marant 'Pia' number tee (available HERE)
Isabel Marant leather track pants (available HERE)
Isabel Marant 'Miro' pants

Bottom row (left to right):
Camilla Skovgaard woven leather sandals (available HERE)
Isabel Marant 'Bekket' hi-top sneaker
Isabel Marant 'Betty' sneaker

The yellow leather Isabel Marant track pants are my absolute lust item.  I'm on a massive stint of loving leather pants and the vibrant colour, original design and flattering cut of these make me swoon every time I see them. But alas, these were priced too high for me to justify purchasing them and I've been eagerly watching them, hoping for a miracle that a pair will remain in my size at sale time. Unfortunately they are all sold out (in my size) already.  I shed a crocodile tear for the ones that got away.


  1. Anonymous29.3.12

    Nice addition... :-) The sandals are great!
    - Aliya :-)

    1. They are definitely eye-catching. That and the yellow pants... what a dream combination

  2. I love those yellow leather pants too!! I never normally go for something like that but these are divine!!

    Rose xx

    1. I was the same. A very different option for me, but once I saw them being paraded by the model on Netaporter with those heels I was sold! Well mentally at least.

  3. Those sandals are hot! And who knows, maybe your size will pop up come sale time! ;)


  4. I hate it when you wait for a sale and miss out :( Maybe they will get some back in stock before sale time :)

    Love those black and white heels too - amazing! :)


    1. I'm hoping someone returns them just before or at sale time. It often happens so here's hoping.