Neutral delicate things: The appeal of French lingerie

Amazingly, I haven't yet done a post of lingerie.  Now I realize that lingerie sits firmly within the 'personal' items sphere when it comes to fashion.  It is more often than not thought of in a more provocative and sensual context rather than in the context of how it can make a woman feel.  In my opinion, there is nothing nicer than the feel of delicate silk and soft lace against the skin, and wearing a hidden item, if for no other purpose than it makes you feel more womanly, more feminine.  

So in keeping with the internalized and sensory emotion for a woman, I thought I would choose some of my favourite current French lingerie sets in neutral colours.  My reasoning for the neutrals was to keep it in line with something that was more personalised for a woman and innocent, but also because I actually find it more of a challenge to find neutrals rather than the readily available black numbers. There will always be gorgeous black lingerie. 

I've chosen each of these sets due to the quality and design of each, but also to provide a diverse range of items that would fit suitably underneath a range of outfits due to each of the items styling.  These are hands down my favourite five sets. Now they are definitely more of a high-end purchase so probably not for everyone, or at least not a regular purchase. But for that something special or a time for when you feel like spoiling yourself, simply nothing compares!

Set 1 (left)
Rosamosario - Buongiorno Dolcezza silk-georgette and Chantilly lace bodysuit
Available here: Rosamosario bodysuit

Set 2 (right)
La Perla - Maison lace-trimmed silk-satin chemise
Available here: La Perla chemise

Set 3
La Perla - Lace-effect leather and mesh triangle bra
Available here: La Perla triangle bra
La Perla - Leather-trimmed lace and mesh briefs
Available here: La Perla briefs
La Perla - Lace-trimmed perforated leather waist corset
Available here: La Perla corset

Set 4
La Perla - Vintage lace and stretch-mesh bra
Available here: La Perla vintage bra
La Perla - Vintage lace and stretch-mesh thong
Available here: La Perla thong

Set 5
La Perla - Blow Up underwired lace bra
Available here: Lace bra
La Perla - Blow Up lace and tulle thong
Available here: Lace thong


  1. Oooh lovely! La Perla is a really good brand, but I don't have anything that pretty from them :)

  2. I don't know why i don't feel that comfortable wearing delicate lace and silk pieces like these, i love seeing them but on me, uncomfortable.
    love that you choose nude colored silky and lace pieces, because they are so much more fememine and delicate and less provoking than the standard black ones.

  3. I've never truly ventured into the lingerie realm. I stuck to my "sensible" undergarments. Perhaps it's time!

  4. Anonymous26.2.12

    Totally agree with your post :)

    lovely lingerie

    thank you for your lovely comments